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Health Checkup Packages in Delhi

Absence of symptoms is not absence of disease. Delhi health care industry understands this aptly and therefore urges all Delhites and the population nation wide to opt for regular health checkup packages and screening examinations.

Healthcare not only implies taking good care to prevent an existing disease from aggravating, it rather implies preventing the disease all together. And this is only possible when people remain vigilant towards their health through health care packages offered by multiple diagnostic centers and hospitals across Delhi.

Health Checkup Package NameNo. of Avl. PackagesView Prices
Basic Health Check Up in Delhi25View Cost
Cancer Checkup in Delhi6View Cost
Child Health Checkup in Delhi7View Cost
Diabetes Checkup in Delhi24View Cost
Executive Health Checkup in Delhi20View Cost
Full Body Health Checkup in Delhi27View Cost
Heart Checkup in Delhi16View Cost
Master Health Checkup in Delhi16View Cost
Senior Citizen Health Checkup in Delhi12View Cost
Wellness Package in Delhi19View Cost

The aforementioned list serves as a comparative guide for choosing the best diagnostic center and hospitals relevant to the health package opted for. You may even learn about the costs of these packages and choose the most befitting one.

Sometimes your doctor may order a combination of tests based on the symptoms reported. These may be slightly different from what these above packages present. In such a scenario, we offer an additional service where you can request us to tailor the exact group of tests together.

General health examination, cancer checkup, diabetes examination and master health checkup are few of the packages available here. Besides these, there are various other health care packages that are being worked upon and soon will be made available for you.

Records show that cardiac disorders have seen a steady rise in Delhi over the years, along with many other ailments. Therefore, to curb this menace most diagnostic centers and hospitals offer cardiac or heart checkup packages along with various other health packages as one of the elementary services offered. You may learn about the nearest center for health checkup by browsing through the list provided above.