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Chlamydia tests involve urine sample investigation to determine the presence of Chlamydia bacterium. Chlamydia infection is a recurrent sexually transmitted disease, seen to infect teenagers and young adults.

Chlamydia is transmitted through unprotected sexual practices. It needs to be noted that, even when there is no penetration, ejaculation or orgasm, genital contact with an infected person can equally spread the disease. However, physical activities such as kissing or hugging, sharing personal belongings, such as towels, brush etc., does not transmit the disease. Chlamydia is also sometimes seen to infect the eyes. This happens only when genital secretions from infected person comes in contact with your eyes.

Chlamydia Test Cost in Various Indian Cities
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HyderabadRs. 2036.00Rs. 710.00Rs. 3570.00
IndoreRs. 746.00Rs. 450.00Rs. 1050.00
JabalpurRs. 933.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 1500.00
JaipurRs. 989.00Rs. 710.00Rs. 1500.00
KolkataRs. 1637.00Rs. 800.00Rs. 3500.00
LucknowRs. 906.00Rs. 650.00Rs. 1400.00
MumbaiRs. 1670.00Rs. 710.00Rs. 2200.00
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DelhiRs. 1294.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 1850.00
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PuneRs. 1388.00Rs. 375.00Rs. 2000.00
SecunderabadRs. 1900.00Rs. 1300.00Rs. 2200.00
SrikakulamRs. 1232.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 1800.00
SuratRs. 736.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 1000.00
ThaneRs. 900.00Rs. 750.00Rs. 1050.00
VaranasiRs. 969.00Rs. 680.00Rs. 1500.00

One of the most evident symptoms of Chlamydia infection is pain while urinating. Besides, women may even experience abdominal pain, along with bleeding between periods. Vaginal bleeding after or during sexual intercourse may also suggest Chlamydia infection. Testicle pain and swelling is experienced by men infected with the bacterium. Both men and women may suffer from abnormal discharge through rectum, penis or vagina, if infected.

Chlamydia infections need to be tested and treated immediately. If not, these can lead to future complications such as infertility or other health disorders.

Urine sample collection requires individuals to avoid urinating for 2 hours prior to sample collection. Make sure that the samples are collected from the beginning stream of your urine. This guarantees accurate results. It is also suggested that individuals should not wipe clean or douche prior to sample collection.

You may expect the reports after 7 - 10 days post examination. However, individuals who remain at the highest risk of getting infected, may be suggested to start with treatments even before they receive their lab reports. This includes patients who have any sexual partner infected with the disease.

Chlamydia Test FAQs
Q: What is the causative organism of Chlamydia?
A: Chlamydial infection is caused by a bacteria known as Chlamydia trachomatis.
Q: Who is at a higher risk of developing Chlamydia infection?
A: People having multiple sexual partners, babies born to women infected with chlamydia, people who come in contact with vaginal or penile discharge of patients suffering from chlamydia are at higher risk of developing the infection. Women are at a higher risk of developing infection in comparison to men.
Q: Which tissue sample is suitable for performing Chlamydia test?
A: Urine sample taken early in the morning is the most suitable tissue for performing Chlamydia test. Vaginal or cervical swabs may also be used in female patients.
Q: What precautions must be observed while undergoing treatment for Chlamydia infection?
A: Patients suffering from chlamydia should refrain from any sexual contact for the duration of treatment. It is of utmost importance to wash the patient's clothes separately to prevent further spread of infection.
Q: Are there any special precautions for pregnant women suffering from Chlamydia?
A: Women who suffer from chlamydia infection during pregnancy should start treatment as soon as the condition is diagnosed and continue it after delivery. Normal delivery is not advised as it increases risk of passing on infection to the fetus.
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