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Health Checkup Packages in Pune

Pune, besides being one of the important IT hubs of India, is all set to present health care industry in a completely different dimension. Reputed hospitals and diagnostic centers in Pune are doing their share of work to elevate health status of residents. So, now it is you who needs to act and make the difference.

The list provided below includes different health packages; starting from basic packages to cancer screening or the more common master and full body checkups. You can choose any of the packages and then browse through different diagnostic centers and hospitals that provide the same. Price transparency is also maintained to help you land cost effective health care packages and services.

Health Checkup Package NameNo. of Avl. PackagesView Prices
Basic Health Check Up in Pune30View Cost
Cancer Checkup in Pune8View Cost
Diabetes Checkup in Pune32View Cost
Executive Health Checkup in Pune23View Cost
Full Body Health Checkup in Pune22View Cost
Heart Checkup in Pune22View Cost
Master Health Checkup in Pune23View Cost
Senior Citizen Health Checkup in Pune21View Cost
Wellness Package in Pune22View Cost

In addition, if you have been ordered to undergo a combination of tests and find these packages not sufficing your need, you can still be with us as we tailor specific packages according to your requirements.

Being more vigilant towards your health during the later stages of life is crucial for long and healthy living. Therefore, apart from basic health care packages or wellness programs, diabetes or cardiac care packages, we have also provided price listings of centers that provide senior health care packages at affordable prices. And that's not all. For all young adults planning to tie the knot, visit the nearest diagnostic center in Pune and opt for premarital checkups available for both males and females.