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DHEA Test Cost

Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S) is a hormone secreted by adrenal gland. This hormone then contributes in production of estrogen and testosterone. DHEA testing is done for multiple purposes. Investigating causes of masculine features in women, lower sexual drive, investigating tumors in adrenal gland, detecting causes behind early puberty in boys and examining function of overall adrenal gland are few reasons behind DHEA testing.

Initial screening for this test in adults includes dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate/dehydroepiandrosterone along with measurement of bioavailable testosterone. This test might be supplemented with hormone-binding globulin for sex and also androgenic steroids occasionally, depending on the results found.

DHEA Test Cost in Various Indian Cities
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CityAverage PriceStarting PricePrice Upto
AgraRs. 1085.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 3200.00
AhmedabadRs. 635.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 2450.00
AllahabadRs. 1348.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 2800.00
AurangabadRs. 1285.00Rs. 700.00Rs. 2200.00
BangaloreRs. 1439.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 3000.00
BhopalRs. 1474.00Rs. 520.00Rs. 3600.00
BhubaneswarRs. 1352.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 2500.00
BokaroRs. 650.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 700.00
ChandigarhRs. 1175.00Rs. 550.00Rs. 2450.00
ChennaiRs. 1292.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 4750.00
CoimbatoreRs. 723.00Rs. 450.00Rs. 1000.00
CuttackRs. 1445.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 2800.00
DarbhangaRs. 1800.00Rs. 1600.00Rs. 2150.00
ErnakulamRs. 744.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 1000.00
GhaziabadRs. 1406.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 2450.00
GorakhpurRs. 1500.00Rs. 800.00Rs. 2500.00
GunturRs. 1425.00Rs. 650.00Rs. 3000.00
GurgaonRs. 1484.00Rs. 850.00Rs. 3200.00
GuwahatiRs. 2484.00Rs. 800.00Rs. 4850.00
HaridwarRs. 850.00Rs. 750.00Rs. 950.00
HowrahRs. 1720.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 3000.00
HyderabadRs. 1349.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 3300.00
IndoreRs. 1595.00Rs. 450.00Rs. 3300.00
JabalpurRs. 1605.00Rs. 1000.00Rs. 2500.00
JaipurRs. 640.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 900.00
JalandharRs. 1235.00Rs. 800.00Rs. 2400.00
JodhpurRs. 1425.00Rs. 450.00Rs. 2500.00
KanpurRs. 1801.00Rs. 780.00Rs. 3200.00
KochiRs. 900.00Rs. 400.00Rs. 2500.00
KolkataRs. 1882.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 3100.00
KotaRs. 1080.00Rs. 400.00Rs. 2450.00
KurnoolRs. 680.00Rs. 660.00Rs. 700.00
LucknowRs. 1404.00Rs. 800.00Rs. 2500.00
LudhianaRs. 865.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 2000.00
MaduraiRs. 912.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 2000.00
MangaloreRs. 1170.00Rs. 550.00Rs. 2800.00
MohaliRs. 1933.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 3800.00
MumbaiRs. 1378.00Rs. 400.00Rs. 3250.00
MysoreRs. 1706.00Rs. 900.00Rs. 3300.00
NagpurRs. 685.00Rs. 550.00Rs. 850.00
NashikRs. 1323.00Rs. 450.00Rs. 2500.00
Navi MumbaiRs. 2025.00Rs. 950.00Rs. 3000.00
DelhiRs. 1375.00Rs. 400.00Rs. 3200.00
NoidaRs. 1816.00Rs. 850.00Rs. 3200.00
PatnaRs. 1248.00Rs. 550.00Rs. 3250.00
PuneRs. 1317.00Rs. 550.00Rs. 3200.00
RaipurRs. 1438.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 2500.00
RajkotRs. 715.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 1150.00
RanchiRs. 1030.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 2800.00
SalemRs. 1173.00Rs. 450.00Rs. 2800.00
SecunderabadRs. 1005.00Rs. 550.00Rs. 3000.00
SiliguriRs. 1634.00Rs. 1000.00Rs. 3510.00
SolapurRs. 1495.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 3500.00
SrikakulamRs. 1190.00Rs. 1000.00Rs. 1400.00
SrinagarRs. 1010.00Rs. 400.00Rs. 2500.00
SuratRs. 950.00Rs. 600.00Rs. 2450.00
ThaneRs. 1857.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 3200.00
ThiruvananthapuramRs. 836.00Rs. 450.00Rs. 3000.00
TiruchirappalliRs. 880.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 1200.00
TirupatiRs. 2036.00Rs. 390.00Rs. 3250.00
UdaipurRs. 726.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 2230.00
VadodaraRs. 470.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 600.00
VaranasiRs. 678.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 800.00
VijayawadaRs. 915.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 2000.00
VisakhapatnamRs. 1136.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 4500.00
WarangalRs. 1285.00Rs. 1000.00Rs. 2000.00

Additionally, DHEA test is done for people who suffer from hyperplasia and infertility issues. Women suffering from virilization, i.e, excessive body hair, masculine traits, acne, irregular menstrual cycles. It is also done for new-born babies who display ambiguous genitalia, meaning having characteristics of both sexes or lack of clarity whether the baby is male or female. A rare condition where cancerous growth takes over outer portions of adrenal gland can be diagnosed with the help of DHEA testing.

No special preparation before DHEA test is required. Undergoing this test only requires providing blood sample for examination in laboratory and processing of the same for generating results. However, if you are taking medications that contain DHEA, then it is necessary to inform that to the doctor. The area on the arm from where blood is to be taken out is cleaned with medicated solution. Blood sample is taken out with the help of a packaged syringe.

Normal ranges of DHEA-S differ across genders, ages and the laboratory. Normal levels for females 18 to 19: 145 to 395 µg /dl; 20 to 29: 65 to 380 µg/dL; 40 to 49: 32 to 240 µg/dL; 50 to 59: 26 to 200 µg/dL whereas for males, the normal levels are as follows: 18 to 19: 108 to 441 µg/dL;20 to 29: 280 to 640 µg/dL;30 to 39: 120 to 520 µg/dL; 40 to 49: 95 to 530 µg/dL; 50 to 59: 70 to 310 µg/dL.

Low levels of DHEA-S means the person could have Addison's diseases, adrenal deficiency, underproduction of adrenal hormones by pituitary gland. On the other hand, higher levels of DHEA-S could mean cancerous tumors in adrenal glands, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), pubic changes in girls earlier than normal. Abnormal DHEA-S levels may require further testing for investigating any other further complication.

Q: What is DHEA?
A: Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate a.k.a DHEA-S, DHEA-sulfate, or DHEA-SO4 is released by adrenal glands in both males and females as a weak male hormone.
Q: Why is DHEA test ordered?
A: To diagnose adrenal hyperplasia, adrenal cancers, adrenocortical tumors, precocious puberty in young males, virilization and ambiguous genitalia in young females, infertility and amenorrhea in females and assess adrenal gland function.
Q: What about the test results?
A: Normal DHEA levels vary according to age and sex.
Q: What if the DHEA levels are abnormally high?
A: It may lead to polycystic ovary syndrome, adrenal carcinoma, adrenal gland tumor, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia.
Q: Who could suffer from low DHEA levels?
A: People with kidney disorder, type-2 diabetes, AIDS, adrenal deficiency, and anorexia. DHEA levels could also decrease after crossing 30.