FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) Test Cost

This test is prescribed for women when they experience difficulty to get pregnant or have absence or irregularity in menstrual cycles. This is also done for testing whether the concerned woman has reached menopause. In men, this test helps when their partners are not able to conceive, or the men themselves have low levels of sperm counts.

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FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) Test Cost in Various Indian Cities
We have FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) Test price information in 103 cities.
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FSH Test (By Thyrocare)
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Thyrocare (Order Online, Pay at Home)

TSH LH FSH Prolactin Profile (By Thyrocare)
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CityAverage PriceStarting PricePrice Upto
AgraRs. 410.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 550.00
AhmedabadRs. 371.00Rs. 180.00Rs. 1050.00
AhmednagarRs. 415.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 850.00
AllahabadRs. 598.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 1000.00
AmbalaRs. 369.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 880.00
AmritsarRs. 545.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 800.00
AnantapurRs. 455.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 900.00
AurangabadRs. 405.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 550.00
BangaloreRs. 509.00Rs. 150.00Rs. 1600.00
BardhamanRs. 428.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 600.00
BareillyRs. 608.00Rs. 450.00Rs. 800.00
BelgaumRs. 452.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 650.00
BhagalpurRs. 720.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 1600.00
BharuchRs. 393.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 500.00
BhavnagarRs. 281.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 350.00
BhopalRs. 504.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 950.00
BhubaneswarRs. 481.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 880.00
BikanerRs. 425.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 500.00
BokaroRs. 257.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 350.00
ChandigarhRs. 396.00Rs. 150.00Rs. 880.00
ChennaiRs. 429.00Rs. 120.00Rs. 6670.00
CoimbatoreRs. 378.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 800.00
CuttackRs. 416.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 650.00
DarbhangaRs. 471.00Rs. 400.00Rs. 600.00
DhanbadRs. 383.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 470.00
ErnakulamRs. 390.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 500.00
FaridabadRs. 424.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 730.00
GandhinagarRs. 292.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 350.00
GhaziabadRs. 455.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 950.00
GorakhpurRs. 421.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 550.00
GunturRs. 350.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 500.00
GurgaonRs. 514.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 1050.00
GuwahatiRs. 648.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 1000.00
GwaliorRs. 538.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 700.00
HaridwarRs. 450.00Rs. 150.00Rs. 750.00
HooghlyRs. 405.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 650.00
HowrahRs. 413.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 700.00
HyderabadRs. 444.00Rs. 150.00Rs. 1910.00
IndoreRs. 521.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 1050.00
JabalpurRs. 668.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 950.00
JaipurRs. 443.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 1050.00
JalandharRs. 398.00Rs. 180.00Rs. 500.00
JamnagarRs. 435.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 900.00
JamshedpurRs. 492.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 1580.00
JodhpurRs. 399.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 650.00
JunagadhRs. 330.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 350.00
KanpurRs. 401.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 600.00
KhararRs. 325.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 400.00
KochiRs. 372.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 500.00
KolhapurRs. 327.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 730.00
KolkataRs. 493.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 1800.00
KotaRs. 440.00Rs. 400.00Rs. 500.00
LucknowRs. 553.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 1050.00
LudhianaRs. 424.00Rs. 220.00Rs. 880.00
MaduraiRs. 375.00Rs. 150.00Rs. 600.00
MangaloreRs. 326.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 550.00
MeerutRs. 390.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 550.00
MehsanaRs. 248.00Rs. 180.00Rs. 350.00
MohaliRs. 419.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 880.00
MoradabadRs. 518.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 700.00
MumbaiRs. 465.00Rs. 0.00Rs. 1620.00
MuzaffarpurRs. 412.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 550.00
MysoreRs. 473.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 650.00
NadiaRs. 373.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 600.00
NagpurRs. 420.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 500.00
NalgondaRs. 325.00Rs. 150.00Rs. 500.00
NandedRs. 417.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 480.00
NashikRs. 411.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 800.00
Navi MumbaiRs. 454.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 600.00
NavsariRs. 326.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 400.00
DelhiRs. 472.00Rs. 150.00Rs. 1050.00
NoidaRs. 584.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 850.00
PanchkulaRs. 433.00Rs. 350.00Rs. 550.00
PanjimRs. 510.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 1200.00
PatialaRs. 400.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 550.00
PatnaRs. 416.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 880.00
PondicherryRs. 350.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 600.00
PuneRs. 418.00Rs. 150.00Rs. 1400.00
RaipurRs. 460.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 950.00
RajkotRs. 341.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 400.00
RanchiRs. 449.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 550.00
SalemRs. 428.00Rs. 175.00Rs. 750.00
SecunderabadRs. 442.00Rs. 150.00Rs. 1000.00
SiliguriRs. 440.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 550.00
SolapurRs. 314.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 450.00
SrikakulamRs. 550.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 800.00
SrinagarRs. 514.00Rs. 400.00Rs. 880.00
SuratRs. 420.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 700.00
ThaneRs. 486.00Rs. 240.00Rs. 1050.00
ThiruvananthapuramRs. 369.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 500.00
TirupatiRs. 595.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 1600.00
UdaipurRs. 358.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 450.00
VadodaraRs. 413.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 600.00
ValsadRs. 276.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 300.00
VaranasiRs. 420.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 500.00
VelloreRs. 396.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 600.00
VijayawadaRs. 388.00Rs. 300.00Rs. 550.00
VisakhapatnamRs. 435.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 600.00
West GodavariRs. 355.00Rs. 250.00Rs. 600.00

FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) Test FAQs
Q: What is FSH?
A: Follicle stimulating hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and plays a role in the development and reproduction of sperms in males and eggs in females.
Q: Why are FSH levels analyzed?
A: To help diagnose menstrual irregularities and confirmation of menopause in females, causes of low sperm count in males, and reasons for precocious or postponed puberty in children.
Q: What should the normal results show?
A: Male FSH level: 1.5-12.4 mIU/ml. Female FSH level: 25.8-134.8 mIU/ml (after menopause) and 4.7-21.5 mIU/ml (during menopause).
Q: What do high FSH levels in men and women mean?
A: Male: Testicles absent, damaged, or not functioning properly or Klinefelter syndrome. Female: Ovarian failure and occurrence of menopause.
Q: What could low FSH levels indicate?
A: Male: Improper functioning of a particular area in the brain (pituitary gland or hypothalamus). Female: Problems in ovulation, being underweight, stress, or pregnancy.
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