Heavy Metal Poisoning – 6 Most Toxic Elements to Human Health

Metals that have high atomic weight, with a density five times greater than that of water, are grouped together as heavy metals. Heavy metal poisoning or toxicity relates to all harmful effects that can be brought about by these metals, posing huge danger to human health and the environment as a whole.

Not all heavy metals are menacing. It is only the inappropriate presence of these metals in body that prove detrimental to our health. Heavy metal poisoning greatly relates to metals such as; cadmium, arsenic, mercury and lead. However, there are a number of other heavy metals and metalloids that prove equally hostile to our physical or mental well being.  A few of them have been listed in later sections.

Elemental Toxicity

Heavy metals can find their way into our body via ingestion, inhalation and absorption through skin. Thereafter, they inhibit normal functioning of body’s metabolism, leading to variety of disorders and diseases.  Continue reading “Heavy Metal Poisoning – 6 Most Toxic Elements to Human Health”

Malnourished India – Know it to Fight it

Hunger and malnutrition are often used interchangeably. However, starvation is simply one side of the story. Malnutrition is a condition where the body is unable to derive accurate quantity of nutrients from the food intake. And this inaccuracy necessarily does not mean lower than required levels alone; it can also suggest higher than acceptable range.

Malnutrition has been classified under two segments, namely – Under nutrition and Over nutrition.

  • Under nutrition: A condition where the body does not receive sufficient amount of nutrients from food. 
  • Over nutrition: A condition where the body receives excess nutrients from the food intake.

Out of the two, under nutrition is more talked about and prevalent in India and other developing countries. Affluent countries on the other hand, have a large population suffering from over nutrition too.


Indian Medical experts are definitely having a tough time solving this burning issue of hunger, leading to under nutrition. It is a grave misfortune that infants and children constitute a major portion of malnourished India. Continue reading “Malnourished India – Know it to Fight it”

Treating Hair Fall – What Options Do I Have?

Waking up every morning only to find your pillow covered with broken strands of hair is absolutely distressing. A brush full of hair strands can give you several sleepless nights, Isn’t it? And again these sleepless nights simply accelerate the rate at which you are losing your precious hair. hair-fall-treatment-india

An average healthy adult has around 1,50,000 hair strands and losing 100 or less strands is simply not alarming and rather normal. However, losing more than a 100 strands each day suggests that your hair needs some kind of medical attention.

Medical science today provides a number of hair fall treatment options. Now, the question is, out of the many different procedures available, how can you choose the one that can work miracles for you? Which treatment procedure can restore your lost hair?  Continue reading “Treating Hair Fall – What Options Do I Have?”

Eye Care Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 7 Tips

A report from the Times of India early this month announced that India will organize the largest eye care awareness campaign in Navi Mumbai. Called Nanhe Nayan, it will aim at checking the eye sight of close to 60,000 school children. Eye experts will be called in for the examination.

Photo: www.prweb.com
Photo: www.prweb.com

With the country paying attention to the needs of eye care, we decided to call for attention to the issue too. With our changes in lifestyle, sleeping patters, work environment and diet, the eye is suffering. You may not realize the importance of some of these things and the difference they make to your eye sight. But with every change, our eye is struggling to keep up. To help out, here is a list of things that change the way you look, literally.  Continue reading “Eye Care Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 7 Tips”

Are You Really Taking Care of Your Teeth?

We all have been through the painfully long wait at the dentist’s office and the further painful session seated in the dentist chair. A visit to the dentist is never fun. Starting from having your teeth cleaned to a root canal, teeth and gums are the more sensitive parts of the human anatomy. And not to mention every trip burns a large hole in your wallet.

Today, because of the kind of lifestyles we lead with our vegan phases, liquid diets and fluctuation nutrition intake and green tea binge drinking, our teeth are bearing the brunt of our experiments. So it is possibly more important than ever to make dental hygiene a habit.Close-up of patient’s open mouth before oral checkup with mirror near by

Ironically, dental hygiene is also the easiest to take care of at home, but easily one of the most ignored. We bring you some important do’s and don’t’s for simple maintenance of dental hygiene.  Continue reading “Are You Really Taking Care of Your Teeth?”

Take Advantage of These 10 Healthiest Drinks – Be Healthy

After a long weekend of binge drinking with friends, a friend’s wedding or after a weekend getaway, here are the two words going through your mind: liquid diet. This trend of detoxing your body caught on a few years back. Having proved effective in providing sufficient hydration to the body, it strengthens your muscles and is much easier to execute than a regular diet with solid food.

Since we all have tried (and then some) this form of dietary nutrition, we thought of bringing you the drinks that are safe to binge on. Here’s a list of the top ten healthiest drinks in the world, and why your body can never have enough of them.liquid2 Continue reading “Take Advantage of These 10 Healthiest Drinks – Be Healthy”

Childhood Obesity and How to Fight It

A recent study by the JAMA showed that more than two thirds of Americans around the age of twenty five are obese. UK reports that one in ten children face childhood obesity in kindergarten and the number is one in five by the time they hit school. The numbers in India may not be as alarming, but medical research institutes predict that they will be dangerously close to their Western counterparts in the next decade. A latest report by The Times of India reiterates this fact. India is already the third most obese country in the world. “Latest estimates show prevalence of obesity among adolescents (13-18 years) has grown from 16% to 29% over the last five years,” the report says.

WHO calls childhood obese one of the most urgent problems of the 21st century
WHO calls childhood obesity one of the most urgent problems of the 21st century

Continue reading “Childhood Obesity and How to Fight It”

Get Ready for Monsoon – Useful Tips for You

It is the time for monsoons. If you’re a rainy season person then you might be looking forward to tucking in with a hot cuppa while in bed as it thunders and storms outside or going for a long walk with the drizzle for company. But this change of weather brings with it a lot of cause for concern.

But before you slip into your rain wear and pick the next hike in the mountains, watch out for a few things. The monsoon looks like a fun season, but it brings with it the danger of a lot of diseases and health effects. There is a higher risk of allergies and infections and the spread of water-borne diseases is much higher. Also, since there is minimum sunlight, bacteria and viruses thrive in this weather, attacking our immune system.rain5

So just at the onset of the monsoons, we thought we would prepare a short checklist of things that you need to go through to make sure you’re weather ready. Right from your diet, clothing and exercise your routine would need to be modified slightly to accommodate the  season of the rains. Continue reading “Get Ready for Monsoon – Useful Tips for You”