Fortis Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre (Okhla)

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre (Okhla) (New Delhi)

Okhla Road, Opposite Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi - 110025

Phone: 7410037367 Verified on 6th of April 2016

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An offshoot of Fortis Healthcare, Fortis Escorts Hospital (Okhla) is a reputed medical facility offering treatments for various ailments. With 4 centers of excellence and dedicated departments for different medical specialties, the medical and paramedical staff shows complete commitment towards providing quality healthcare.

Fortis Escorts hospital is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and adheres to stringent norms of quality and patient safety. It accomodates top notch specialists with the best of technology, all in the interest of quality care.

Hospital Facility Rates

Rates for hospital wards at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre (Okhla)

Hospital FacilityRates
Semi Private WardRs. 8000.00 (Bed)
Private WardRs. 15000.00 (Bed)
Private WardRs. 28000.00 (Suite Room)
Deposit Required (For Admission)Rs. 100000.00 (Laproscopic Surgery - General ward)
Deposit Required (For Admission)Rs. 120000.00 (Laproscopic Surgery - Semi Private ward)
Hernia SurgeryRs. 150000.00 (Laproscopic Surgery - General ward)
Hernia SurgeryRs. 170000.00 (Laproscopic Surgery - Semi Private ward)
Hernia SurgeryRs. 190000.00 (Laproscopic Surgery - Private ward)
Hernia SurgeryRs. 140000.00 (Laproscopic Surgery - Private ward)
AngiographyRs. 16500.00 (Semi Private ward)
AngiographyRs. 21500.00 (Private Ward)
AngioplastyRs. 141500.00 (Semi private ward ( Excluding Stent ))
AngioplastyRs. 166000.00 (Private ward ( Excluding Stent ))
AngioplastyRs. 300000.00 (Suite Room ( Excluding Stent ))
Thallium ScanRs. 15000.00 (Stress)
Bone ScanRs. 6000.00
Thyroid ScanRs. 4400.00
Renal Scan / Kidney ScanRs. 5000.00 (DTPA)


Skin Laser Treatment

Laser is an advanced and minimally invasive method of treating skin disorders. Acne scars, keloid, hypertrophied skin are some conditions that be treated with laser therapy. Laser treatment minimizes the risk of skin infection and shortens healing period considerably.
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Inflammation of larynx is known as laryngitis in medical terms. Overuse of voice, trauma to larynx, post-surgical complications, are the most probable causes of laryngitis. Medicines are prescribed to curb pain and swelling. Rest to the voice and steam inhalation are also known to help.
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Tonsillectomy is the surgical procedure for removal of diseased tonsils. The procedure is done under general anesthesia. Quinsy, recurrent tonsillitis, kissing tonsils, are some indications of the surgery. Tonsillectomy is usually performed for pediatric patients.
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Vasectomy is a surgical technique of male sterilization. The vas deferens (spermatic cord) is surgically cut and the cut ends are sealed off to prevent any connection between them. This prevents transport of sperm outside the male body. Vasectomy is performed by a uro surgeon.
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Gall Bladder Removal / Cholecystectomy

Cholecystectomy is the surgical process of excising gallbladder from the human body. This surgery may be done using open method or laparoscopy. Gallbladder cancer, torsion of gallbladder, gallstone are the commonest indications for gall bladder removal surgery.
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Andrology is the branch of medicine, dedicated to diagnosis and treatment of male specific disorders. In most cases rosurgeons and urologists treat cases of male related disorders. Male infertility, prostate disorders, erectile dysfunction, are some disorders pertaining to andrology.
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TURP Surgery

Trans Urethral Resection of Prostate is a surgery performed to relieve urinary symptoms occurring due to prostate disorders. Surgical tools are inserted via the urethroscope to surgically remove the surrounding portion of prostate gland. Prostate cancer and BPH are indications of this surgery.
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Neuro Modulation

Neuromodulation is a technology through which a single nerve cell is stimulated using trigger factors like a chemical agent, electric impulse etc. to control a group of neurons. This technique has been successfully used for patients experiencing chronic brain and spine disorders.
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Cerebral Aneurysm

Cerebral Aneurysm is a conditions in which one of the arteries of the brain, develops a bulge in its wall. This leads to thinning of the arterial wall and the aneurysm could rupture if not treated soon. Cerebral aneurysm could lead to complications like brain hemorrhage and stroke.
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Coronary Angiography

Coronary Angiography is a diagnostic test performed to assess the anatomy of coronary vessels. A dye is injected into the blood stream to highlight the vascular network. A scan is taken which reveals if there are any blockages in the coronary vessels.
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AICD Implantation

An Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator is a device working on electronic waves. The device is surgically implanted within the chest close to heart to monitor cardiac rhythm. Any abnormality is the cardiac rhythm is detected and rectified by the device.
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Coronary Angioplasty

Coronary Angioplasty is a minimally invasive therapeutic procedure done to release coronary vessel blockages. Fluroscopic guided wire is inserted via veins of the groin till it reached the site of block. The block is opened using a balloon or laser and sometimes, the vessel is secured with a stent.
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Stent Procedure

Stent implant is a cardiac procedure in which a collapsible device is inserted inside a coronary artery to keep its lumen patent. Stent procedure is often part of angioplasty performed to release coronary blockages. The procedure is performed on outpatient basis and does not need hospitalization
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Heart Transplant Surgery

Heart transplant is required by patients having a congenital malformation or dysfunction of the heart. The surgery is usually performed on critically ill pediatric patients. Donor heart is chosen after cross matching antigens and blood type of donor and recipient.
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Intervention Cardiology

Intervention cardiology is a specialized field of cardiac sciences dealing solely with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using catheterization as a means to treat heart diseases. Angioplasty, stent placement etc. are types of intervention cardiology.
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Knee Replacement Surgery

Diseased knee joint is surgically excised completely or partially to replace it with an artificial knee joint. This artificial joint performs functions that a healthy knee joint should. Patients require extensive physiotherapy after undergoing this surgery.
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Arthroscopic treatment

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure for examining the interior of knee, hip , shoulder and elbow joints. The procedure is useful in diagnosing as well as treating various orthopedic disorders. Arthroscopy is widely used to perform orthopedic surgeries and internal examination of joints.
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Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery includes surgical removal of a part or entire hip joint to replace it with an artificial joint. The artificial joint performs all functions of a normal healthy hip joint. The surgery is performed by old school method or arthroscopy method.
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Liver Surgery

Liver surgery is indicated in case of serious liver disorders that are not responding to medical therapy. Liver cancer, fatty liver syndrome, alcoholic hepatitis, liver cyst are common indications of liver surgery. Unhealthy portion of the liver gets excised, which is replaced by healthy tissue.
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Sigmoidoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure useful for diagnosis and treatment of disorders pertaining to sigmoid. The procedure includes inserting a flexible fiber optic tube into the sigmoid colon to detect or treat several sigmoid disorders. Sigmoid cancer is diagnosed using sigmoidoscopy.
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Colonoscopy is a minimally invasive study exclusively of the colon. The procedure involves inserting a flexible fiber-optic tube into the colon to visualize its structural integrity. Colonoscopy is useful for diagnosing colon cancer, IBS and for performing biopsy of colon.
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Endoscopy is a minimally invasive technique of diagnosing and treating various disorders. Endoscopy has been successfully used to diagnose gastric disorders like polyp, ulcer, cancer etc. Endoscopy is used for performing gastric surgeries as well.
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General Pediatrics

Pediatrics is a branch of medicine dedicated to diagnosis and treatment of pediatric disorders. Pediatricians treat patients ranging from new borns to 18 year olds. Routine medical care of kids since birth, including vaccination is a responsibility of pediatricians.
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Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric patients may require surgery for treatment of congenital deformities, traumatic impact etc. Pediatric organs transplant surgeries may be indicated in some patients. These are performed by surgeons having expertise in pediatrics.
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Diabetes is a metabolic disorder occurring due to faulty digestion of glucose. The capacity to digest and utilize glucose reduces due to complete absence of insulin or resistance to action of insulin. A combination of medication, diet and exercise are helpful in treating diabetes.
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Kidney Stone

Kidney stone is a condition is which calcium crystals develop within kidneys. Symptoms are dependent on the number and size of stones in kidney. The condition can be treated medically as well as surgically. In case of emergency the stone is flushed out using diuretics.
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