Anti TPO Test Cost

Anti TPO test is a diagnostic procedure to measure levels of anti thyroid antibodies circulating in the blood. This test is required by patients who are likely to be suffering from an autoimmune disorder which affects the thyroid gland.

It is the function of immune system to produce antibodies to protect the body from any toxic influences. Sometimes, the immune system gets compromised due to genetic dysfunction. It starts producing antibodies against the body's own organs and tissues, thus leading to a number of symptoms.

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Anti TPO Test Cost in Various Indian Cities
We have Anti TPO Test price information in 79 cities.
CityAverage PriceStarting PricePrice Upto
AgraRs. 875.00Rs. 400.00Rs. 2000.00
AhmedabadRs. 646.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 1600.00
AllahabadRs. 1305.00Rs. 650.00Rs. 1600.00
AurangabadRs. 1170.00Rs. 400.00Rs. 4200.00
BangaloreRs. 1175.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 3000.00
BhopalRs. 1187.00Rs. 850.00Rs. 1800.00
BhubaneswarRs. 1064.00Rs. 400.00Rs. 2240.00
BokaroRs. 550.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 600.00
ChandigarhRs. 859.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 1500.00
ChennaiRs. 951.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 2000.00
CoimbatoreRs. 711.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 1000.00
CuttackRs. 1268.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 2000.00
DarbhangaRs. 1200.00Rs. 1200.00Rs. 1200.00
DhanbadRs. 834.00Rs. 400.00Rs. 1450.00
ErnakulamRs. 545.00Rs. 400.00Rs. 650.00
FaridabadRs. 1100.00Rs. 800.00Rs. 1300.00
GhaziabadRs. 1083.00Rs. 800.00Rs. 1800.00
GorakhpurRs. 1167.00Rs. 900.00Rs. 1900.00
GunturRs. 872.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 1200.00
GurgaonRs. 1105.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 1450.00
GuwahatiRs. 952.00Rs. 550.00Rs. 1600.00
HaridwarRs. 1020.00Rs. 700.00Rs. 1200.00
HooghlyRs. 755.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 1200.00
HowrahRs. 1095.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 1500.00
HyderabadRs. 1046.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 3200.00
IndoreRs. 1164.00Rs. 700.00Rs. 1650.00
JaipurRs. 970.00Rs. 650.00Rs. 1600.00
JalandharRs. 1213.00Rs. 750.00Rs. 2000.00
JamnagarRs. 1095.00Rs. 950.00Rs. 1200.00
JamshedpurRs. 1280.00Rs. 750.00Rs. 1700.00
JodhpurRs. 1082.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 2400.00
KanpurRs. 1122.00Rs. 1000.00Rs. 1200.00
KochiRs. 598.00Rs. 450.00Rs. 900.00
KolkataRs. 1155.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 2800.00
KotaRs. 791.00Rs. 400.00Rs. 1600.00
KurnoolRs. 1034.00Rs. 770.00Rs. 1500.00
LucknowRs. 1327.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 2500.00
LudhianaRs. 770.00Rs. 550.00Rs. 1000.00
MaduraiRs. 988.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 2100.00
MeerutRs. 808.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 1250.00
MohaliRs. 764.00Rs. 550.00Rs. 1000.00
MumbaiRs. 1032.00Rs. 400.00Rs. 2080.00
MysoreRs. 1277.00Rs. 750.00Rs. 2000.00
NadiaRs. 275.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 300.00
NagpurRs. 794.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 950.00
NashikRs. 930.00Rs. 700.00Rs. 1200.00
Navi MumbaiRs. 1190.00Rs. 700.00Rs. 1900.00
DelhiRs. 1031.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 2500.00
NoidaRs. 1055.00Rs. 700.00Rs. 1500.00
PanchkulaRs. 640.00Rs. 450.00Rs. 950.00
PanjimRs. 1344.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 1900.00
PatnaRs. 1233.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 4300.00
PondicherryRs. 795.00Rs. 450.00Rs. 1650.00
PuneRs. 1049.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 3000.00
RaipurRs. 1050.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 1800.00
RanchiRs. 1005.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 1350.00
SalemRs. 890.00Rs. 380.00Rs. 1500.00
SecunderabadRs. 1010.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 1600.00
SiliguriRs. 1244.00Rs. 800.00Rs. 1700.00
SolapurRs. 1020.00Rs. 850.00Rs. 1400.00
SrikakulamRs. 690.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 1500.00
SrinagarRs. 745.00Rs. 450.00Rs. 1500.00
SuratRs. 1080.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 1500.00
ThaneRs. 1141.00Rs. 700.00Rs. 1500.00
ThiruvananthapuramRs. 677.00Rs. 450.00Rs. 1250.00
TirupatiRs. 815.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 1200.00
UdaipurRs. 572.00Rs. 380.00Rs. 650.00
VadodaraRs. 600.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 800.00
VaranasiRs. 1328.00Rs. 800.00Rs. 2500.00
VijayawadaRs. 905.00Rs. 450.00Rs. 1450.00
VisakhapatnamRs. 800.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 1400.00

In some cases, antibodies are produced against thyroid gland. Thyroid peroxidase is an enzyme which controls the synthesis and functioning of thyroid hormones. This results in abnormal levels of thyroid hormone affecting the functioning of other body systems as well.

Indications for Anti TPO test:

Following are the disorders/symptoms which prompt a doctor to advise Anti TPO test to the patient:

Individually, none of these symptoms depict any sign of a deep underlying disorder. However, if considered collectively, they point towards thyroid dysfunction which requires further investigation.

Anti TPO test is performed if initial treatment fails to elicit positive effects on the patient's health. Other tests which may be advised to the patient along with Anti TPO test include thyroid profile, thyroid scan etc.

How is Anti TPO test performed?

A venous blood sample is collected from the patient to perform Anti TPO test. A vein in the forearm is the preferred site for sample collection. The blood sample needs to be stored in a sterilized jar along with chemicals which will prevent blood clot formation. Highly calibrated instruments providing accurate results are required to check for presence of Anti TPO antibodies.

Negative results do not essentially indicate absence of any auto immune disorder. Patients are often asked to repeat the test at a later time. Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Grave's disease etc. can be diagnosed with the help of Anti TPO test.

Anti TPO Test FAQs
Q: What is TPO?
A: Thyroid peroxidase (TPO) is a critical enzyme present in the thyroid gland which is significantly involved in the production of thyroid hormone. It modifies thyroid hormone T4 into T3.
Q: What are anti-TPO antibodies?
A: They are antibodies developed in the blood which indicate the misbehavior of the immune system where it mistakenly attacks the thyroid tissue.
Q: Why is Anti-TPO test conducted?
A: To detect autoimmune thyroid disorders like Graves disease, idiopathic myxedema, and Hashimoto thyroiditis including other autoimmune diseases such as pernicious anemia, Sjogren's syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus. Presence of thyroid diseases like hypothyroidism could also lead to malignant or benign breast tumors/cancers in females.
Q: What is the test also known as?
A: Thyroid peroxidase autoantibody test, thyroid peroxidase (TPO) antibody (TPOAb) test, antithyroid microsomal antibody test, and antimicrosomal antibody test.
Q: Are females more prone to anti-TPO production in the body?
A: Yes. Besides, the chances increase as the age progresses.