Top 9 Neurology Hospitals in Kolkata

Following are the top 9 neurology hospitals in Kolkata:
  1. I-NK Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata
  2. Bangur Institute of Neurology
  3. Medica Super-specialty
  4. Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI)
  5. National Neurosciences Center
  6. Ruby General Hospital
  7. Fortis Hospital, Anandapur Book an Appointment
  8. Apollo Gleneagle
  9. Columbia Asia

I-NK Institute Of Neurosciences Kolkata

I-NK Institute Of Neurosciences Kolkata was conceptualized by a neurosurgeon in 2005. Its location which in the heart of Kolkata was selected to make it easily accessible to each strata of society. Neurological injuries are extremely critical and demand immediate medical intervention. This hospital was designed keeping this very objective in mind. The hospital houses comprehensive treatments for neurology, neurosurgery, neuro-psychiatry, pediatric neurology among other sub-specialties. Brilliant technological support for investigation of disorders and highly-experienced doctors have helped this medical center rank among the best neurology hospitals in Kolkata.

Salient Features

  • National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health-care Providers (NABH) accreditation
  • A 24*7 available trauma team provides comprehensive care for patients admitted due to head injury
  • Qualified neuro-psychiatric surgeons available continuously for handling patients suffering from mental disorders like dementia, eating disorders etc.
  • Psychological tests for assessment of mental conditions of adults and children available
  • Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders clinic, epilepsy clinic and stroke clinic are few sub-specialty facilities run by the hospital management
  • A neuro-electrophysiology laboratory aides surgeons in precise investigation of brain and other neurological injuries
  • Neuro-rehabilitation department
  • Pediatric neurologists deal with cases of epilepsy, balance disorders, learning disorders, cerebral palsy etc. in children
  • Pediatric neurologists are present in the hospital for dealing with emergencies on a 24*7 basis
  • High definition investigative technologies available
  • Neurosurgeons, neurologists, radiologists, critical care nurses, respiratory therapists, rehabilitation therapists work in collaboration with each other to treat complex cases of disorders or accidents
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Hrishikesh Kumar​ - Neurologist
  • Dr. Ashis Datta - Neurologist
  • Dr. Sidharth Shankar Anand - Neurologist
  • Dr. Santosh Trivedi- Neurologist
  • Dr. Anirban Ghosal​ - Neurologist
  • Dr. Santanu Shubham -​ Neurologist
  • Dr. Tapas Kumar Banerjee – Neurologist
  • Dr. Jigyasa Sinha - Pediatric Neurologist
  • Dr. Suparna Gangopadhyay - Neuro-rehabilitation specialist
  • Dr. Praveen Kumar Jakati - Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Bappaditya Chowdhury​ - Neuro-psychiatrist
  • Dr. Mahek Pahwa​ - Neuro-psychiatrist
  • Dr. Mona Tiwari - Neuro-radiologist
  • Dr. Sanjukta Sarkar - Neuro-radiologist
  • Dr. Indranil Ghosh - Neuro-intensivist
  • Dr. Shobhana A - Neuro-intensivist

Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata
185/1 A.J.C. Bose Road,
Kolkata 700 017

Bangur Institute of Neurosciences

Bangur Institute of Neurosciences started functioning in 1975. It has till date produced eminent neurologists and revolutionary treatment methods for the benefit of its patients through the extensive research activities carried out in the institute. It is a one-of-a-kind Neurosciences unit in Eastern India. Research activities in the neurosciences field are carried out by experts and are presented in domestic and international conferences.

Salient Features

  • Specialty clinics for management of neuromuscular disorders, dementia, epilepsy, movement disorders, pediatric neurology and stroke patients
  • 2 operation theaters and 8 bedded Neuro Intensive Care Unit
  • The neurogenetics laboratory is the first government set-up in Eastern India
  • Latest versions of neuro navigation systems, MRI and CT scan equipment make diagnosis easier for surgeons
  • The Electrophysiology laboratory has an elaborate set-up for comprehensive testing
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Shyamal Kumar Das- Neurologist
  • Dr. Goutam Gangopadhyay- Neurologist
  • Dr. Tejendra Narayan Kundu- Neurologist
  • Dr. Atanu Biswas- Neurologist
  • Dr. Alak Pandit- Neurologist
  • Dr. Arijit Roy-Neurologist
  • Dr. Deb Sankar Guin- Neurologist
  • Dr. Sankar Prasad Nath - Neurologist
  • Dr. Bijan Kumar Samajpati- Neurologist
  • Dr. Mridula Chakarborty- Neurologist
  • Dr. Sikha Roy- Neurologist
  • Dr. Anjana Mukherjee- Neurologist
  • Dr. Manas Kumar Sinha- Neurologist
  • Dr. Malay Das- Neurologist
  • Dr. Chandan Burman- Neurologist
  • Dr. Kuhu Diwanjee- Neurologist
  • Dr. Rina Mukherjee – Neurologist

52/1A Sambhunath Pandit Street

Medica Super-specialty

Medica Super-specialty is a chain of hospitals established by Medica Synergie Pvt. Ltd. The chain has a network of multi-specialty hospitals in Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Siliguri & Rangpani in North Bengal and Tinsukia in Assam. It is one-of-a-kind tertiary care hospital in Eastern India. The hospital provides world-class treatment facilities to Kolkata residents and hence, is responsible for safeguarding health of the city. This hospital houses multi-disciplinary treatments under the same roof so patients do not have to waste time in finding medical specialists elsewhere. The neurology facility has state-of-the-art infrastructural support along with highly-experienced neurologists and experts.

Salient Features

  • Awarded with "Green Operation Theatre Certificate" by Bureau Veritas Certification (India) Private Ltd.
  • 500-bedded hospital credited to be the largest hospital in eastern India
  • National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health-care Providers (NABH) accreditation
  • Laboratories at this hospital have received accreditation from National Accreditation Board for Laboratories
  • Introduced micro-surgery in Eastern India
  • Latest versions of image guiding systems are used in performing brain and spine surgeries
  • Deep Brain Stimulation technique for treating degenerative disorders of nervous system is introduced by Medica Super-specialty for first time in Eastern India
  • Comprehensive Epilepsy Care Program (CECP) deals with epileptic patients using advanced technological backup
  • Specialized clinics are designed for managing patients suffering from stroke, memory and movement disorders and headache
  • 24*7 emergency helpline for families who have patients suffering from stroke
  • Pain Clinic which is available on a round-the-clock basis deals with nervous system injuries
  • Pediatric Neurosurgeons treat complex neurological disorders in children
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Amit Haldar- Head Neurology & Director – Comprehensive Epilepsy Care Programme (CECP)
  • Dr.(Prof.) Kalyan B. Bhattacharyya- Senior Consultant Neurologist
  • Dr. Amlan Mondal-Consultant Neurologist
  • Dr. Ashis Das- Consultant Neurologist
  • Dr. Anish Kumar Ghosh- Consultant Neurologist
  • Dr. Laxmi Narayan Tripathy- Director & Sr. Consultant Neuro & Spine Surgeon
  • Dr. Harsh Jain- Consultant Neurosurgeon & Spine Surgeon
  • Dr. Sunandan Basu- Consultant Neurosurgeon & Spine Surgeon
  • Dr. Sujeet Kumar Meher- Consultant Neurosurgeon

127 Mukundapur, E.M. Bypass,
Kolkata, W.B. Pin: 700099

Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI)

The Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI) is a flagship hospital of C.K. Birla group. It is the most trusted name in the medical sector for Eastern India. It has been enjoying recognition in the country from past 45 years. The hospital houses treatment facilities and diagnostic testing for multi-disciplinary medical care. The CMRI Department of Neurosciences has a battery of extremely dedicated and qualified neurosurgeons and consultants who are adept at handling neurological emergencies. Highest treatment standards ensure best surgical outcomes for patients.

Salient Features

  • National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health-care Providers (NABH) accreditation
  • Accreditation by the NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratory)
  • Accredited by College of American Pathologists (CAP) for its pathology laboratory
  • ISO-9001 certification
  • Suite of advanced operation theaters enables doctors to operate on patients without wasting time once decision is made
  • Neurosurgeons specialize in stereotactic surgeries, cerebrovascular surgeries, brain and spine tumors etc.
  • Thrombolytic therapy for stroke management is administered by neurosurgeons
  • High definition imaging technology ensures precise diagnostic outcomes in terms of complex brain and spine injuries
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Abhijit Chatterjee- Neurologist
  • Dr. Ajay Agarwal- Neurosurgeon
  • Dr. Arabinda Mukherjee- Neurologist
  • Dr. Deep Das- Neurologist
  • Dr. G. K. Prusty- Neurosurgeon
  • Dr. Indrajit Roy-Neurosurgeon
  • Dr. Kallol K. Dey-Neurologist
  • Dr. M. K. Manocha- Neurologist
  • Dr. Pahari Ghosh- Neurologist
  • Dr. Rudrajit Kanjilal- Neurologist
  • Dr. S. S. Nandi- Neurologist
  • Dr. Soumitra Roy- Neurologist

Calcutta Medical Research Institute,
7/2 Diamond Harbour Road,
Kolkata-700027, West Bengal.

National Neurosciences Center

Established in 1997, National Neurosciences Center was built keeping in mind the needs of Eastern Indian people. The hospital has full-time consultants and specialists attached to it. As a result, neurological emergencies are dealt with without wastage of time. The hospital has received recognition and resource backing from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and the Congress of Neurosurgeons. This is not only a feather in the hospital's cap, but advantageous for patients to be receiving superlative treatment options.

Salient Features

  • The neurosurgery department is available on a round-the-clock basis for addressing patient emergencies
  • Epileptic seizures in children when severe are treated by pediatric neurologists present in the hospital
  • Brain tumors, spinal disorders and lower back disorders are treated by experienced neurologists and spine surgeons
  • Specialists make use of cutting edge equipment for minimally invasive procedures
  • Spinal fusion and other neurological surgeries available
  • An 18 bedded monitoring facility with video surveillance for patients in their recovery stage
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. R.P. Sengupta- Neurosurgeon
  • Dr. Asis Kumar Bhattacharyya- Neurosurgeon
  • Dr. Prasad Krishnan- Neurosurgeon
  • Dr. Rahul De- Neurosurgeon
  • Dr. Sucharita Chakravarti- Head (Neuroanesthesia)
  • Dr. Tapas Kr. Banerjee- Neurologist
  • Dr. Debasish Choudhury- Neurologist
  • Dr. Ashis Das-Neurologist
  • Dr. Sabyasachi Ojha- Neurologist
  • Prof.Dr. Prasanta.Kr.Ganguly- Neurologist
  • Dr. Ansu Sen-Neurologist
  • Dr. Padmali Kar- Neuropsychiatrist
  • Dr. Arijit Chattopadhyay- Pediatric Neurologist
  • Dr. Nita Karmakar- Neuro-intensivist

National Neurosciences Centre, Calcutta
Peerless Hospital, II Floor, 360 Panchasayar
Kolkata 700 094

Ruby General Hospital

Ruby General Hospital is among few reliable and frequented medical facilities presently in Kolkata. It has 175 qualified consultants present in the hospital for patient emergencies. The hospital also has multi-disciplinary treatments ranging over 42 medical branches. Neurology and neurosurgery department handle comprehensive cases and injuries belonging to these disciplines. Swift treatment is required in neurological cases which is ensured by the very dedicated and skilled neurology experts.

Ruby General Hospital

Salient Features

  • First Hospital in Eastern India to have ISO:9001:2008 certification
  • First Non-Resident Indian doctor's hospitals in Eastern India
  • National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health-care Providers (NABH) accreditation
  • The neurosciences department deals with neurological disorders in children and adults alike
  • Superior diagnostic testing ensures the surgeons coming to the correct conclusion for deciding line of treatment
  • Nerve Conduction Study (NCV) and Repetitive Nerve Stimulation Study are done for diagnostic purposes
  • Balance training, speech therapy and diet counseling is given to patients along with physiotherapy
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Ashis Das- Neurologist
  • Dr. P. Chakravarti- Neurologist
  • Dr. Prosenjit Sengupta- Neurologist
  • Dr. Dhiman Das- Neurologist
  • Dr. A. Vajpayee- Neuro Surgeon
  • Dr. Priyabrata Dey- Neuro Surgeon
  • Dr. Dibyendu Kr. Ray- Neuro Surgeon
  • Dr. Rudrajit Kanjilal- Neuro Surgeon
  • Dr. Sudipta Bhattacharya - Neuro Surgeon
  • Dr. Gopal Acharya- Neuro Surgeon

Kasba Golpark, E. M. Bypass Kolkata,
West Bengal - 700 107 (India)

Fortis Hospital, Anandapur

Fortis is a renowned health care provider in India and abroad. All its hospitals have been built at prime locations and are managed by the creamiest medical talent. The Anandapur facility in Kolkata serves patients from Kolkata and neighbouring towns. The hospital provides best medical outcomes through its high-tech infrastructure. The neurology facility has highly-qualified specialists on duty 24*7.

Fortis Hospital Anandapur

Salient Features

  • National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health-care Providers (NABH) accreditation
  • Neurologists at Fortis believe in making use of a multi-disciplinary approach to treat different nervous systemic injuries
  • Sclerotherapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, discogram, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and many more diagnostic tests essential for detecting neurological disorders are available in the hospital
  • Orthopedic spine surgeons, neurosurgeons and neurologists work in tune with each other while handling complex injuries and cases of accidental trauma
  • Surgeons prefer using minimally invasive techniques for treatments to help patient
  • A chemist store on the hospital premises helps in getting medication to the patient's room without delay
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Tapas Chatterjee- Consultant Neuro Surgeon
  • Dr. Amitabha Chanda- Consultant Neurosurgeon -
  • Dr. Debashis Chakraborty- Consultant Neurologist
  • Dr. Prosenjit Chakraborty- Consultant Neurologist
  • Dr. Sudipta Bhattacharya- Consultant Neurologist

730, Anandapur, E.M. Bypass Road,
Kolkata, West Bengal 700107

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Apollo Gleneagles

Apollo Hospital Group is a healthcare provider having worldwide acceptance. Apollo Gleneagles is an offshoot of this elite health care provider. The group has achieved excellence in the medical sector today and hence, its name evokes a certain respect for it. Apollo Gleneagles has also become an accomplished name in the medical sector of Kolkata. The facility has a dedicated battery of neurology specialists and consultants attached to it.

Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Kolkata

Salient Features

  • It is the only hospital in Eastern India to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI)
  • Accreditation from National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL)
  • ISO 22000:2005 certification
  • HACCP certification
  • Emergency experts work in collaboration with neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, spine surgeons etc., thus adopting a multi-disciplinary approach for treating accident victims
  • Dedicated Neurosurgery/Neurology Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and operation theatres with neuro anaesthetists for routine and emergency neurosurgical procedures
  • Sleep disorders, development problems, learning disorders and other such mental issues in children are treated by pediatric neurologists
  • Superlative scanning technologies and radiology laboratories enable surgeons to get a precise view of inner structure of nervous system running in the patient's body

58, Canal Circular Road, Kadapara,
Phool Bagan, Kolkata, West Bengal 700054.

Columbia Asia

Columbia Asia Hospital came into existence in 2008, and is an industry-leader since then. It epitomizes affordable health care and world-class infrastructure. It is a multi-disciplinary hospital chain. The Kolkata facility in Salt Lake region has acclaimed medical talent and highly specialized treatment facilities. The Neurosurgery and neurology department are responsible for treating patients suffering from mental disorders, degenerative disorders and life-altering illnesses like epilepsy, neuropathies etc. the hospital has highly-qualified surgeons and specialists to deal with such kind of patient emergencies and admissions.

Columbia Asia Hospital Kolkata

Salient Features

  • Different minimally invasive procedures for treating neurological disorders are available
  • Complex skull based surgeries for extraction of brain tumors is performed by multi-disciplinary specialists
  • Pediatric neurological complications are treated by pediatric neurologists and neurosurgeons
  • Neuro Intensive Care Unit takes care of patients suffering from neurological complications
  • Physiotherapy and occupational therapy is provided to patients by neuro rehabilitation department
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Atul Vajpeyi- Consultant (Neurology)
  • Dr. Satya Narayan Singh- Neurosurgeon
  • Dr. Moumita Bagchi- Neurologist
  • Dr. Ansu Sen- Consultant(Neurology)
  • Dr. Gopal Achari- Consultant Neurosurgeon

IB-193, Sector-III,
Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091

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