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Spider Veins Treatment Cost in India

Lowest Cost (approx)

Rs. 50,000

Average Cost (approx) Rs 60,000

Highest Cost (approx)

Rs. 70,000

Treatment Type : Laser/ Sclerotherapy

Treatment time : 60-90 minutes

Hospitalization days : 1 Day

Risk : Minimal

Resume work in : 2-3 days

Chances of recurrence : Negligible

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Treatment Type : Laser/ Sclerotherapy

Treatment time : 60-90 minutes

Hospitalization days : 1 Day

Risk : Minimal

Resume work in : 2-3 days

Chances of recurrence : Negligible

Blue or purple-colored veins appearing on the legs? Get in touch with the best vascular doctors and book a free appointment with them. Find out spider veins' treatment cost near you.

Spider veins, also known as Telangiectasia, is a condition in which the damaged veins underneath the skin start to appear on the surface. The veins are blue, purple, or red in color and have a weblike appearance, due to which it is called spider veins.

It is primarily a cosmetic concern and can be easily treated with minimally invasive procedures, such as laser treatment.

Here is a list of Spider Veins Treatment Costs in various cities of India.
City Average Price Price Range
Bangalore Rs. 207817 Rs. 133646 - 269200
Bhubaneswar Rs. 58333 Rs. 50000 - 65000
Gurgaon Rs. 98656 Rs. 63000 - 128400
Kochi Rs. 148144 Rs. 96647 - 199640
Mumbai Rs. 165764 Rs. 63000 - 269200
Mysore Rs. 58333 Rs. 50000 - 65000
Noida Rs. 97239 Rs. 63000 - 125000
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Along with laser treatment, non-surgical treatment methods are also available for spider veins, such as sclerotherapy.

The primary cause of the development of spider veins is venous reflux disease and underlying varicose veins. The reticular veins get compressed and the blood flow is disrupted due to which the weblike structure appears on the skin.

Before the condition is treated, duplex ultrasonography is done to identify the problematic veins and to establish a clear association of spider veins with underlying venous reflux.

In several cases, sclerotherapy is used to treat spider veins. A sclerosant medication is injected into the affected vein and it is closed permanently. This method requires multiple sessions to effectively treat the condition. It may take a few weeks for the veins to disappear from the skin surface. Spider vein treatment cost through sclerotherapy ranges from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 20,000 based on how many sessions are required to completely close the affected veins.

Laser treatment, also known as Endovenous Laser Therapy is the most effective technique to treat spider veins. It is a catheter-assisted procedure performed without any incision. The laser fiber is inserted into the vein through the catheter and activated. The laser fiber is then extracted gradually. The heat energy emitted by the laser ablates the vein, thereby treating the condition effectively. The spider veins treatment cost in India ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 35,000 approx.


What are the symptoms of spider veins?

Spider veins typically exhibit the following symptoms-

  • Pain in the legs
  • Itching legs
  • Web-like structure or pattern on the skin
  • Skin discoloration in the affected area
  • Burning sensations in the legs

If any of these symptoms are present, it is advisable to see a doctor as soon as possible.

What happens if spider veins are not treated on time?

Whether or not spider veins are causing problems, there is a possibility that underlying varicose veins may go undetected if the person doesn’t seek spider veins treatment on time. Though spider veins don’t pose any threat, varicose veins can lead to life-threatening complications. Therefore, it is crucial to see a vascular doctor at the right time.

What are the various factors that affect the spider veins treatment cost in India?

Some of the key factors that influence the cost of spider veins treatment are-

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Severity of the condition
  • Technique used for the treatment
  • Hospitalization (if required)
  • Post-surgery care and follow-ups

Besides the above-mentioned factors, some other expenses, such as medications, second opinion consultation, travel charges, etc. may also increase the overall cost of treatment.

Can compression stockings treat spider veins?

No, compression stockings cannot treat spider veins. However, they can improve the blood flow in the leg region, thereby providing relief from the symptoms.

Who is more at risk of developing spider veins?

A person has a higher risk of developing spider veins if he/she-

  • Works outdoors
  • Sits or stands all-day
  • Drinks excessively
  • Is pregnant
  • Is older or elderly
  • Uses corticosteroids
  • Has rosacea, scleroderma, dermatomyositis, or other skin conditions

What happens to the veins after the treatment?

Once the veins are closed through laser or sclerotherapy, they remain in their original position. The closed veins don’t affect the blood circulation as the blood flow is redirected to other healthier veins. The weblike structure on the skin also disappears within a few weeks.

What are the chances of spider veins recurrence after treatment?

In some cases, spider veins treatment doesn’t address the underlying problem, i.e, venous reflux disease. As the primary cause is not resolved, there are chances that spider veins may develop again.

After spider veins are treated, they may take around 3-4 weeks to disappear from the skin. The recovery is usually smooth after the treatment and there are no major restrictions over activities. The patient can resume daily activities within a week or so.

Insurance Coverage for Spider Veins Treatment

Keep in mind that spider veins treatment cost is usually not covered under health insurance as it is not a medical problem. Spider veins rarely exhibit painful symptoms due to which most health insurance companies don’t consider the condition critical. The patient has to bear the expenses of treatment from his/her pocket.

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Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.