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Best Hospitals in Thane

Following are the top hospitals in Thane:

Pristyn Care Pristyn Care

General surgeons at Pristyn Care are the best and well-known medical professionals in India. We follow world-class health care guidelines to treat diseases like Anal Fistulas, Fissures, Piles, Hemorrhoids, Mulvyadh, Pilonidal Sinus, Hydrocele, Varicocele, Hernias, Gallstones, Circumcision and Varicose Veins. We use the latest and advanced medical devices along with USFDA approved surgical techniques to provide the utmost care and reduced risk of infection to all the patients.
All our general surgeons are experts in providing the safest and risk-free surgeries like Laser Fistula Surgery, Laser Pilonidal Sinus Treatment, Laparoscopic Hydrocelectomy, Laser Piles Treatment, Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Surgery, Laser Circumcision, etc.

Pristyn Care

Timings: Monday-Saturday (10:00 AM-8:00 PM)

Speciality: General Surgeon

No S2, 1st Floor, Vedant Commercial Cplx, Gala No 120, Vartak Nagar, Thane, Maharashtra 400606

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Jupiter Hospital

Jupiter Hospital is one of the finest medical facilities with potential of being one of the top ranking hospitals globally. The hospital is making continuous effort to be at par with different international hospitals and boasts of having the finest cancer care in South Asia. The hospital houses the best of medical team that works generously for the welfare of their patients. Jupiter Hospital is by far one of the best hospitals in Thane.

Jupiter Hospital, Thane

Salient Features

  • A multispecialty hospital accommodating 325 beds
  • The first NABH accredited hospital in region
  • The only hospital in India to have ICUs with remote monitoring facilities, enabling doctors to keep an eye on patients even when they are not around
  • Pneumatic transport systems connecting every department of hospitals to the pathology unit
  • Operation theaters have laminar airflow which changes air cycles 55 times in an hour to wipe out any chance of infection
  • Offers cancer drugs with highest subsidized rates making it accessible for people belonging to different sections of society
  • First in Thane to have IGRT/IMRT in Radiation Oncology department
  • 24/7 Intensive care units
  • 1:1 patient – nurse ratio in emergency units
  • One of the fewest hospitals to have hotel facilities. Thus being a preferred health care center for people coming from different parts of country and the world at large.
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Bhaskar Shah (Cardiologist)
  • Dr. Nitin Burkule (Cardiologist)
  • Dr. Namn Vora (Dentist)
  • Dr. Rajesh Jadhav (Dermatologist)
  • Dr. K. Kewalramani (Diabetologist)
  • Dr. Sudha Rao (Endocrinologist)
  • Dr. Jaydeep Tank (IVF Consultant)
  • Dr. Sangeeta Gandhi (Gynecologist and Obstetrician)
  • Dr. D.A. Singh (General Physician)
  • Dr. Navin Davda (Physician)

Eastern Express Highway,
Thane, Maharashtra – 400601

Contact Number: 022-2172-5555
Emergency Helpline: 022-2172-5523

Thunga Hospital

Committed to offer a pleasant journey from care to cure, Thunga hospital is regarded as one of the top most hospitals in Thane. Continuously endeavoring to meet highest levels of clinical expertise, the hospital has first rate doctors, medical experts and supporting staff working towards delivering unmatched services. Thunga hospital is one of the initiatives taken by Thunga Medical trust and is one of the preferred medical destinations for people.

Thunga Hospital, Thane

Salient Features

  • Working across 3 branches, the hospital accommodates 340 beds in total
  • ICU facilities are designed to meet international standards
  • Well equipped ambulance facilities and are termed as 'Hospitals on wheels'
  • Doctors and medical staff available at any part of the day
  • Also offers comprehensive pathological facilities
  • The hospital takes initiatives to conduct various health care camps, blood donations and discounted health packages for those who need them the most
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Swami Pawar (Physician – Chest)
  • Dr. Santosh shetty (Surgeon – Joint Replacement)
  • Dr. Amruta Achrekar (Gynecologist)
  • Dr. Ryan Dsouza (Cardiologist)
  • Dr. P. Mishra (Surgeon – CVT)
  • Dr. Amol Patil (General Surgeon)
  • Dr. S. Hansra (Cardiologist)
  • Dr. H. Parab (Pediatrician)
  • Dr. Sandip Bhurke (Nephrologist)
  • Dr. Nikhil Patkar (Radiologist)

Near to Raymond's Showroom off,
Mira Bhayandar Road, Mira Road,
Thane, Maharashtra – 401107

Contact Number: 022-2812-5378
Emergency Contact: 976-888-1234
Help Line: 285-56300

Bhakti Vedanta Hospital and Research Center

Bhakti Vedanta Hospital is one of the rarest hospitals that aims at catering to patients through a harmonious blend of medical expertise and spiritual support. Bhakti Vedanta Hospital is definitely one of the trusted medical centers in the region. Experienced and specialized doctors, guided with the best possible technical availability, the hospital aims at treating patients to the best of their abilities at an affordable price.

Bhakti Vedanta Hospital, Thane

Salient Features

  • A multispecialty hospital accommodating 150 beds
  • ICUs and ICCUs are fitted with latest medical apparatus and have constant air circulation at short intervals to avoid chances of infection
  • Ventilation units serve both invasive and noninvasive purposes
  • NICUs and PICUs are fitted with life support systems for infants to children below 12 years of age
  • Emergency units have consultants from different medical faculties working 24/7
  • Both regular and cardiac ambulances are available round the clock
  • Spiritual counselors for patients and their families. Several cases of drug addictions have been successfully handled and cured by this team.
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Abhijit Aklujkar (Cardiologist)
  • Dr. Ajay Godse (Physician – Chest)
  • Dr. Ameya Joshi (Endocrinologist)
  • Dr. B.C. Shah (Surgeon – General)
  • Dr. Jayesh Soni (Gastroenterologist)
  • Dr. K. Thiyagaranjan (Gynecologist and Obstetrician)
  • Dr. Krishnaprasad (Cardiologist)
  • Dr. Nagraj Murty (Dentistry)
  • Dr. Nirmal Raut (Oncologist)
  • Dr. Pooja Piryanka (Otolaryngologist)
  • Dr. Nilesh Tambe (Dentist)

Shrishti Complex, Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg,
Mira Road East, Thane, Maharashtra – 401107

Ph: 022-2945-2400
Regular Ambulance: 022-2945-2590
Cardiac Ambulance: 9321-2155-9160
Appointment: 022-3005-2500

Bethany Hospital

Adhering to its vision of serving mankind, Bethany Hospital; earlier known as Lok Hospital, stands tall as one of the most desired hospitals in Thane. Catering to every medical need of inhabitants, Bethany hospital employs the best of doctors who could serve with efficiency and compassion. The hospital is also committed to be the single center of excellence and afford-ability. And this connects them to people coming from different walks of life.

Bethany Hospital, Thane

Salient Features

  • A multispecialty hospital accommodating 125 beds
  • NABH certified hospital
  • Well designed ICUs, NICUs with latest technological advents accommodating 12 beds in total
  • 5 bedded HDUs, dialysis unit, and delivery suites
  • Two Operation theaters that are modular designed
  • Highly advanced Cancer Care units with the latest Varian Linear Accelerator
  • Offers both pediatric and general physiotherapy
  • Runs a neuro rehabilitation center
  • Comprehensive pathological services
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Stephen Alfred (Gastroenterologist)
  • Dr. Sameer Rege (Laparoscopic Surgeon)
  • Dr. Kavita Mehta (Gynecologist)
  • Dr. Hemant Sankpal (Ophthalmologist)
  • Dr. Abhijeet Bhagwat (Orthopedic Surgeon)
  • Dr. Shivaji Mane (Pediatric Surgeon)
  • Dr. Nageshwari Sharma (Plastic Surgeon)
  • Dr. S. Patwardhan (Urologist)
  • Dr. S.C. Dey (Cardiologist)
  • Dr. Swati Garekar (Cardiologist – Pediatric)
  • Dr. V. Iyer (Brain and Spine Surgeon)
  • Dr. Kuldeep Dalal (Medicne)

Opposite to Maa Niketan,
Pokhran Rd, NO-2, Unnathi Gardens,
Shivaji Nagar, Thane West,
Thane, Maharashtra – 400607

Contact Number: 022-2172-5100
Emergency Contact: 022-2172-5222
Diagnostic: 022-2172-5128

Horizon Hospital

Horizon hospital was initiated to provide tertiary medical care to the people of Thane. Being one of its kind, the hospital is by far the most equipped Boutique hospitals in region. Horizon hospital is committed at being the finest emergency care centers for inhabitants and hires professionals who could serve expeditiously. Horizon hospital offers services over a broad spectrum, making it one of the sought after hospitals in Thane.

Horizon Hospital, Thane

Salient Features

  • A super specialty hospital in Thane and the most advanced boutique hospitals in region
  • The first center for sleep disorder treatments in Thane
  • Impromptu ICU services with cutting edge technology
  • It is one of the few hospitals in Thane and Mumbai, to offer the latest EBUS procedure for lung cancer diagnosisOffers various diagnostic procedures at an affordable price
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • A unique rapid response system
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. B.C. Kalmath (Cardiologist)
  • Dr. Vishwanathan Iyer (Neurosurgeon)
  • Dr. H. Vaidya (Critical care specialist)
  • Dr. A. Amonkar (Cardiologist)
  • Dr. Nimish P. Shah (Gastroenterologist)
  • Dr. Sunil Kutty (Neurosurgeon)
  • Dr. A.A. Bapat (Urologist)
  • Dr. Yogesh Vaidya (Orthopedic surgeon)
  • Dr. Mrudula Bapat (Radiologist & Sonologist)
  • Dr. Bhaven Poojara (Neurologist)

Malati Mohan Bunglow,
Opposite to Naupada Telephone Exchange,
M.G. Road, Thane (West) – 400602

Ph: 022 254- 43722

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