Peripheral Blood Smear Test Cost

Peripheral Blood Smear Test is conducted to study any abnormalities within the blood cells. The procedure gives a detailed understanding of the shape and number of RBCs, WBCs and blood platelets. Blood cells that deviate from usual count and shape, are suggestive of an underlying health disorder that needs immediate attention.

The Peripheral Blood Smear test is mostly performed in combination with some blood tests, such as Complete Blood Count. However, many a times, the test can also be ordered if a person is showing few symptoms related to Jaundice or anemia; skin rash or other infections may even need this test. Unexplained weight loss and body pain, fever and other flu like symptoms that do not cure easily, may as well require a Blood Smear test for diagnosis.

Peripheral Blood Smear Test Cost in Various Indian Cities
We have Peripheral Blood Smear Test price information in 38 cities.
CityAverage PriceStarting PricePrice Upto
AhmedabadRs. 350.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 550.00
AnantapurRs. 149.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
BangaloreRs. 266.00Rs. 150.00Rs. 400.00
BelgaumRs. 132.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 250.00
ChandigarhRs. 258.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 450.00
ChennaiRs. 259.00Rs. 50.00Rs. 950.00
CoimbatoreRs. 311.00Rs. 150.00Rs. 550.00
ErnakulamRs. 262.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 275.00
FaridabadRs. 174.00Rs. 120.00Rs. 200.00
GhaziabadRs. 227.00Rs. 120.00Rs. 300.00
GwaliorRs. 201.00Rs. 130.00Rs. 250.00
HowrahRs. 480.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 700.00
HyderabadRs. 215.00Rs. 90.00Rs. 350.00
KolkataRs. 215.00Rs. 30.00Rs. 1060.00
KurnoolRs. 146.00Rs. 110.00Rs. 200.00
MangaloreRs. 250.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 400.00
MumbaiRs. 223.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 620.00
NalgondaRs. 156.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
new delhiRs. 258.00Rs. 60.00Rs. 1500.00
NoidaRs. 396.00Rs. 120.00Rs. 700.00
PondicherryRs. 285.00Rs. 150.00Rs. 400.00
PuneRs. 174.00Rs. 50.00Rs. 500.00
SecunderabadRs. 229.00Rs. 120.00Rs. 400.00
SrikakulamRs. 277.00Rs. 120.00Rs. 400.00
TirupatiRs. 204.00Rs. 150.00Rs. 300.00

Prior discussion with your doctor regarding medicines, supplements or any other health issue you may have, is vital. Certain medicines, such as, warfarin or other anticoagulants, may disturb your lab reports, and you may not be able to land accurate results. Blood related disorders will definitely show abrupt results, therefore informing about the same, prior to the scheduled test, is very important for accurate diagnosis.

The procedure is very simple and involves a venipuncture to draw blood from your arms. The sample blood is then spread over a thin slide and tested for abnormal blood cells. A positive test result suggests that a person may suffer from various disorders; such as, anemia, sickle cell anemia. WBC abnormalities may refer to some immune system disorders that can lead to further complications. In addition, platelet disorders may be a warning sign, as these lead to inefficient clotting when required and thus may result in excessive bleeding that may prove fatal.

Peripheral Blood Smear Test FAQs
Q: How is Peripheral Blood Smear test performed?
A: Blood sample is spread to form a thin film on a glass slide and examined under a microscope.
Q: Which disorders can be diagnosed with the help of Peripheral Blood Smear?
A: Disorders of platelets, red blood cells, white blood cells, liver, kidney can be diagnosed using peripheral blood smear test.
Q: Which other tests may be advised with Peripheral Blood Smear?
A: C.B.C, E.S.R, P.C.V., liver function test, kidney function test may be advised along with Peripheral Blood Smear.
Q: Which medicines are likely to affect the results of Peripheral Blood Smear?
A: Anti-coagulants, NSAIDs, steroids, tend to affect results of Peripheral Blood Smear.
Q: What is a stain?
A: A stain is a colored liquid which highlights blood cells and helps to differentiate between them under a microscope.
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