Cancer Checkup in Chennai

Cancer Checkup Packages:

By Apollo Diagnostics (Perumbakkam)
Price: Rs. 1350.00

By Aarthi Scans (Alwarpet)
Price: Rs. 2500.00

Cancer Screening (7 Tests)
Prostate Cancer – PSA, Acid phosphatase (prostate fraction) – For Men
Ovarian Cancer – Ca 125 – For Women
Liver, Pancreatic and Intestinal Cancer – Carcino Embryonic Antigen
Pancreatic and Intestinal Cancer – CA 19-9
Testes, Ovarian and Liver cancer – Alpha FetoProtein
Blood Cancer – Complete Blood Count
Bone marrow Cancer – Peripheral smear

It goes without saying that if confronted with a deadly ailment such as cancer, survival becomes next to impossible if the disease has reached later stages. This is the primary reason why healthcare experts always suggest to opt for periodic cancer screening health packages so as to kill the disease before it reaches a stage from where there is no return journey.

The above list of cancer checkup packages in Chennai will help you and your doctor to take precautionary steps if results suggest a need.

Now, customizing your own cancer checkup package is very much available on request. This can help you opt for only those specific tests that your doctor has advised, based on symptoms reported.

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