Meshail Unisex Spa and Salon (Pimple Saudagar) [Pune]

Meshail Unisex Spa and Salon (Pimple Saudagar)

Ground floor, Royal Tranquil, Near Chitle Bandhu, Kokane Chowk, Pune, Maharashtra - 411017

Phone: 7774062016 Verified on 30th of April 2018

Rates for services at Meshail Unisex Spa and Salon (Pimple Saudagar)

Hospital FacilityRates
Swedish MassageRs. 900.00 (60 Min)
Aroma TherapyRs. 1000.00 (60 Min)
Balinese MassageRs. 1200.00 (60 Min)
Thai MassageRs. 1200.00 (60 Min)
Head MassageRs. 500.00 (60 Min)
Foot MassageRs. 500.00 (Foot Reflexology - 30 Min)
FacialRs. 2500.00 (Shanaz Facial (Gold))
FacialRs. 3000.00 (Lotus Preservita Facial)
FacialRs. 3500.00 (O3 Facial)
FacialRs. 4000.00 (Lotus Ultimo Facial)
FacialRs. 700.00 (Rich Glow)
FacialRs. 700.00 (Active Young )
FacialRs. 800.00 (Organic Facial)
FacialRs. 1000.00 (Advance Facial (Hydra Moist))
FacialRs. 1200.00 (Advance Facial (Gold Sheen))
FacialRs. 2500.00 (Advance 4 Lyer Facial)
FacialRs. 1500.00 ( 4 Layer Facial)
FacialRs. 1500.00 (Insta Fair)
FacialRs. 1000.00 (Therm - Age)
FacialRs. 1200.00 (Skin Polishing)
ManicureRs. 300.00 (French (Ladies))
ManicureRs. 700.00 (Crystal Spa (Gents))
ManicureRs. 700.00 (Crystal Spa (Ladies))
ManicureRs. 250.00 (Gents)
ManicureRs. 250.00 (Ladies)
PedicureRs. 450.00 (Gents)
PedicureRs. 450.00 (ladies)
PedicureRs. 500.00 (French (Ladies))
PedicureRs. 700.00 (Spa (Gents))
PedicureRs. 700.00 (Spa (Ladies))
PedicureRs. 1000.00 (Crystal Spa (Gents))
PedicureRs. 1000.00 (Crystal Spa (Ladies))
Back MassageRs. 600.00 (60 Min)

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