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Health Checkup Packages in Hyderabad

Hyderabad- the famous pearl city of India is a blend of old world charm and modern day eliteness. The city also has a powerful network of medical infrastructure and high-tech hospitals to address medical concerns of residents and those coming to this hi-tech city for work purposes. The state-of-the-art diagnostic centers and multi-specialty hospitals offer differential health screening packages which are extremely cost-effective.

There is rising health-consciousness among people today. Residents nevertheless should have awareness about hospitals and diagnostic centers offering different health checkup packages for their benefits. Such centers have health checkup packages at prices which make health care available and affordable to every section of society. Check the list below to find affordable medical checkup packages in Hyderabad.

Health Checkup Package NameNo. of Avl. PackagesView Prices
Basic Health Check Up in Hyderabad19View Cost
Child Health Checkup in Hyderabad13View Cost
Diabetes Checkup in Hyderabad46View Cost
Executive Health Checkup in Hyderabad24View Cost
Fertility Checkup in Hyderabad8View Cost
Full Body Health Checkup in Hyderabad24View Cost
Heart Checkup in Hyderabad27View Cost
Master Health Checkup in Hyderabad30View Cost
Senior Citizen Health Checkup in Hyderabad13View Cost
Wellness Package in Hyderabad26View Cost

The list provided above will give you an idea as to what tests are included in different health care packages. Few of the packages are for children's health, diabetic screening, cancer screening, premarital checkups etc. Additionally, the list informs you about pricing structure and nearest diagnostic centers convenient to you for checkups. Thus, opting for the best package suiting your health needs becomes easy.

If at all any of the packages do not contain tests which you need, feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to create a new package containing tests prescribed by your doctor.

Majority of people do not feel the need of any of these tests, until absolutely necessary. But, basic health check ups and full body health check ups should be done regularly to maintain a good health. Likewise, cancer and diabetic screening too should be done by everyone to diagnose the disease at earliest. The tests in senior citizen health check up packages which are recommended by doctors, ought to be done by old people periodically to keep serious illnesses at bay. So check the list and choose a package based on requirements.