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Root Canal Treatment Cost in India

Root canal treatment is medically termed as Endodontic therapy. This treatment involves sequence of procedures, that are carried out to heal infected dental pulps.

Every tooth has two distinct sections - crown and root. Sensory nerves, blood vessels, connective tissues and other cellular entities present in the internal parts of root are known as dental pulps. Any damage to this section calls for root canal therapy.

This is a severe dental condition that is caused by cavities that break the crown and manage to reach internal dental pulp. Sometimes it may also result from injuries.

As already mentioned, the treatment involves series of procedures and therefore number of clinical visits. Your dentist may carry out different X ray evaluations, thermal and electric pulp testing to confirm root canal damage.

  • The process involves making a deep opening through the crown to reach infected pulp within canals
  • The infected pulp is removed and root canals are cleaned and shaped using special instruments & irrigation
  • The canals are then rebuilt using special filling materials after removal of debris
  • The canal opening is now covered with another layer of special filling substance. This covering is temporary and remains for a few days until the crown is built and replaced.
  • The crown or cap, appears to be a natural tooth and is placed at the top of the healed tooth
Pulp chamber is an essential part of tooth. During the times when you are suffering from severe toothache, it is the sensory nerves present in this section that send the message to your brain. This is a good thing, as now you can take remedial actions. If this section was to remain absent, you would identify decayed tooth, only when you lost it.

This surgical treatment is commonly carried out at almost all dental clinics presently. Opting for this procedure at initial stages is advisable, so as to prevent tooth loss. Root canals have high success rates and the restored tooth may last a life time with proper oral hygiene.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment in India can range around INR 1500 to INR 12,000 approximately; depending upon the position of tooth and levels of severity.

Rinsing properly after meals, brushing twice daily and avoiding to chew very hard food items are sufficient to retain the treatment for long duration of time.

Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.