Potassium Test Cost

This test is used to diagnose and monitor hyperkalemia in various conditions, e.g., treatment of diabetic coma, renal failure, severe fluid and electrolyte loss, effect of certain drugs. It is also useful in diagnosis of familial hyperkalemic periodic paralysis and hypokalemic paralysis.

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Potassium Test Cost in Various Indian Cities
We have Potassium Test price information in 108 cities.
CityAverage PriceStarting PricePrice Upto
AgraRs. 111.00Rs. 80.00Rs. 200.00
AhmedabadRs. 159.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 240.00
AhmednagarRs. 143.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
AligarhRs. 144.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 250.00
AllahabadRs. 160.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 250.00
AmbalaRs. 154.00Rs. 50.00Rs. 250.00
AmravatiRs. 137.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
AmritsarRs. 154.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
AnantapurRs. 152.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 1000.00
AurangabadRs. 114.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
BangaloreRs. 148.00Rs. 60.00Rs. 600.00
BardhamanRs. 175.00Rs. 130.00Rs. 320.00
BareillyRs. 171.00Rs. 120.00Rs. 200.00
BelgaumRs. 122.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 160.00
BhagalpurRs. 142.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
BharuchRs. 132.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 150.00
BhavnagarRs. 138.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
BhilaiRs. 230.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 400.00
BhopalRs. 159.00Rs. 75.00Rs. 300.00
BhubaneswarRs. 144.00Rs. 80.00Rs. 200.00
BikanerRs. 109.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 150.00
ChandigarhRs. 126.00Rs. 50.00Rs. 250.00
ChennaiRs. 154.00Rs. 60.00Rs. 320.00
ChittoorRs. 90.00Rs. 70.00Rs. 100.00
CoimbatoreRs. 141.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
CuttackRs. 108.00Rs. 50.00Rs. 200.00
ErnakulamRs. 125.00Rs. 80.00Rs. 160.00
FaridabadRs. 145.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
GandhinagarRs. 155.00Rs. 120.00Rs. 200.00
GhaziabadRs. 143.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 250.00
GorakhpurRs. 127.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
GunturRs. 131.00Rs. 75.00Rs. 200.00
GurgaonRs. 157.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 400.00
GuwahatiRs. 205.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 350.00
GwaliorRs. 135.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 250.00
HaridwarRs. 152.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 300.00
HooghlyRs. 156.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
HoshiarpurRs. 123.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 190.00
HowrahRs. 169.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 425.00
HyderabadRs. 180.00Rs. 50.00Rs. 540.00
IndoreRs. 174.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 400.00
JabalpurRs. 175.00Rs. 150.00Rs. 200.00
JaipurRs. 122.00Rs. 70.00Rs. 200.00
JalandharRs. 146.00Rs. 80.00Rs. 250.00
JalgaonRs. 132.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 150.00
JamnagarRs. 144.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
JamshedpurRs. 135.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
JodhpurRs. 111.00Rs. 70.00Rs. 200.00
JunagadhRs. 170.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 250.00
KanpurRs. 147.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 300.00
KhararRs. 134.00Rs. 75.00Rs. 200.00
KochiRs. 106.00Rs. 70.00Rs. 150.00
KolhapurRs. 108.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 150.00
KolkataRs. 200.00Rs. 80.00Rs. 500.00
KotaRs. 134.00Rs. 80.00Rs. 200.00
LucknowRs. 189.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 370.00
LudhianaRs. 123.00Rs. 30.00Rs. 200.00
MaduraiRs. 171.00Rs. 40.00Rs. 300.00
MangaloreRs. 104.00Rs. 70.00Rs. 200.00
MeerutRs. 145.00Rs. 80.00Rs. 250.00
MehsanaRs. 131.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 160.00
MohaliRs. 120.00Rs. 80.00Rs. 150.00
MoradabadRs. 127.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
MumbaiRs. 173.00Rs. 90.00Rs. 500.00
MuzaffarpurRs. 118.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 150.00
MysoreRs. 126.00Rs. 75.00Rs. 200.00
NadiaRs. 125.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 150.00
NagpurRs. 130.00Rs. 80.00Rs. 300.00
NalgondaRs. 140.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
NandedRs. 165.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
NashikRs. 132.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 400.00
Navi MumbaiRs. 183.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 550.00
NavsariRs. 125.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 150.00
NelloreRs. 147.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 180.00
DelhiRs. 162.00Rs. 60.00Rs. 300.00
NoidaRs. 171.00Rs. 75.00Rs. 300.00
PanchkulaRs. 123.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 150.00
PanjimRs. 169.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 300.00
PatialaRs. 108.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 160.00
PatnaRs. 126.00Rs. 70.00Rs. 350.00
PondicherryRs. 120.00Rs. 75.00Rs. 200.00
PuneRs. 154.00Rs. 50.00Rs. 500.00
RaipurRs. 160.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 400.00
RajkotRs. 163.00Rs. 80.00Rs. 200.00
RanchiRs. 174.00Rs. 140.00Rs. 250.00
SalemRs. 127.00Rs. 60.00Rs. 200.00
SecunderabadRs. 180.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 400.00
SiliguriRs. 166.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 300.00
SolapurRs. 183.00Rs. 150.00Rs. 200.00
SrikakulamRs. 122.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
SrinagarRs. 139.00Rs. 70.00Rs. 300.00
SuratRs. 141.00Rs. 120.00Rs. 160.00
ThaneRs. 196.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 350.00
ThiruvananthapuramRs. 104.00Rs. 50.00Rs. 200.00
TiruchirappalliRs. 147.00Rs. 90.00Rs. 200.00
TirupatiRs. 138.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 250.00
UdaipurRs. 122.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 150.00
VadodaraRs. 178.00Rs. 140.00Rs. 250.00
ValsadRs. 115.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 150.00
VaranasiRs. 150.00Rs. 60.00Rs. 350.00
VelloreRs. 157.00Rs. 50.00Rs. 250.00
VijayawadaRs. 132.00Rs. 15.00Rs. 200.00
VisakhapatnamRs. 135.00Rs. 80.00Rs. 200.00
WarangalRs. 129.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 200.00
West GodavariRs. 200.00Rs. 100.00Rs. 400.00

Potassium Test FAQs
Q: Which tissue sample is preferred for Potassium Test?
A: Venous blood sample is preferred for Potassium Test.
Q: What are the indications of undergoing Potassium Test?
A: Renal failure, uncontrolled diabetes, muscular weakness without neurological cause, electrolyte imbalance, are indications of undergoing Potassium Test.
Q: Which other tests may be advised with Potassium Test?
A: Electrolyte test, blood glucose levels, renal function test, may be advised with Potassium Test.
Q: What are the risks of high levels of potassium?
A: Muscular paralysis, cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, are some risks of high levels of potassium.
Q: Which foods are rich in potassium?
A: Bananas, spinach, oranges, peas, mushrooms have high potassium content.
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