Treating Hair Fall – What Options Do I Have?

Waking up every morning only to find your pillow covered with broken strands of hair is absolutely distressing. A brush full of hair strands can give you several sleepless nights, Isn’t it? And again these sleepless nights simply accelerate the rate at which you are losing your precious hair. hair-fall-treatment-india

An average healthy adult has around 1,50,000 hair strands and losing 100 or less strands is simply not alarming and rather normal. However, losing more than a 100 strands each day suggests that your hair needs some kind of medical attention.

Medical science today provides a number of hair fall treatment options. Now, the question is, out of the many different procedures available, how can you choose the one that can work miracles for you? Which treatment procedure can restore your lost hair? 

Well, any medical treatment depends on correct diagnosis of the cause and then eliminating it. Therefore, before we move ahead to the options available for treating hair fall, knowing the reasons behind hair loss is crucial.

Why am I suffering from hair fall?

Hair loss medically termed as alopecia, has plenty of reasons causing it. Genes, aging, diseases and many more can cause hair fall in both men and women. male-female-hairfall-patternHowever, males and females show different pattern of baldness as well as have varied reasons behind.

Hair fall in Males:

Males are more prone to suffer from hair fall problems as compared to females. 90% of hair loss caused in males is due to the male hormone – androgen that regulates hair growth.

Next, genes also play an important role. Precisely, if you have males from your maternal side with a thinning hair line; it is more than expected that you will suffer from the same problem sooner or later. Well this does not suggest that you curse the family line you were born to. Prior precaution can help you retain a good volume of hair. hair-fall-in-men

Lastly, hair fall can also suggest the development of undesired physical ailment within your body. Thyroid, diabetes, uncontrolled blood pressure etc can be a reason for your declining hair. So be alert before it’s too late!

Hair fall in females:

Pregnancy or child birth can cause a temporary hair fall in women. This is normal and with due course of time your lost hair get restored. Irregular cycles may cause drastic hair fall in women. A probable case of ovarian cyst may be the reason and therefore needs treatment.

Women reaching menopause also suffer from hair fall, that can be mild or acute. However, proper precaution and care can help to control thinning of hair.

Hereditary hair loss is also common in females. However, here genes either from your maternal or paternal side can prove equally detrimental to your healthy growth of hair.

Besides, anemia, autoimmune diseases, hormonal imbalance, weight loss etc can cause hair fall. Thus, it would not be wrong to say, that hair fall is not only an ailment but an alarming signal indicating serious health issues.

Miscellaneous reasons:

Both men and women have other additional reasons that cause thinning of hair. Most of these reasons relate to the life style we follow. Excess stress, use of artificial products, too much hair styling and of course a poor diet are some of the major reasons of declining hair growth amongst youngsters. causes-of-hair-fall

The hair on our scalp is nothing but a string of dead keratin cells. Thus it is evident that a diet rich in protein along with other important vitamins and nutrients is but essential for your healthy hair growth and sustenance. Now this brings us to another important question.

Can Vitamin A cause hair fall?

And the answer is YES. Well, vitamin A is definitely very essential for our body. It facilitates good vision and helps in cell division or growth. Moreover, Vitamin A is an antioxidant essential for healthy hair growth. However still, too much of its consumption causes acute hair fall.

So what’s the permissible level?

Medical practitioners suggest that male adults need to consume 900 micro grams of Vitamin A each day and for women it is about 700 micro grams. Well, a healthy diet will not cause excess of Vitamin A in human body. diet-for-hair-growthIt’s only when we are in the habit of taking some vitamin supplements such complications may arise. Therefore, please take proper medical advice if you are taking Vitamin A supplements.

Permanent Hair Loss – What can I do?

Well, unfortunately if you land yourself into a situation where an enhanced diet or a better life style is not serving the purpose of controlling hair fall, you need to opt for medications and/or surgical procedures.

Presently, we do not have enough medicines or drugs that have proved highly beneficial with regards to hair fall control and regeneration. Therefore, people who have suffered a substantial hair loss need to opt for alternate Hair fall treatment procedures; such as, PRP therapies or hair weaving. PRP-treatment-for-hairfallThese are cost effective procedures that have shown remarkable results.

Besides, hair transplant surgery has also gained extreme popularity in recent years and is available as an effective hair restoration procedure with many health care centers across different cities in the country.

Thus, a good volume of hair that looks healthy is a sign of your physical and mental well being. In addition, it adds to your appearance and boosts your confidence. So, why not take proper care before it gets too late?
Therefore, now that you have read this post it will perhaps not be difficult for you to realize the causes of thinning hair line and related solutions you can adopt.

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  1. My hair getting too much thin and seem baldness like alopecia from last year. Is vitamin D is also affecting? Can I start vitamin A supplements for stopping my baldness? Please help me out. Thanks in advance.

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