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Colonoscopy Cost in India

Colonoscopy is a process that helps medical professionals to get a close look inside the rectum and colon for finding polyps that are considered early signs suggesting cancer. These polyps are additional tissues that grow on the rectum or colon's lining and with time become cancerous & result into colorectal cancer or colon cancer.

Additionally, colonoscopy is suggested for investigating aspects such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, checking blood inside stool, alteration in the bowel's habit, or abnormality detected via CT scan or colonic x-rays.

Here is a list of Colonoscopy Costs in various cities of India.
City Average Price Price Range
Bangalore Rs. 65000 Rs. 5000 - 150000
Jaipur Rs. 65000 Rs. 5000 - 150000
Kolkata Rs. 65000 Rs. 5000 - 150000
New Delhi Rs. 65000 Rs. 5000 - 150000
Pune Rs. 65000 Rs. 5000 - 150000
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Colonoscopy procedure is completed within 30-45 minutes. A nurse guides patients with aspects such as wearing hospital gown with open back. A painkiller and sedative is given to patients so as to make them comfortable and relaxed during the colonoscopy process.

The doctor performing the process will instruct patients to lie down (left hand position) and will then insert a colonoscope gently via the anus. Lubricating jelly is used for making this process easier. The doctor then pumps air into patient's bowel via this colonoscope for expanding it to some extent and help getting a much better view inside the bowel.

Care is taken to ensure that the colonoscope is passed inside as gently as possible. Being flexible, the colonoscope provides ease of insertion. The tip of this colonscope is easily rotated so that it can follow curves inside the bowel.

The camera at the rear end of this colonoscope will provide images on the external monitor. The doctor may request patients to change positions while the procedure is conducted. This allows doctors to get proper view inside bowel from different directions. Doctors usually press the patient's abdomen for aiding the colonoscope to move in right direction. Instruments may be inserted via this channel for removal of polyps or taking biopsies.

Recovery from sedatives takes approximately an hour post the colonoscopy procedure. Patients need to be accompanied with someone while going home as complete effects of sedative may take an entire day to be negated.

Special temporary diet may be prescribed if polyps are removed during the process. Patients may pass gas or feel bloated for some hours post procedure as air is cleared from the colon. Walking is helpful for relieving discomfort to some extent.

Patients may witness some blood during their first bowel post colonoscopy. This is nothing to be alarmed about. If this blood passage continues, persistent pain in abdomen is felt, or fever is experienced, consulting your doctor is recommended.

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