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Hypospadias Surgery Cost in India

Hypospadias is one very common disorder found in most baby boys at the time of birth. Hypospadias surgery needs to be carried out within 6 months to 2 years from birth. Delay can lead to complexities; such as difficulty in regulating urine stream, a curve while erection or decreased fertility.

Doctors usually advice parents not to circumcise their sons after birth. This is because the extra tissue of foreskin that gets removed in this process is required to carry out Hypospadias surgery. This defect is treated by elongating the urethra using tissues from some other section. Increasing urethra in length, facilitates it to open at the tip of the penis.

Thus, the initial problem, where the urethra opened underside or midway through the penis or behind the scrotum is now resolved. For this purpose, the surgeon places a tube like structure around the urethra so as to support the new artificial growth. This tube is removed after 2 – 3 weeks from surgery. After the surgery, the baby needs to drink more fluid so that he keeps urinating. This helps building the artificial urethra.

Hypospadias surgery is a minor operation, that involves few hours and there is no need of staying back in the hospital unless asked by the physician. Some sort of anesthesia is given to the baby prior to operation and after the process is complete along with some pain relievers.

All most 99 percent of such operations are quite successful in providing a natural appearance and functionality of penis. It is a life time process and does not need to be repeated once successful at first attempt. In certain very rare cases of this disorder, multiple operations will be required. In such cases, consulting a urologist as and when required is recommended. Some visits to physician may also be required at the time of puberty.

Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.