Diabetes Checkup in Chennai

It is not wrong to say that diabetes works as a slow poison in human body. Once developed, it becomes a life long condition and multiplies to many more with time. However, a simple step to avoid such hassles is to opt for a timely diabetes checkup package. Hospitals and diagnostic centers in Chennai offer various diabetes screening and detection packages. And it is upto us how well we make use of these essential and easily available services.

The following list will help you land names and pricing information of various diagnostics and hospitals in Chennai that are offering diabetes health checkup. You can choose any one from the list and get yourself tested.

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Diabetes Checkup Packages:

Sugar Package (Chennai)
Price: Rs. 300.00

By PrimexHealthcare&ResearchHealthCareProvider

Comprehensive Diabetes Care Master Health Checkup (Chennai)
Price: Rs. 6880.00

By AgadaHospitalHealthCareProvider

Diabetes Quick Review (Chennai)
Price: Rs. 980.00

By AgadaHospitalHealthCareProvider

Advance Diabetic Screening (Chennai)
Price: Rs. 1800.00

By GlobalHospitalsHealthCareProvider

Basic Diabetic Screening (Chennai)
Price: Rs. 800.00

By GlobalHospitalsHealthCareProvider

Diabetes Package (Chennai)
Price: Rs. 3300.00

By SriRamachandraMedicalCentreHealthCareProvider

Profile (Blood sugur F,PP,Urea,Creatinine,Lipid Profile,Hba1c,Urine Micro Albuniuria )
Price: Rs. 2520.00

By Orion Laboratories

Package - 2
Price: Rs. 2600.00

By Dr. Lal Path Labs (Chennai)

Panel 1
Price: Rs. 1170.00

By Dr. Lal Path Labs (Chennai)

Panel Basic
Price: Rs. 450.00

By Dr. Lal Path Labs (Chennai)

Price: Rs. 240.00

By Dr. Lal Path Labs (Chennai)

Diabetes is a menacing disease. The longer we remain away from it, the better it is. Moreover, reports show that within the coming years, all poor and developing countries may have an exponential rise of diabetic cases; provided quick and effective steps are not taken.

Therefore, opt for diabetes checkup packages available with nearest hospitals and diagnostic centers in Chennai. In case, your doctor has prescribed a set of tests based on symptoms reported that are not included in the aforementioned packages, you can have us customize a new package according to needs on request. Thus, stay informed, stay healthy. Opt for a cost effective diabetes health checkup package today!

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