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Pregnancy is a special phase in life of every women. With advanced medical technologies, mums to be are pampered with lots of options to monitor their baby's development and growth. 4D Scan is the latest advancement in the field of medical science. In this procedure, mother can view moving 3D images of the fetus. The only thing that makes 4D Scan more effective is addition of one more dimension- time. It makes use of same principles of ultrasound (2D theory) and combines 3D technique in time frame to deliver high dimensional moving pictures of fetus.

4D Scan Cost in Various Indian Cities
We have 4D Scan price information in 12 cities.
CityAverage PriceStarting PricePrice Upto
BangaloreRs. 2500.00Rs. 2500.00Rs. 2500.00
MumbaiRs. 2833.00Rs. 2200.00Rs. 3600.00
DelhiRs. 1500.00Rs. 1500.00Rs. 1500.00

Procedure for 4D Scan is quite similar to that of 3D scan. You will be made to lie on your back and the radiologist will apply a special gel on the belly. He will then place a probe on the belly and move it in circular motion in order to get precise images of the fetus. Sound waves are transmitted by a device called as transducer via abdomen and uterus. Echo will be produced because of reflection of sound waves and will be detected by monitor and an image will be produced on the screen. This is the basic principle of working of 4D Scan.

There are certain things to be considered before opting for 4D Scan. Doctors usually tell to go for 4D Scan after 26 weeks of gestation period. The fetus till that time has not fattened up yet and the pictures obtained on the screen won't be too clear either. Hence, it is advised to go for 4D Scan generally during 26-32 weeks of pregnancy. Also note that 4D Scan is not available in all clinics and sometimes may be illegal. Gender of the fetus can be determined during 15-18 weeks of gestation period and hence, it is better to have a word of legal eligibility with your doctor. There are as such no major pre 4D Scan precautions. Woman undergoing 4D Scan is advised not to have a full bladder and intake certain amount of water for a week prior to the appointment.

4D Scan is considered to be ultra safe unless it is not performed for repititive number of times. Over exposure to ultrasound waves may cause some problems to fetus. Through 4D Scan, doctor can detect any defects or abnormalities in the fetus and commence treatment accordingly.

Isn't modern technology a boon for mankind? It has definitely weaved magic in the field of medical science. What once thought was impossible has now made into possible through use of modern technology. 4D Scan technology has enabled parents to view their bundle of joy before its birth! Now, thats marvelous thing for any parent!

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4D Scan FAQs
Q: Is 4D Scan safe during pregnancy?
A: 4D scan is known to be very safe for pregnant women as well as the fetus. No physical harm is done to the baby or mother during or after the scan is performed.
Q: What type of waves are used while performing 4D Scan?
A: Harmless sound waves of high frequency are used to perform a 4D scan. These waves do not cause any developmental abnormalities in the fetus.
Q: Which fetal abnormalities can be detected by 4D Scan?
A: Developmental abnormalities of organs like eyes, ears, limbs, heart, chromosomal abnormalities and other such congenital disorders can be diagnosed using a 4D Scan. The scan is helpful in monitoring normal growth and development of the fetus.
Q: Which health conditions cannot be detected by 4D Scan?
A: Health conditions affecting the mother are not detected during a 4D scan. The scan is solely meant for diagnosing fetal abnormalities.
Q: Which other diagnostic tests complement 4D Scan?
A: If any abnormalities are detected during a 4D scan, other procedures like NT scan, fetal 2D-echo etc. may be performed.
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