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What is the Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery in Indore?

The minimum cost of a gynecomastia surgery in Indore can be as low as Rs.38,000 and go as high as Rs.70,000. The exact cost however, will vary as it depends on multiple factors such as the consultation fee with your surgeon, method of surgery, severity of your gynecomastia and hospital charges.

Here is a list of Gynecomastia Surgery Costs in various cities of Indore

City Price Range (Min-Max) FREE Estimate Cost
Dewas ₹38000 - ₹65000 Get Cost
Pithampur ₹38000 - ₹65000 Get Cost
Ujjain ₹38000 - ₹65000 Get Cost
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What is Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a common condition in which female-like breasts start to develop in males due to hormonal imbalance. While gynecomastia itself is not a serious health condition, it can affect your confidence and appearance. Gynecomastia in infants and pubescent boys is very common and usually goes away on its own but if the condition persists into adulthood, surgery is the only way to permanently correct it.

Levels of Severity in Gynecomastia

The exact cost of your surgery may differ based on the severity of your gynecomastia. There are primarily 4 grades of severity when it comes to gynecomastia:

  • Grade-I: This level of gynecomastia is considered to be minor and almost unnoticeable underneath clothes. There may be slight swelling around the areola and only a slight amount of breast growth sticks out of the chest.
  • Grade-II: This type or level of severity is considered to be moderate. The breast growth in this level expands across the chest and becomes very noticeable under T-shirts. Your doctor may recommend a surgery at this stage.
  • Grade-III: The breast enlargement in this stage is significant and breast tissue becomes visible even when wearing loose clothes. The male breasts continue to become more firm and sensitive.
  • Grade-IV: This is the most severe case of gynecomastia. The male breasts tend to be highly visible and take an almost feminine breast like appearance. Surgery is the only form of treatment that can treat this level of gynecomastia.

Methods and Costs of Gynecomastia Surgeries in Indore

Some medications can also cause the estrogen levels in your body to increase as compared to testosterone. Before surgery, your doctor may instruct you to stop taking some medications but if they have little to no effect, surgery is the only way to treat gynecomastia. There are primarily, 2 ways to treat gynecomastia:

  • Liposuction: Often referred to as lipoplasty or simply lipo, liposuction is a commonly preferred and minimally invasive method of gynecomastia treatment. In a liposuction treatment, a tube shaped device is inserted into your chest through a small incision. Once the device is in place, excess fat and glandular tissue is removed to give the chest a more masculine appearance. If you struggle with gynecomastia, a liposuction method is one option for you. The exact cost of treatment however, will vary depending on multiple factors. To know more about the average cost.
  • Gland excision: While gland excision is more invasive as compared to liposuction, it is just as effective at treating gynecomastia. In a gland excision surgery, the breast gland tissues are surgically removed through small incisions made around the areola. Once the gland tissues have been removed, the incisions are sutured and left to heal. The average cost of a gland excision surgery in Indore may range from Rs.35,000 to Rs.1,77,000. It is to be noted however, that the mentioned average cost and exact cost may differ depending on various factors.

Factors that affect Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in Indore

The exact cost of a gynecomastia surgery is something that may differ depending on various factors. Some of the most common factors are given below:

  • Cost of consultation: Gynecomastia surgeries often require multiple visits and consultations with your plastic surgeon. The cost of these consultations usually depends on the plastic surgeon's expertise and may add up to the exact cost of surgery.
  • Choice of hospital: A private hospital with better amenities and facilities is likely to charge more as compared to a government hospital which is more affordable but offers slightly inferior facilities and amenities.
  • Method of treatment: The exact cost of your gynecomastia surgery may vary depending upon the method of treatment used. Liposuction and gland excision are 2 of the most commonly used methods to treat gynecomastia. While both these methods are completely safe, they differ in cost.
  • Diagnostic tests and other examinations: Before surgery, your doctor may perform a number of diagnostic tests and examinations to analyse your overall health and reduce chances of any complications. The cost of these tests may add up and present a difference in cost.
  • Post surgery medications: After your surgery, your doctor may recommend some medications for comfort and faster recovery. The cost of these medications can be a factor in determining the exact cost of your gynecomastia surgery.

Get in touch with a certified plastic surgeon and have a detailed discussion about gynecomastia surgery procedures and their costs. Book an appointment for free and learn more about the specifics of gynecomastia surgery.

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