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Hair Weaving Cost in India

Hair Weaving is a non surgical procedure to treat baldness and thinning hair. This method of treatment is available both in medical, as well as non medical setups.

This method of treating temporary or permanent hair loss, has gained extreme popularity because of two important reasons. One, it is much cheaper than hair transplants or other medical therapies. Secondly, it serves as an immediate solution to the problem; unlike transplants that show results several months after the surgical procedure is performed.

Hair weaving is the process of artificially adding hair to bald areas. In other words, we can say that hair is glued on to bald patches on scalp or existing thin volume of hair. This additional hair can be human or synthetic hair, similar to wigs.

There can be various methods to execute this method. Some of them are – netting, fusion, pasting, bonding etc. Since hair is simply attached to the scalp, it allows individuals to add as much volume of hair as they wish to.

The substance used to glue the weave to the scalp is well tested before applied. Only when it matches your skin type, it can be used. Again, since additional hair is simply attached to scalp without hair follicles, the hair does not grow naturally as in hair transplant procedures. The volume of hair added during the procedure remains fixed.

Nevertheless, this method does allow individuals to get desired color, texture and hair style with the amount of weave volume they have.

Cost of Hair Weaving in India can range around INR 5000 to INR 25,000 approximately; depending upon the method chosen, volume of hair to be weaved and other miscellaneous factors.

Hair weaving is not a permanent solution to baldness. Individuals undergoing this treatment need to visit the stylist after every six months; as the weave may get loose or even fall off after this period. It may so happen that the glue may lead to some deteriorating effect on your skin covering the scalp area. The slightest of irritation experienced after the process needs to be immediately reported.

Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.