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Health Checkup Packages in Mumbai

Mumbai - the city of dreams and home for millions; serves as the greatest medical assistance of the state. Health care in Mumbai has advanced manifold times, and today every big or small diagnostic center and hospital, is readily offering health checkup packages as a mandatory service along with other assistance.

Although not many people are aware about the importance of preventive health care packages, diagnostic centers and hospitals in Mumbai are doing their best to offer such packages at affordable prices. Basic health care package, cancer screening, diabetes checkup, cardiac assessment etc. are few of the common packages available.

Health Checkup Package NameNo. of Avl. PackagesView Prices
Basic Health Check Up in Mumbai24View Cost
Cancer Checkup in Mumbai12View Cost
Child Health Checkup in Mumbai12View Cost
Diabetes Checkup in Mumbai19View Cost
Executive Health Checkup in Mumbai21View Cost
Full Body Health Checkup in Mumbai34View Cost
Heart Checkup in Mumbai13View Cost
Master Health Checkup in Mumbai21View Cost
Senior Citizen Health Checkup in Mumbai23View Cost
Wellness Package in Mumbai22View Cost

The list provided below will help you get an overall idea about nearest diagnostic centers and hospitals that offer required health packages. In addition, you may even get pricing information related to your chosen package and thus opt for the one that best suits your health requirements and affordability.

In case the available packages don't meet your requirements, you can have us craft a new package including tests that perhaps your doctor has advised.

Many individuals are of the opinion that full body or master health checkup can be opted only on your doctor's advice. However, this is wrong and doctors always suggest biannual or quarterly checkups. Regular health checkup becomes all the more crucial during early as well as later stages of life. Therefore, timely and periodic health analysis through child health checkup and senior health checkup packages is highly recommended.