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Indian BioSciences

Indian BioSciences (New Delhi)

G-2 (Ground Floor Rear), Kailash Colony, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi - 110048

Phone: 011 2923 6088

Indian BioSciences (Pune)

Off. No 12, Kumar Ridhi Bldg, Kubera Sankul, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra - 411028

Phone: 020-39634705 Verified on 1st of January 1970

Rates for various tests/diagnostics at Indian BioSciences

Diagnostic Test NameView Price
DNA Test Rs. 14900.00 (Paternity DNA Test (Father and Child))
DNA Test Rs. 14900.00 (Maternity DNA Test (Mother and Child))
DNA Test Rs. 16900.00 (Paternity and Maternity Test (Father, Mother and Child))

Anesthesiologist in Delhi
Bariatric Surgeon in Delhi
Cardiologist in Delhi
Cardiac Surgeon in Delhi
Dental Surgeon in Delhi
Dermatologist in Delhi
ENT Surgeon in Delhi
Eye Specialist in Delhi
Gastroenterologist in Delhi
General Physician in Delhi
General Surgeon in Delhi
Gynecologist in Delhi
Hematologist in Delhi
Laparoscopic Surgeon in Delhi
Nephrologist in Delhi
Neurologist in Delhi
Neuro Surgeon in Delhi
Oncologist in Delhi
Oncology Surgeon in Delhi
Orthopedic Surgeon in Delhi
Pediatrician in Delhi
Pediatric Surgeon in Delhi
Psychiatrist in Delhi
Pulmonologist in Delhi
Spine Surgeon in Delhi
Urologist in Delhi
Uro Surgeon in Delhi
Vascular Surgeon in Delhi