Accurate Diagnostic Lab

Accurate Diagnostic Lab (Jaipur)

100, Vrindavan Vihar, Near Shyam Nagar Police Station, Kings Road, Nirman Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302019

Phone: 0141 403 4060

Thyrocare Sample Collection Point Raj-34, 30% Discount All Blood test & Urine test

Rates for various tests/diagnostics at Accurate Diagnostic Lab

Diagnostic Test NameView Price
Adenosine Deaminase Test Rs. 850.00
AFP (Alpha Feto Protein) Test Rs. 400.00
Aldolase Test Rs. 700.00
Ammonia Test Rs. 950.00
ANC Profile Rs. 1250.00
Anti Phospholipid (APL) Test Rs. 950.00
Antithyroid Microsomal Antibody (AMA) Test Rs. 1800.00
Beta Thalassemia Test Rs. 1100.00
C-Peptide Test Rs. 1050.00
Carbamazepine (Tegretol) Test Rs. 550.00
Cardiolipin Antibodies (ACL) Rs. 850.00
Chikungunya Test Rs. 1050.00
Chlamydia Test Rs. 800.00
Complement C3 Rs. 650.00
Complement C4 Rs. 650.00
Creatinine Clearance Test Rs. 300.00
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Test Rs. 500.00
Double Marker Test Rs. 2500.00
Executive Health Checkup Rs. 1299.00
Factor V Leiden Test Rs. 2200.00
Full Body Health Checkup Rs. 1299.00
Fungal Culture Test Rs. 450.00
HbA1C Test Rs. 299.00
HbA1C Test Rs. 299.00
HCV Antibody Test Rs. 750.00
Helicobacter Pylori Test Rs. 1000.00
Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Rs. 850.00
Hepatitis A Test Rs. 800.00
Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Test Rs. 620.00
Homocysteine Test Rs. 850.00
Kidney / Renal Function Test Rs. 399.00
Kidney / Renal Function Test Rs. 399.00
Lipid Profile Rs. 299.00
Liver Function Test (LFT) Rs. 399.00
Microfilaria Parasite Test Rs. 350.00
PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) Test Rs. 399.00
Renal Profile Rs. 399.00
Rubella Test Rs. 550.00
Sex Hormone Test Rs. 1500.00
Stool Culture Rs. 150.00
Stress Test (TMT) Rs. 1000.00
T3 (Triiodothyronine) Test Rs. 150.00
T4 (Thyroxine) Test Rs. 199.00
TB Test Rs. 1800.00
Thyroid Test Rs. 299.00
Toxoplasma Test Rs. 550.00
TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) Test Rs. 199.00
Urine Culture Rs. 250.00
Valproic Acid Rs. 650.00
Vitamin B12 Test Rs. 599.00
Vitamin D Test Rs. 999.00

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