Diabetes Checkup in Lucknow

Diabetes is disease that is not unknown to people. It affects majority of people across the world. In India, it is one of the leading cause of death. Hence, it is important to opt for diabetes checkup if you want to evaluate your blood sugar level. The outcome of the test helps you in understanding level of glucose in your body and depending upon it, you can plan treatment procedure.

Below mentioned is a list of medical centers in Lucknow where you can get your diabetes checkup done. Go through the list to know about the cost estimation of the test and contact number and address of the medical center.

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Diabetic Monitoring [Quarterly] (Lucknow)
Price: Rs. 6000.00

By SaharaHospitalHealthCareProvider

Price: Rs. 1000.00

By Advanced Path Lab

Diabetes test can be done without fasting or with fasting. If done with fasting, then the normal blood sugar level can be up to 90 mg/dl whereas post lunch, it can be up to 140mg/dl. Levels higher than this indicates diabetes.

Inadequate or zero production of insulin develops diabetes. Hypoglycemia is low blood sugar level and hyperglycemia is high blood sugar level. Both the conditions produce adverse effects on health.

Diabetes is generally genetic. But, unhealthy lifestyle could also trigger insufficient production of insulin. People suffering from type I diabetes (insulin production is completely stalled) should follow healthy diet, do adequate exercise and quit smoking.

Type II diabetes (insufficient production of insulin) patient should also follow the same. Both type of patients need to take insulin injections on regular basis to regulate blood glucose level. Since, diabetic patients are more prone to develop cardiac diseases, they should monitor blood pressure and cholesterol level on regular basis with help of diabetes check up packages.

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