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Dental Braces Cost in India

Dental braces are the most common and effective solution for crooked teeth and misaligned bite. Wrongly positioned teeth are difficult to clean and thereby get damaged at a very early age.

A damaged tooth results in pain and you may end up loosing it for good. Therefore, braces can be a very easy option to treat such medical conditions.

Here is a list of Dental Braces Costs in various cities of India.
City Average Price Price Range
Bangalore Rs. 45316 Rs. 15000 - 150000
Chennai Rs. 66000 Rs. 20000 - 400000
Hyderabad Rs. 58395 Rs. 18000 - 180000
Kolkata Rs. 43941 Rs. 5000 - 150000
Mumbai Rs. 47533 Rs. 18000 - 150000
New Delhi Rs. 52097 Rs. 5000 - 150000
Noida Rs. 35250 Rs. 25000 - 50000
Pune Rs. 36133 Rs. 10000 - 150000
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The process of implementing braces is very simple. In a nutshell, braces are placed to create slow, continuous and fixed level of pressure on your teeth. This pressure then slowly moves the teeth in a particular direction, that reshapes the bone as well.

Since the pressure exerted needs to be very subtle; so that it cannot be practically experienced, the process is slow and involves a considerable amount of time.

Although it is a popular belief that dental braces work well only for children; it is not true. It is never too late to correct your displaced teeth. So, if you have not done it as a child, you can definitely do it as an adult.

Cost of Dental Braces in India can be approximated to range around INR 3000 to INR 1,20,000; depending upon your age and severity.

The only difference is that, you will require a longer time to see positive effects. While a child may require to wear the braces for few months or so, you will need to wear it for 18 - 24 months. In addition, you will need to continue wearing retainers during sleep. However, it is not at all disturbing and rather, you will not even realize its presence.

Regular visits to dentists after placing the braces is very essential. Your dentist needs to check and manipulate pressure exertion on teeth every now and then. If you miss any of your scheduled visits, you may land up to different complexities. A good oral hygiene is mandatory to obtain quick and effective results.

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