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Brain Tumor Surgery Cost in India

Brain tumors usually have number of treatment options like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Treatment method depends upon the type and size of tumor, its location inside one's brain and the patient's age and general health conditions. Some surgeons employ all the three methods to treat their patients.

The goal of this complex brain tumor surgery is to remove the entire tumor if possible. If this is not feasible, then a part of it is removed to slow down the rate of its growth. Sometimes the remaining part of the tumor can get dissolved through medicines.

Partial removal of tumors is important as it facilitates better performance of other treatments that can completely eliminate it from the body. This method is known as debulking. Biopsy is conducted so that surgeons know about the size and grade of tumors. The surgeon then proceeds for the surgery.

Craniotomy is the most common brain tumor surgical treatment prevalent. In this process, a part of skull bone is removed to reach the tumor inside. This removed bone part gets stitched back after surgery.

Microsurgeries are also becoming very popular. In this technique, a microscope is used to take a close look at the internal parts of brain. This is done to differentiate between healthy and tumorous tissues. This allow surgeons to accurately remove tumors without causing any damage or blood loss during operation.

Ultrasonic aspirations are also another technique of treating tumors by using ultrasound probes that produce sound waves. These waves break the tumor into tiny bits that are removed by surgeons through suction.

Post brain tumor surgery, patients may suffer from seizures, headaches, difficulty in hearing or seeing. Some may even suffer from hallucinations and a confused state of mind. These are common signs that get cured with time and medication. However, frequent visits to your doctor and keeping him/her updated with every detail is important.

Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.