Sperm DNA Fragmentation Cost

Sperm DNA fragmentation is a test done to determine any possible DNA damage of sperm cells. It needs to be noted that, even when males have normal sperm analysis report; that includes - sperm count, shape and speed, Sperm DNA fragmentation or damage can still be present. And therefore needs testing. Sperm DNA fragmentation refers to a condition where the DNA strands of sperm are either broken or damaged in other forms. Such sperms when involved in fertilization, result in the death of embryo and hence, failed conception or miscarriages.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Cost in Various Indian Cities
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MumbaiRs. 4750.00Rs. 4000.00Rs. 5500.00
DelhiRs. 7400.00Rs. 5000.00Rs. 10000.00

Couples who are unable to have a successful conception are ordered a number of tests to undergo. Most of these tests relate to women's health, that help in determining reasons of miscarriages or a failure to conceive. However, when no relevant reasons can be detected, a sperm analysis of the male partner is ordered first. Sperm DNA fragmentation is the next test that is prescribed to know about sperm health and related causes of pregnancy failures.

Undergoing this test is simple and requires only a considerable amount of sperm samples. Although most individuals prefer collecting samples at home, doctors do recommend the same to be carried out at a doctor's clinic. It is only because this ensures correct as well as uncontaminated sample collection that is tested under laboratory conditions. A tampered sample will not provide accurate results.

In addition, it is also suggested that males need to refrain from hot water bath for few days before sample collection as heat damages sperm cells. Besides, abstaining from sexual contacts, 7 days prior to sample collection is a must. This also includes masturbating. Keeping away from alcohol consumption is also suggested. A doctor may also want to know about your partner's reproductive health conditions before coming up with essential verdicts.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation FAQs
Q: What is sperm DNA fragmentation test?
A: This is a type of fertility test which detects the presence of any damaged DNA in a sample of sperms.
Q: Why is sperm DNA fragmentation test required?
A: This test is a useful adjunct to routine semen analysis since it helps in diagnosing infertility problems right at the genetic level, rather than just analyzing the morphological characteristics of sperms.
Q: How is sperm DNA fragmentation test performed?
A: A sperm sample (ejaculate) is taken and tagged with a fluorescent probe. This probe changes its signature on interaction with a damaged DNA, which can be seen in a flow cytometer.
Q: What do the results of a sperm DNA fragmentation test indicate?
A: The results of this test are dependent on two factors -
1. DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI) – Less than 15% is DFI is excellent quality of DNA integrity, whereas more than 50% DFI indicates poor DNA integrity of sperms.
2. High DNA sustainability (HDS) – More than 25% of sperms with immature chromatin are considered unsuitable for pregnancy.
Q: What factors cause fragmentation of sperm DNA?
A: Smoking, varicoceles, obesity, poor diet, increased age, use of drugs, excess exposure to pollutants, stress and high fever can affect the quality of sperm DNA.
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