Are You Really Taking Care of Your Teeth?

We all have been through the painfully long wait at the dentist’s office and the further painful session seated in the dentist chair. A visit to the dentist is never fun. Starting from having your teeth cleaned to a root canal, teeth and gums are the more sensitive parts of the human anatomy. And not to mention every trip burns a large hole in your wallet.

Today, because of the kind of lifestyles we lead with our vegan phases, liquid diets and fluctuation nutrition intake and green tea binge drinking, our teeth are bearing the brunt of our experiments. So it is possibly more important than ever to make dental hygiene a habit.Close-up of patient’s open mouth before oral checkup with mirror near by

Ironically, dental hygiene is also the easiest to take care of at home, but easily one of the most ignored. We bring you some important do’s and don’t’s for simple maintenance of dental hygiene. 

How to take better care of your teeth: 

  • Brush well:

    As kids, our parents always told us to brush twice a day, a habit that most people would not easily admit, they have let go of. However, as adults it is even more essential that we fall back into our childhood habit. As we know, brushing not just cleans our mouth and dispels foul breath, but is killing bacteria that is holing up in your mouth causing those painful cavities. But what is more important than brushing regularly, is brushing properly. Use a tooth brush that is hard enough for your teeth. Tooth paste doesn’t matter much unless it is unpleasant to brush. Move your brush in circles for three minutes. Whatever you do, do not skip brushing at night. Do not forget to clean tongue daily to remove plaque.  Battery operated toothbrushes also help clean more efficiently. If that’s an option, go for it.

    Brush for three minutes twice a day, and move your brush in circles
    Brush for three minutes twice a day, and move your brush in circles
  • Floss: 

    Another activity that is grossly underrated. Though brushing is hardwired into our system, many of us omit flossing. Flossing clean between our teeth better than nothing else. So get over your first unpleasant experience of flossing and get back into habit.

    Flossing is one of the most underrated ways to maintain dental hygiene
    Flossing is one of the most underrated ways to maintain dental hygiene
  • Mouthwash:

    A great way to cleanse your mouth entirely is by using a mouthwash after you have brushed. A good mouthwash will get rid of all the germs and hidden bacteria in your mouth. It will also leave you feeling minty fresh.

What not to do to guard your pearly whites: 

  • Smoking:

    Tobacco and nicotine make your teeth duller and take their sheen away. Smoking also causes your lips to instantly darken. Also the smoker’s breath is an instant turnoff and very difficult to rid of if you’re a chain smoker.  Ditto with coffee.

    Smoking causes teeth to darken and weaken
    Smoking causes teeth to darken and weaken
  • Sugar:

    The more sugar you consume, the more it turns to acid in your mouth. If you must consume sugar, have it with your meals. There is then enough saliva in your mouth to keep the acid in check. Which is why having a whole bar of chocolate by itself is the worst idea for your teeth. Also, there might be plenty of sugar in all sorts of food and not just sweets.

    For good teeth, keep off sugar
    For good teeth, stay away from sugar
  • Chewing gum:

    The debate about chewing gums is that though they strengthen gums and improve your breath, they still contain a lot of sugar which again acidifies in your mouth. So opt for a sugar-free gum if you must.

  • Bleach:

    If you’re using bleach or teeth whitening products, over doing them can cause your teeth to become extra sensitive and brittle. Always use only the prescribed amount of bleach on our teeth and do not leave it on for more time than necessary.

  • Pregnancy teeth hygiene:

    Women develop gum inflammation during pregnancy which comes from a change in hormones. So if you’re pregnant or thinking of having a baby, ignoring your dental hygiene is a big no-no. Specially because dental treatment and surgeries during pregnancy are pointedly avoided.

    Take special care of your teeth during pregnancy
    Take special care of your teeth during pregnancy
  • Do not ignore your cavities:

    Due to the fear of making a trip to the dentist, a lot of people put off filing in their cavities. The more you prolong dental problems, the worse they will get. Not to mention hurt a lot. Toothaches and especially the ones that are caused by wisdom teeth also are prime causes of migraines.

More than these do’s and don’t’s, the most important do is to visit the dentist once in a few months. Quick and regular visits now may help prevent long-term treatments and the subsequent costs that you’ll have to spend. Also advisable is to get dental insurance as soon as possible if you don’t already have one.

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