This Is How NT Scan Will Detect Down Syndrome in Baby

Pregnancy is a very challenging stage in every women’s life. It is a period when women need to take extra special care of herself so that her baby grows pink and healthy. Health is the most important aspects for her when she is pregnant. Mother’s body is the source for the baby’s food and growth, hence she must eat healthy and stay healthy during this time period.
Pregnancy is a period of nine month that is almost equal to 40 weeks. This span of time is divided into three trimesters, where each trimester is of three month’s time. The first trimester of pregnancy starts from the 1st week to the 12th week. Second trimester is from 13th week to 27th week and the third trimester is from 28th week to the baby’s birth.


Pregnant ladies must eat all healthy and nutritious food at regular intervals of time throughout the day. Sleep is another important aspect of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers must get proper amount of sleep so that they are active during the rest of the day. Pregnancy period is the time when women must keep their body and mind healthy. In order to maintain these factors, doctors suggest light exercises. Yoga and meditation can also be done to keep her mind and body calm and away from all the worries.

Pregnant mothers must also take regular check ups to keep a note about her health and the health of her baby. Regular health check ups during pregnancy is also a very import factor. It gives you the knowledge about how well and healthy your baby is growing inside. Also, if in case she falls sick or suffers from cold, cough or any such health issues, she must visit a doctor immediately before it affects the foetus (unborn developing baby in the mother’s womb). The slightest amount of change in your physical and mental health can affect your baby. Therefore, make sure you keep balance of all these important aspects to keep problems at bay.
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5 Reasons Why Bone Scan is Important in Cancer Case

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that can affect mankind. Thanks to innovative techniques and advancements in medical technologies, better diagnostic tests for cancer and treatment options are now available. Bone scan is one such diagnostic test that helps in evaluating structural integrity of bones. In cases of cancer, the investigative test has great utility. It can help to assess spread of cancer from elsewhere to bones. Also in case of cancer, which originates primarily in the bones, this investigative test helps in diagnosing the location and spread of cancer.

Bone Scan
Bone cancer occurs when healthy bone cells divide in uncontrolled manner and give rise to tumor which can be malignant or benign. Benign tumors are non-cancerous in nature whereas malignant tumors are cancerous. These malignant tumors spread to different parts of the body if they are not eradicated. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Bone Scan is Important in Cancer Case”

Are You Afraid of Cancer? Confirm It With These Tests!

Everyone would like to be in the ‘Top 5’ or ‘Top 10’ of things. Sadly, when it comes to diseases, nobody would like to rank them, even in the ‘Most deadly’ or ‘Highly morbid’ categories.

Being responsible for 13 percent or 8.2 million deaths worldwide, cancer bags the fifth position in the league of ‘Top 10 causes of death globally.’

Dismal figures color the sad picture of mortality due to cancer in India. With a total of 2.5 million Indians suffering from cancer, every 8 minutes a woman dies because of cervical cancer. Tobacco related diseases are alone responsible for 2,500 deaths daily. If 2 women are diagnosed of breast cancer, another woman would be dying because of it somewhere else.


For reference sake, let us see the ‘Top 10 causes of death globally’:

Ischemic heart disease
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Lower respiratory infections
Road-traffic accidents
Hypertensive heart disease

Now if we observe carefully, these diseases have one thing in common – THESE CAUSES ARE LIFESTYLE RELATED. As much as there is to feel bad about these health problems, the good news is that most of these are PREVENTABLE; be it with a healthy diet, regular exercise, maintaining safety, or with periodic health check-ups.

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10 Best Home Remedies On Piles You Will Read This Year

Piles, also called as hemorrhoids, are swelling of blood vessels located in the region of rectum and anus. They can occur internally or externally. Internal piles are formed at few centimeters above the opening of anus. On the basis of their size, they are divided into four grades – grade I to grade IV; grade I being the commencing or the starting stage and grade IV being the final stage. External piles (termed medically as perianal hematoma) are visible and can be afflictive.

There could be several causes of piles; constipation being the major culprit. Pregnancy, exerting undue stress over anal muscles while defecating, history of rectal surgery and lifting of heavy weight could be possible reasons for piles.
Though people from any age group can be affected by piles, it mostly attacks people aged between 45-65. Hence, people falling under this age group should be more careful about their toilet habits. Piles give out early signs of warning in form of symptoms like pain while defecating, formation of hard lumps around the anus, presence of blood in the stools, mucus discharge while passing stools and itchiness around anus. If the symptoms are not treated in germinating stages of piles, they will worsen further and cause more damage.

Piles surgery is the only option implemented to treat piles which has advanced to final stage. Before piles can take control of the body, we should implement measures to curb it.

Here are 10 best home remedies on piles that may stop you from searching piles surgery cost.

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Skin Polishing – An Effective Way to Beautify Your Skin

Beauty they say is skin deep. True beauty lies in the person’s persona and attitude towards life. However, that said, the importance, popularity and functionality of cosmetic treatments cannot be discounted.

Moreover, there are external elements that are also responsible for the damage caused to the skin. To add to it, aging is another culprit that harms the skin and makes it look wrinkly. In such times, cosmetic treatments are just a way to have younger looking skin. Or in words, they are the ladder to not only look young but also feel confident for facing the world with audacity and charm. If used judiciously, everyone will age gracefully and elegantly.


There are a host of cosmetic treatments available to people interested in beautifying their skin. Cashing on the trend to look good always and mentality of women that fair is always beautiful, more and more brands are also coming up with fairness and age defying creams for women. In the same vein, skin polishing, also gaining traction as a beauty trend, is not unheard of.

Skin polishing sessions aren’t any longer restricted for the marriage season or festive season alone. Girls and women are going in for getting their skin polished before important events or family functions too. Moreover, skin polishing or microdermabrasion helps to wipe away acne, crow’s feet and fine lines from your face and thus also lightening your skin on the go.

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Foods for Lowering Your High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a serious health disorder affecting more and more people these days. It is not a health disorder to lose sleep over. Feeling stressed over having high blood pressure levels and having to stay with it only worsens it. When the doctor has an inkling of symptoms of high blood pressure or hypertension signs in the patient investigative examination comprising of physical examination, blood tests, electrocardiogram, urine analysis, ECG test are ordered. So, if it gets confirmed that you are suffering from high blood pressure,prescription medication, dietary dos and don’ts are also provided by the doctor. Additionally, these are the 8 foods you should incorporate in your diet for controlling your blood pressure levels.

1. Green Tea-

Green Tea

Green tea is a not so tasty cousin of the ubiquitous and much relished milk tea. There are a host of benefits green tea gets with itself. One of them is, that green tea consumption widens the arterial diameter. 2 cups of green tea daily has the capability of increasing diameter of arteries by 40%. This is good for the arteries as the blood flow can happen easily and without any obstruction.

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What is the Process of Hearing Test? – Audiometry Test

Hearing is a wonderful gift of the nature bestowed upon mankind. Externally we merely see two ear lobes which receive all the sound in our surroundings and help us to hear. But within, is an extremely intricate and complex network of bones, muscles, membranes, nerves which help to conduct the sound waves to the brain and actually help in perceiving the sound and noise.

But what will happen if we are not able to perceive noise and sound? Even this thought is frightening, isn’t it? However, such situations may arise, leading to loss of hearing ability. This is when doctors will recommend tests to check your hearing capability.


One of the investigative tests done to assess presence and intensity of hearing loss is Audiometry Test. Audiometry test is affordable at cost. It can also be done for patients experiencing tinnitus (buzzing sound in the ears) and dizziness.

Before getting into details about audiometry, let us first understand some basics of the ear.

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Forget Your Glasses with Lasik Surgery

Perfect vision is a blessing bestowed upon mankind by mother nature. While many people enjoy this gift without any problems, there are many others who are not so lucky. Many people wear glasses to obtain normal vision. But it can be a source of discomfort for many people. New users may experience a constant irritation around their nose initially when they start wearing glasses. Some people may also feel that wearing spectacles interferes with their appearance. Hence for cosmetic purpose they may want to avoid using glasses.


People may also have tendency to forget their spectacles when they go anywhere. This is another reason why spectacles prove to be a disadvantage for some. There are some newer methods and techniques which are being developed recently to provide with a more permanent ways to get relief from visual errors. LASIK is one of these methods. It is the most sought after surgical method which helps to correct visual abnormalities and help the person see clearly.

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Colonoscopy – Procedure, Preparation and Risks Involved

The colon in colloquial terms is our large intestine. The large intestine gets rid of the left over food after nutrients from it are absorbed. Waste products are then passed into the rectum. A healthy colon is as important as consuming healthy food. The colon is largely responsible for elimination of toxins and wastes from our body. Various treatments and tests come into the picture, when this organ is under-performing or is in a bad condition. what-is-colonoscopyColonoscopy is one such test for protecting your large intestine from tumors, polyps and cancerous growths. Read on to find out more about this important test.

What is a colonoscopy?
A colonoscopy is a procedure performed by a doctor that helps him or her to inspect your colon which lies in the large intestine. It is a diagnostic test for finding causal factors behind tumors, loss of blood, inflammation, colon polyps and tumors in there. It is also used for screening to detect cancerous and precancerous polyps growing in colon, which can be further treated by colon cancer surgery. Continue reading “Colonoscopy – Procedure, Preparation and Risks Involved”

How to Choose the Best Maternity Hospital for Delivery?

Motherhood is an extremely beautiful and cathartic phase in every woman’s life. Although very painful and laborious, it awards meaning and magnificence to a woman’s life. It is said that becoming a mother makes you relinquish being the center of your own universe. There are similar paeans written in praise of mothers and their importance in everybody’s lives. Likewise, there are numerous odes presented as tributes to motherhood in literary as well as cinematic world.
Mothers are as indispensable to one’s existence as is any other fundamental requirement for one to lead a proper life. Embracing motherhood for bringing a new life into this world is a very noble thing to do. Just the news of an addition to the family is enough to put a smile on everybody’s faces. choosing-best-delivery-hospital
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