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How much does Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy or PCNL surgery cost in India?

The cost of percutaneous nephrolithotomy or PCNL surgery in India typically ranges around INR 65,000 to INR 75,000. However, this is the estimated cost of surgery, the final cost can vary depending on multiple factors.

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) surgery is a minimally-invasive procedure to remove stones from the kidney by a small puncture wound through the skin. It is most suitable to remove stones of more than 2 cm in size and which are present near the pelvic region. It is usually done under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia.

Here is a list of PCNL Surgery Costs in various cities of India.

City Price Range (Min-Max) FREE Estimate Cost
Ahmedabad ₹50000 - ₹80000 Get Cost
Bangalore ₹50000 - ₹80000 Get Cost
Chandigarh ₹60000 - ₹70000 Get Cost
Chennai ₹50000 - ₹80000 Get Cost
Coimbatore ₹60000 - ₹70000 Get Cost
Delhi ₹50000 - ₹80000 Get Cost
Gurgaon ₹65000 - ₹75000 Get Cost
Hyderabad ₹50000 - ₹80000 Get Cost
Indore ₹50000 - ₹80000 Get Cost
Kochi ₹50000 - ₹80000 Get Cost
Kolkata ₹50000 - ₹80000 Get Cost
Lucknow ₹50000 - ₹80000 Get Cost
Mumbai ₹50000 - ₹80000 Get Cost
Nagpur ₹50000 - ₹80000 Get Cost
Patna ₹60000 - ₹70000 Get Cost
Pune ₹50000 - ₹80000 Get Cost
Ranchi ₹50000 - ₹80000 Get Cost
Thiruvananthapuram ₹50000 - ₹80000 Get Cost
Visakhapatnam ₹60000 - ₹70000 Get Cost
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Factors Affecting the Cost of PCNL Surgery

PCNL surgery cost varies across the country. The most common factors that affect PCNL surgery costs in India are as follows:

  • Consultation fees charged by the urologists: The fees of the urologist are one of the important factors in determining the cost of PCNL surgery. The charges of expert and experienced surgeons are high compared to less experienced surgeons.
  • City where the surgery is performed:The cost of PCNL surgery in India is different across various cities. The cost of surgery is higher in metro cities as compared to tertiary cities.
  • Choice of hospital: In a government hospital, the surgery cost is lower compared to private hospitals. The variance caused by the choice of hospital is because the facilities and quality of care are much better in a private hospital as compared to a government hospital.
  • Size and number of kidney stones: The cost of surgery can vary depending on the size and number of kidney stones.
  • Cost of diagnostic tests before surgery: Before PCNL surgery, doctors suggest a few diagnostic tests to understand the severity of the condition. The cost of these diagnostic tests can influence the entire surgery cost.
  • Cost of medicines required before or after the treatment: In some cases, medication is required before and after the surgery. The cost of these medications can influence the cost of the entire cost of surgery.
  • Any underlying health condition: Pre-existing health conditions of the patient can increase the chances of complications during surgery and may also increase the cost of the entire surgical treatment.
  • Complications after surgery: Generally, PCNL is a highly effective and safe surgical procedure. However, sometimes, complications can occur after surgery. These complications may require additional treatment and can potentially increase the cost of the entire surgical treatment.

Is PCNL Surgery Covered Under Insurance?

Yes. Most insurance companies in India cover the cost of PCNL as it is considered a medically necessary treatment for kidney stones. However, the extent of coverage can vary from policy to policy. You must contact your insurance provider before the surgery to understand the specifics of the policy.

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