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Stress echocardiography is a combination of stress test and echocardiography. It is done to assess the functioning of all muscles of heart and vessels supplying blood to the heart. It is comparatively more advanced than plain echo cardiography or plain stress test. Stress echocardiography includes more in-depth study of the heart in comparison to other investigations of the heart.

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As mentioned above, stress echocardiography combines the methods of two distinct cardiac diagnostic techniques. For the procedure, patients do not have to be admitted to the hospital before or afterwards. They will be asked to remove all jewelery and accessories like belts, wallets, before the test. Sterile surgical gown will be provided to be worn. A chemically neutral gel is applied on the patient's chest where electrodes are placed at pre-determined position. For performing the test, patients will be asked to walk/run on a treadmill, similar to the one used in gymnasiums. The speed of walking/running will be determined by the cardiologist depending on patient's age, heart condition and general health.

Heart rate and blood pressure are continuously monitored as the patient is exercising. When the heart rate reaches a peak, a sonography of the heart is performed. The resultant images are then used to study the health of heart muscles, valves and vessels supplying blood to all cardiac structures. Health conditions like rheumatic heart disease, valvular dysfunction, cardiac muscle dystrophy, atherosclerosis, coronary aneurysm are some of the health conditions which can be diagnosed using this investigation.

After the procedure, the patient is asked to rest for a while, till heart rate returns to normal. He/she may then be allowed to go home. It is important for patients to remember that the test cannot be done without a doctor's prescription. Patients should follow their doctor's advise before and after stress echo test is done. This will ensure that the procedure is successful and will provide good results.

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Stress Echo Test FAQs
Q: What is stress echocardiogram?
A: This is a diagnostic imaging test which evaluates the functioning of heart and vasculature while undergoing physical activity.
Q: Why is stress echocardiogram required?
A: It is ordered by the doctor if the patient has shown a 'normal result' on the stress test (TMT) and is still showing certain symptoms. Patients with bundle branch blocks & pacemakers also find this test of more value than a routine ECG.
Q: How to prepare for a stress echocardiography test?
A: It is best to fast for 8-12 hours before this test. Abstaining from caffeine for some time, helps too. If you are on certain medications, you may be asked to discontinue them until the testing procedure is complete.
Q: How is stress echocardiogram performed?
A: This test is done in three phases. Echocardiograms using an ultrasonic probe are taken in resting, activity, and post-activity phase. The images generated are then compared and a diagnosis is prepared. Vitals like heart rate, pulse and BP are measured at the same time.
Q: What measures are taken if the patient is unable to walk for this test?
A: Under such situations, the patient is injected with a dose of dobutamine which mimics the cardiac activity similar to when undergoing physical activity.
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