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Sex Change Surgery Cost in India

Individuals suffering from Gender dysphoria resolve to this surgical treatment. People who are born with ambiguous genitalia may develop this disorder. Sometimes people may even fight a mental state where they suffer from crossed gender identification, and opt for this surgery. Gender dysphoria is different from homosexuality and must not be confused.

This surgery has two aspects. One is the conversion from male to female and the other is from female to male. Both are complex procedures dealing with essential genital organs of body. It is evident that these surgeries cause drastic changes In body and therefore is advised for healthy individuals only. People with other acute health conditions may seek elaborate discussion with surgeon before going ahead with this surgery.

Prior to operation, a psychiatric evaluation is done for patients who desire a sex change. In this test, the psychiatrist tries to identify the mental stress of patients; arising from the feeling of being in a body with a “wrong” gender. Severe cases are recommended to go for surgical treatment. Rest of the cases are initially treated with psychiatric counseling.

Anatomy conversion from male to female requires the removal of penis and testes. The urethra is cut for this purpose and the extra skin is used to create labia and vagina. Genital tissues are reshaped to appear more feminine. The prostate gland is however retained. After the surgical treatment, female hormone estrogen is induced to stimulate breast development, reduce facial hair development and increase voice pitch.

Female to male conversion show lesser success as compared to the vice versa condition. It is due to the natural complexity of female anatomy, that makes It difficult to be accomplished with ease. As for example, clitoral tissues of female genitals are too small for penis development. Therefore, hormones are injected to enlarge these tissues. Further, complex breast reduction techniques need to be followed to remove breast tissues. If all these techniques are successful enough, only then androgens are induced to stimulate facial and chest hair followed by voice change.

Cost of sex change surgery in India ranges between INR 2,00,000 to INR 7,00,000 depending on conversion type and hospital you choose.

To ensure quick recovery, high protein diet is recommended. Patients are also required to follow liquid diet for few days. It is because, early bowel movements may result to complexities. Pain relief medicines are prescribed that need to be taken so as to avoid severe post operative pain.

Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.