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What is the cost of Piles Treatment in Jaipur?

The average cost of Laser Piles Treatment in Jaipur typically ranges anywhere between Rs. 36,000 and Rs. 40,000 and may differ based on a variety of factors, including your choice of hospital in Jaipur, the experience of the doctor, hospitalization charges, etc. Based on the severity of the condition, and the method of surgery, the cost of piles surgery in Jaipur may go higher or lower than this range. There are certain treatment methods of piles which might even cost less than the above-mentioned range.

What is Piles?

Piles is a painful condition, which can aggravate if left untreated and may hamper your ability to perform your daily activities. Most people hesitate to seek treatment for it, citing it as an embarrassing health condition. Aside from this, some find piles treatment to be very expensive. If you're worried about the high treatment cost, read on and explore the best treatment options in your Jaipur.

Factors That Affect Piles Surgery Cost in Jaipur

Several factors influence the cost of piles surgery in Jaipur. The final cost of piles surgery in Jaipur is calculated after considering the factors that are mentioned below. Some common factors that can cause piles surgery cost to differ from person to person are:

  • Consultation fees of the proctologist: The consultation fees charged by doctors/surgeons specializing in piles treatment varies greatly. Doctors with more experience can charge higher than those with relatively lesser experience.
  • Type and grade of piles: The severity and grade of piles play an essential role in determining the cost of the treatment. For example, the surgery performed to treat grade 4 piles would require more precision, and it would therefore cost you higher than the cost of surgery for grade 1 piles.
  • Cost of diagnostic tests before surgery: Some diagnostic tests, including anoscopy, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, and digital rectal exam, are important before piles surgery. Some hospitals include the cost of these tests in the total treatment cost.
  • Cost of pre and post-surgical medicines: The doctor might prescribe certain medications before the surgery. The cost of these medicines can cause the cost to soar. Similarly, the medicines prescribed after the procedure can also cause a variation in the treatment expense.
  • Charges of post-surgery follow-up session: Follow-ups after surgery help doctors assess the efficacy of the surgery and check for post-surgery complications. The cost of follow-ups also affects the surgery cost.

The factors listed above can collectively cause your treatment cost to differ. In general, all hospitals and medical facilities assess all these factors before presenting you with the final bill.

All in all, if you have been diagnosed with piles, its always advisable to consult the best piles doctor in Jaipur and undergo proper treatment to prevent the condition from aggravating.

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