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Open Heart Surgery Cost in India

Open heart surgery is a procedure in which the chest is cut open to expose the heart. It is a traditional method followed for various surgical treatments related to heart, like CABG, replacement of heart valves, heart transplants etc.

There are three types of open heart surgeries - On pump surgery, Off pump surgery and Robot assisted surgery. The first uses a pump machine during the process as the heart Is temporarily stopped from working. In the second approach, the heart is still functional during the process and therefore no pumping machines are required. The third is comparatively a new concept, where the surgery is performed by robotic arms governed by surgeons through computers.

Here is a list of Open Heart Surgery Costs in various cities of India.
City Average Price Price Range
Bangalore Rs. 254239 Rs. 180000 - 360000
Chennai Rs. 257692 Rs. 160000 - 370000
Hyderabad Rs. 269762 Rs. 180000 - 360000
Kolkata Rs. 264080 Rs. 150000 - 400000
Mumbai Rs. 338656 Rs. 180000 - 600000
New Delhi Rs. 290086 Rs. 200000 - 450000
Pune Rs. 287778 Rs. 180000 - 380000
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Open heart surgeries are certainly very major and difficult along with large amount of risks associated with them. Surgeons recommend this operation only when other less complex surgical treatments have failed to cure any kind of disorder related to heart.

In this surgery, the surgeon makes a large incision on your chest through breastbone. This incision is large enough to allow surgeons to completely view and access entire surgical area.

The process starts with general anesthesia and three tubes are inserted in your body. These three tubes collect waste materials from stomach, bladder and lungs to throw them out of the system.

After the surgery, breastbone is stitched with wires leaving these wires inside the body. The wire used is bio compatible and does not cause complication even when it remains in the body for an entire life time. At times, sternal plating may be done for some patients depending on their condition. This method involves using titanium plates to join breastbone.

Cost of open heart surgery in India ranges between INR 1,25,000 to INR 2,70,000 depending on patient's condition.

The recovery period for this surgery is slow and gradual, sometimes extending to several weeks and months. So, patients need to be very careful in this period so as to prevent future complications.

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