Diabetes Checkup in Kolkata

Prevention is better than cure. Well, all of us know this, but how many of us are actually following it at the core, is the real question. After the alarming rise of diabetes in India, most hospitals and diagnostic centers in Kolkata started offering diabetes packages at very affordable prices. However, diabetologists say that not many understand and opt for these readily available tests that can in turn save their lives.

So, if you don't wish to remain ignorant, go through the list of hospitals and diagnostic centers in Kolkata and avail diabetes screening and detection packages available with them. And if you are thinking that these packages may cost you a fortune, the list provided will prove you wrong.

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Diabetes Checkup Packages:

Diabetic Profile (Kolkata)
Price: Rs. 1350.00

By RBDiagnosticsHealthCareProvider

Diabetic Check Up (Kolkata)
Price: Rs. 2000.00

By PulseDiagnosticsHealthCareProvider

True Diabetes Screening (Kolkata)
Price: Rs. 850.00

By RubyHospitalHealthCareProvider

Advance Diabetic Monitoring (Kolkata)
Price: Rs. 1250.00

By RubyHospitalHealthCareProvider

Advance Diabetic Monitoring (Kolkata)
Price: Rs. 1250.00

By BMBirlaHeartResearchCentreHealthCareProvider

Diabetes Check-up (Kolkata)
Price: Rs. 1900.00

By BMBirlaHeartResearchCentreHealthCareProvider

Comprehensive Diabetic Check Up (Kolkata)
Price: Rs. 3600.00

By PeerlessHospitalHealthCareProvider

Master Diabetic Check (Kolkata)
Price: Rs. 1800.00

By DESUNHospitalAndHeartInstituteHealthCareProvider

Diabetic Check Up (Kolkata)
Price: Rs. 3200.00

By MedStarClinicsHealthCareProvider

Many people who have been suffering from diabetes for long years say that the disease is very much manageable if proper monitoring of the condition is carried out at a personal level. And therefore, health packages that aim at identifying the disease condition and how far it has reached the other part helps them take the needed steps.

Hence, every young adult needs to undergo diabetes checkup packages irrespective of symptoms. For people with family history, diabetes screening becomes more of a responsibility. Therefore, reach the nearest center and choose a befitting diabetes checkup package today!

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