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Gastroscopy Cost in India

Gastroscopy is a procedure that helps in investigating symptoms that are associated with the oesophagus, duodenum and stomach. This procedure helps in finding if an ulcer, polyp or inflammation is present in these regions of the body.

Gastroscopy can also be performed for treating conditions like bleeding ulcers, widening of narrow oesophagus or removal of any foreign body.

The process to perform gastroscopy lasts for not more than fifteen minutes; however, for treating some conditions, it may also consume more time.

An endoscopist performs the process of gastroscopy; usually along with the assistance of a nurse. Local anaesthetic spray is used for numbing the patient's throat; though the option of sedative injection is often provided beforehand. General anaesthetic procedures are used if patients are young children.

Prior to beginning the process, patients will be requested to remove false teeth, contact lenses or glasses if any. The anaesthetic spray is used then and one small mouth guard made of plastic is placed inside the patient's mouth for holding it open. This also serves as protection for teeth.

Patients are requested to lie down (on left-hand position). The endoscopist will then insert one endoscope inside the patient's throat. Patients are asked to swallow this for helping it to move down the oesophagus. This process is somewhat uncomfortable in the beginning and patients might feel gaged or sick; however, once the endoscope moves down further, this feeling will fade away.

Once the procedure gets over, patients are taken to recovery regions. If patients had not taken a sedative, they are usually asked to leave for home in some time. However, if a sedative has been taken, some hours rest is asked for for wearing off effect of the sedative. Driving is strictly prohibited for at least 24 hours post procedure as drowsiness may be experienced during this period.

Doctors may recommend some dietary changes if need be post procedure for some hours or may be days.

Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.