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MUGA is a short form for Multiple-Gated Acquisition. It is a scanning modality for assessing the functioning of heart. The pumping ability of heart is measured through this test. This scan helps the doctor know how healthy your heart muscles are. It is helpful in investigating causes behind difficulty in breathing, chest pain, fatigue and dizziness. MUGA scan shows pumping ability of lower ventricles and whether they are affected because of chemotherapy. It is also useful for people who have survived cancer through medication and therapy. Potential side effects to heart in the coming years are detected through MUGA.

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MUGA scan is usually performed in a hospital setting. This test takes anything between 1-2 hours to be completed. Firstly, electrodes are placed on your legs, arms and chest. An ECG machine is simultaneously attached to the placed electrodes for recording your heartbeats. A radioactive substance is passed into the body through an intravenous line. A camera takes pictures of the heart while the radioactive substance attaches with the red blood cells in your body. This was about a "resting scan."

An "exercise scan" entails walking on a treadmill before you are made to lie down for the camera to take pictures of your heart's activity. Some centers or hospitals offer testing through simultaneous cycling and taking pictures. Meaning, the pictures will be taken as you are cycling.

Pregnant women or new-mothers are advised not to undergo this test. Drinking plenty of water in the course of the day post this test is important for flushing out radioactive material from your system. Also, since the test is an outpatient one, you can easily return to your routine activities immediately after it.

The test results can help the doctor chalk out further line of treatment therapy. Abnormal results signify heart diseases like arterial blockages, heart valve disease or any other cardiac issue lurking in the body.

Q: What is MUGA scan?
A: MUGA or Multigated Acquisition Scan, is a diagnostic test designed to evaluate the functioning of the ventricles of the heart. A radioactive tracer is used for the purpose.
Q: Why is MUGA scan done?
A: This scan is useful in detecting heart disease; especially before and after radiation therapy to upper abdomen, chest and spine, or chemotherapy. It also helps in diagnosing the reason behind chest pain, tiredness, dizziness and difficulty in breathing.
Q: How is MUGA scan done?
A: A small amount of tracer is injected in the patient's peripheral vein. An ECG machine is attached at the same time to monitor electrical activity of the heart. A gamma camera then clicks pictures of the heart at the time it beats. This test is done during both phases of rest and exercise.
Q: What do the results of a MUGA scan mean?
A: This test reveals the amount of blood being pumped out by the ventricles. An ejection fraction measuring 50% or more means the heart is healthy. Values less than 50% indicate heart valve disease or blockage in an artery.
Q: How much time does it take to complete a MUGA scan?
A: It takes about 2-3 hours for the procedure to complete.
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