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Breast Augmentation / Implant Surgery Cost in Rohtak

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  • Treatment Type

    Breast Augmentation

  • Treatment time

    60-90 minutes

  • Hospitalization Days

    Same-day discharge

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    1 week

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What is the cost of Breast implant surgery in Rohtak?

Breast implant surgery cost in Rohtak starts from Rs. 100,000 and goes up to Rs. 150,000 The overall expense of getting a breast implant varies for each patient due to various factors. More and more people are undergoing breast implant surgery to augment their breast size. It is the most popular type of breast augmentation. And thanks to the affordable medical care in Rohtak, women who wish to enhance their breast size can get these implants at a reasonable price.

Factors That Affect Breast Augmentation Cost in Rohtak

Though breast implant surgery cost in Rohtak is quite affordable, there are various factors that influence the final cost.

  • Type & Size of Breast Implant- One of the most important factors that determine the cost of breast implant surgery is the type and size of the breast implant chosen by the patient. Breast implants are of two types, saline, and silicone. They are further categorized based on their shape, composition, texture, and size. And each of these characteristics impacts the cost of the implant. It means getting a small, teardrop saline implant will cost less than a large-sized, teardrop silicone implant.
  • Technique Used & Placement of the Implant- A breast implant can be inserted through an axillary or inframammary approach. The correct insertion method is determined after analyzing the patient's anatomy. The inframammary approach is more common and less expensive. Besides the technique, the implant's placement also slightly impacts the breast implant surgery price. The implant can be placed either beneath the breast tissues (subglandular) or beneath the chest muscles (submuscular). The cost may be affected by how and where the implant is inserted.
  • Choice of Hospital- When it comes to cosmetic surgeries, private hospitals and clinics are considered the best place as they have advanced technologies and better amenities. So, while you are choosing, make sure that you choose a multi-specialty hospital instead of a super-specialty, as it is likely to have more affordable pricing.
  • Hospitalization Expense- For cosmetic surgeries like breast implants, at least one day of hospitalization is recommended to the patient. During hospitalization, the patient has to cover the cost of OT, ICU, room, nursing, meals, medical consumables, etc. Altogether, these expenses can make a huge difference in the hospital bill.
  • Surgeon's Fee- It is always better to choose a highly experienced surgeon for cosmetic treatments. They have superior skills and expertise to perform the surgery precisely and deliver the best results. Such surgeons are also likely to charge more for the surgery compared to the less experienced ones.

Besides all these factors, diagnostic tests, anesthesia fees, prescribed medications, compression garments, post-surgery care, follow-up consultations, etc., are some other expenses that the patient has to cover. Altogether, the cost of treatment can become slightly higher than expected. If the patient decides to combine breast augmentation with a breast lift or other procedures, the cost will increase again.

Get Breast Augmentation / Implant Surgery Cost Estimate

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