How Healthy Are You?

Take This Health Quiz

Take this very simple 10 question quiz to find out how healthy are you.

Is your heart functioning perfectly? Do you think your mind is fit? Are you at risk of some disease and not aware?

At the end of the quiz, you will also have an option to send the result of the quiz to our doctor for free evaluation.

Disclaimer: This quiz's output is just the algorithimic calculation based on standard values. It is not definitive or doctor's advice. This is simply a try to do a reality check on your current state of health. This does not replace a doctor's visit.


Question 1: Do you smoke?

Yes. More than 1 cigarette a day
I used to. Now I have stopped
No. Never

Question 2: Do you consume alcohol?

Twice or more in a week
Once a week
Once or twice a month

Question 3: Can you climb stairs up-to 3 floors?

Not at all
Only when there is no lift
Yes, I can do it
Yes, I do it everyday

Question 4: Do your parents or grandparents have/had diabetes?

Yes, and I have it too
Yes, but I don't have it
No, but I am worried

Question 5: Do you take tea/coffee with sugar?

Yes, at-least 3 times a day
Yes, once a day
Occasionally with friends/meetings
No. I don't. Even if I take, I take it sugarfree

Question 6: How many hours in a day are you exposed to direct sun?

Less than 15 mins. It is bad for my skin
Less than 30 mins a day
I like to get some sun on my skin whenever I can
More than 30 mins every day

Question 7: How much do you walk every day?

I have sedentary lifestyle. I hardly walk
Just while going office/home
Not regularly, but whenever I get time
I walk minimum of 30 mins every day

Question 8: Do you take any prescribed medication?

Yes, twice a day or more
Yes, once a day
Only when I am sick, like antibodies, painkillers etc. once a month

Question 9: How much sleep do you get every night?

4 to 6 hours
6 to 7 hours
8 hours, but I wake up in between
Minimum 8 hours

Question 10: Are you stressed, nervous or uptight many a times?

Yes. This stress is killing me
Every now and then
Just somestimes
No, I am not stressed at all


To judge your answers properly, we just need to know your age, weight and height

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