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Bypass Surgery Cost in India

When human heart is unable to receive the right amount of blood that it should receive, it calls for a bypass surgery. This situation may arise due to clogging of its arteries. To treat this condition, a new path is created to allow blood to flow as smoothly and naturally as possible.

This surgical treatment involves rerouting of blood flow. It is achieved by taking a piece of healthy blood vessel from any part of our body and then attaching it around the damaged blood vessel. Thus it provides a new path for blood to flow. In medical terms, this process is known as Coronary artery bypass surgery. It is abbreviated as CABG. To know the risk & complications related to bypass surgery click here.

Patients undergo an electrocardiogram test just prior to their surgery. This test informs surgeons about the state of their patient's heart before surgery. If needed, some precautionary measures are also taken. If everything works well, you are given an anesthesia to start with the process.

Three tubes are externally inserted into the body. One is put through your mouth to reach the stomach, second is put through your nose and the third is connected to bladder. These three tubes collect all toxic components from their respective areas and remove them from body during surgery.

A heart lung pump is also attached to compensate for your temporary non functional heart. This process is known as the "On pump" method. The newer approach is to perform the surgery when your heart is still beating and is known as "Off pump" method.

A piece of artery; mostly from your leg or chest, is tested and removed. This piece is known as graft and is attached to aorta. Its other end is rounded and stitched to other side of blockage. Thereby, blood will now flow through this graft and not the damaged artery.

Cost of Bypass surgery in India ranges between INR 95,000 to INR 3,50,000.

CABG surgery does not remove or treat the damaged artery. It only provides an alternative path for blood flow. After surgery you are prescribed with number of medicines that need to be continued throughout your life. Proper diet, physical exercise and medication are essential to prevent further damage.

Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.