Top 10 Oncology Hospitals in Pune

Following are the top 10 cancer hospitals in Pune:

Columbia Asia

Columbia Asia Hospital is a medical unit part of the globally accepted Columbia Asia group. It is a multi-specialty hospital founded in 2010. The Pune facility is one among the many branches formed in major cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Mysore. A recognized name in the health-care industry and the people across different cities, it specializes in treatments and surgeries in cardiology, opthalmology, obstetrics, gynecology, orthopedics, ENT and many others. The hospital's proximity to the IT Park at Kharadi is a plus-point. The oncology unit is an upcoming facility that helps people deal with the deadly life threatening disease that is cancer.

Columbia Asia Hospital

Salient Features

  • The Pune facility is a 100 bedded hospital which is a multi-specialty medical center
  • National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) accredited hospital
  • Negative and positive pressure isolation rooms available
  • Radiation oncology services also available
  • Chemo ports available for chemotherapy procedures for providing continuous treatments without interruption
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Pooja Padmanabhan- Consultant Breast Surgeon
  • Dr. Vinod Gore- Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Tushar Vishvasrao Patil- Consultant (Medical Oncology)
  • Dr. Kannan Subramanyam- Consultant (Clinical Hematology)

#22/2A, Near Nyati Empire,
Kharadi Bypass Road, Kharadi,

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Sahyadri Specialty Hospitals

Sahyadri is a well known chain of multi-specialty hospitals. It has 8 branches in Pune. Remaining branches in Maharashtra are in Nasik, Navi Mumbai and Karad. It strives to provide affordable and world-class health-care to the classes as well as masses. The hospital has a dedicated cancer center which provides comprehensive treatments for malign and benign cancerous developments.

Sahyadri Speciality Hospital Pune

Salient Features

  • Cancer screening services entailing diagnosis, counseling, chemotherapy and management are available
  • Electro-chemotherapy available at Deccan Gymkhana branch
  • Mammography and PAP smear testing available which helps detects cervical and gynecological cancers in women
  • A palliative care consultant is present on-board for counseling cancer patients
  • Immunotherapy, biological targeted therapies and gene therapy available
  • A well-equipped hematology laboratory offers routine investigations for blood cancers and autoimmune disorders
  • Hematology unit is one of few tertiary hematology referral units in India
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Vinod Gore- Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Sujay Hegde- Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Shilpi Dolas- Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Mrinal Supriya- Head & Neck Cancer
  • Dr. Shashikant Apte- Hematologist
  • Dr. Sameer Melinkeri- Hematologist
  • Dr. Kannan Subramanian- Hematologist
  • Dr. Tushar Patil- Oncologist
  • Dr. Anantbhushan Ranade- Oncologist
  • Dr. Amit Bhatt- Oncologist

Sahyadri Speciality Hospital Deccan Gymkhana
Plot no.30 - C, Erandwane, Deccan Gymkhana,
Pune 411004, Maharashtra, India

Sahyadri Hospital Bibwewadi
Plot No. 13 S. No. 573, City No.281
Swami Vivekananda Marg, Bibwewadi
Pune - 411 037, Maharashtra, India

Sahyadri Hospital Bopodi
S.N.10A / 3 A,
Ahead of Khadki Railway station,
Next to Bopodi Police Chowky, Bopodi,
Pune: 411020, Maharashtra, India

Sahyadri Hospital Hadapsar
G & G Towers, S.No. 153/A,
Hissa No. 124 / 21, Magarpatta,
Pune-Solapur Road, Hadapsar
Pune - 411 028, Maharashtra, India

Sahyadri Hospital Kothrud
Plot No. 9 B, Neena Society, S.No.1484A/B,
Paud Road, Opp. Vanaz Factory, Kothrud,
Pune - 411 038, Maharashtra, India

Sahyadri Speciality Hospital Nagar Road
Near Hermes Heritage, Shastri Nagar,
Nagar Road, Yerawada
Pune 411006, Maharashtra, India

Surya Sahyadri Hospital
1317, Kasba Peth, Near Shanirwar Wada,
Pune 411011, Maharashtra, India

We have composed a list of the best oncosurgeons in Pune for your reference.

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital (ABMH)

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital is one of the best multi-specialty healthcare centers in Pune. Spread across 16 acres, it hosts state-of-the-art treatment facilities across every imaginable field of medical science; ranging from neuro sciences, to orthopedics. The multi-specialty is based in the area of Pimpri Chinchwad and hence, is a boon for PCMC residents. The hospital employs the best and talented doctors to cater to their patient base. The cancer center has sophisticated technology to treat different types of cancers.

Aditya Birla hospital, Pune

Salient Features

  • ISO: 22000:2005 certified multi-specialty hospital
  • First ever Indian hospital to be certified with an Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) rating
  • Accreditation from National Accreditation Board for Hospital & Health Care Providers (NABH)
  • First hospital in the State of Maharashtra to be accredited by Joint Commission International, USA
  • Cancer treatment unit has 19 beds for its patients
  • First hospital in Maharashtra and only the second hospital in India to commission the latest model of Linear Accelerator, Versa HD with 6D couch, from Elekta
  • Technology in radiation therapy unit enables to reduce runtime of radiation treatment for increasing patient comfort
  • Intravenous, oral and intrathecal chemotherapy is available at Sahyadri
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Jayant Gawande- Associate Consultant (Oncology)
  • Dr. Ravikumar Wategaokar- Consultant (Oncology)
  • Dr. Sandip Bartakke- Hematologist
  • Dr. Amol A. Dumbre- Consultant Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Saurabh Joshi- Consultant (Oncology)
  • Dr. Tushar Patil- Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Somnath Dey- Oncologist
  • Dr. Rajeev Shrivastava- Radiation Oncologist
  • Dr. Bhalchandra Kashyapi- Oncologist
  • Dr. Gajanan Kanitkar- Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Jagdish Shinde- Radiation Oncologist
  • Dr. Amit Parasnis-Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Sayan Kundu- Radiation Oncologist

Aditya Birla Marg,
Chinchwad, Pune 411033

Ruby Hall Clinic

Ruby Hall Clinic started out as a nursing home in 1959. Today it has beautifully transformed to an advanced multi-specialty hospital in Pune. The medical unit is also well-known for its charitable activities and provision of financial assistance for needy patients. The Kamalnayan Bajaj Cancer Centre is the oncology wing of Ruby Hall Clinic. It is manned by some of the finest oncologists and cancer surgeons.

Ruby Hall Clinic Pune

Salient Features

  • First hospital in Pune to be a Nationally Accreditation Board of Hospital & Health Care Providers (NABH)
  • The very first installation PET CT scanning in India and Asia has been launched in Ruby Hall
  • One of the few cancer treatment centers in India to have orthopedic oncology surgeons
  • Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy, Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRS/SRT) are available for radiation treatments
  • The Cancer Center has become one of the leading centers for oncology in Western India
  • Oncologists are experts at treating tumors in oral cavity, larynx, head and neck
  • Complex resections for cancers of mouth and tongue are performed by oncologists using endoscopic procedures
  • Breast cancer specialists work in collaboration with experts from plastic surgery department for breast reconstruction
  • Gastrointestinal cancer surgeons have pioneered many now-standard procedures as well as minimally invasive surgical techniques
  • Esophagectomy, total mesorectal excision, rectal cancer surgeries are few other complex procedures carried out by oncologists at Ruby Hall
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Ashok Bhanage- Consultant Neurosurgeon. Director & Head-Dept of Neurosurgery
  • Dr. Vijay Ramanan- Clinical Hematologist
  • Dr. Yogesh Panchwagh- Orthopedic Oncologist
  • Dr. Sumeet Basu- Radiation Oncologist
  • Dr. S. M. Karandikar- Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Minish Jain M.D- Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Padmaj Kulkarni- Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Chetan Deshmukh- Oncologist
  • Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh- Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Sujai Hegde- Surgical Oncologist

40, Sassoon Road,
Pune - 411001
411040 India

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We have put together a list of the best oncology specialists in Pune for your reference.

V.L. Mutha Cancer Center- Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital

V.L. Mutha Cancer Center is the oncology wing established by Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital in June 2005. The cancer unit has backing of state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment infrastructure along with highly experienced oncologists. Research for bettering the existing treatment techniques for curing cancer is also carried out at the oncology unit.

Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune

Salient Features

  • The cancer center is recognized as a Scientific & Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) by Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), GOI
  • ISO 15189:2003 certified laboratories
  • Superior imaging technologies for diagnostic purposes
  • Chemotherapy is combined with radiation and other therapies to provide comprehensive cancer care
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Chetan Deshmukh- Consultant (Oncology)
  • Dr. Sachin Hingmire- Consultant (Oncology)
  • Dr. Padmaj Kulkarni- Consultant (Oncology)
  • Dr. M. Ranamale Vidhyadhar- Oncologist
  • Dr. Sameer Melinkeri- Hematologist
  • Dr. Dhananjay Shrikrishna Kelkar- Oncologist
  • Dr. Amit Parasnis- Surgical Oncologist
  • Dr. Jagdish Shinde- Radiation Oncologist
  • Dr. Sonali Pingale- Consultant (Radiation Oncology)
  • Dr. Shaileshkumar Shende- Consultant (Radiation Oncology)

Near Mhatre Bridge,
Erandawne, Pune 411004

Lakshya Cancer Hospital

Lakshya Cancer Hospital is a cancer specialty in Pimpri Chinchwad suburbs in City of Pune. It was set up in July 2012, with the sole aim of providing timely and swift treatment options to cancer patients. The cancer center has units across Nashik and Aurangabad apart from Pune.

Salient Features

  • Various cancer screening programs are available for faster diagnosis
  • Palliative care for cancers happening to people of different age groups available
  • A dedicated and well-equipped onco-pathology laboratory enables oncologists to detect causes of cancer if patient gets tested positive
  • Treatment programmes are created in line with norms given by National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)
  • Patients and their families are also provided diet consultation during and after treatment
  • A dedicated chemotherapy unit enables oncologists to provide chemotherapy sessions to patients
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Sachin Hingmire- Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Padmaj Kulkarni- Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Amit Bhat- Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Anant Bhushan Ranade- Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Amit Parasnis- Onco Surgeon
  • Dr. Amol Dumbre- Onco Surgeon
  • Dr. Sujit Joshi- Onco Pathologist
  • Dr.Dnyaneshwar Upase- Hematologist & Hemato-oncologist

Lakshya Cancer Hospital
Pride Purple Square,
219,202 - 2nd Floor,
Kalewadi Phata,
Wakad, Pune - 57.

Inamdar Multi-Specialty

Inamdar Multi-specialty is a leading medical facility in Pune. It is a centrally located multi-specialty treatment center established in 2010. The highly-qualified specialists and state-of-the-art infrastructure has granted credibility and a dedicated patient-base to the hospital. The hospital has widely experienced and qualified oncologists and cancer specialists for treating people diagnosed with the deadly carcinogenic disease. The specialists believe in evidence based practice and also in providing best of treatments for helping cancer patients lead a normal life again.

Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital, Pune

Salient Features

  • 24*7 open drug store in the hospital premises
  • Round the clock availability of ambulance facilities
  • State-of-the-art laboratory services available for precise diagnosis for aiding oncologists
  • Advanced treatment facilities for curing cancers in senior citizens and middle aged people
  • Palliative care available for people in advanced stage of cancer
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Sourabh Mohite – Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. C. B. Koppikar- Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Vinod Gore- Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Amol Dumbre - Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Bhagyashree Khaladkar - Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Sumeet Shah - Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Lekawale Hemant Shankar- Consultant Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Minish Jain- Medical Oncologist

Hospital Building S. No 15,
Fatima Nagar, Pune
Maharashtra 411 040

M. N. Budhrani Cancer Institute

M.N. Budhrani Cancer Institute is a part of Sadhu Vaswani Mission Complex in Pune. It was founded in 1995 with the sole aim of providing affordable and excellent treatment facilities to people suffering from any type of cancer. This institute has reduced travelling time and efforts of people to travel to other big cities for treatment purpose.

Fabiani & Budhrani Heart Institute Pune

Salient Features

  • MicroSelectron HDR, linear accelerator, receptor assays etc. are available for helping specialists provide best and precise diagnostic care to patients
  • Cancer screening and awareness programmes are organized regularly for enlightening masses
  • Consultation with experienced oncologists for different types of chemotherapy is available at the institute
  • Alternative cancer treatment modes like immunotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted molecular therapy are available at the institute
  • High Dose Rate Brach therapy for destroying cancerous tumors is available
  • Dual Energy Linear Accelerator which is a highly effective and one-of-a-kind treatment used with radiation therapy is available at this institute
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Manish Bhatia- Onco surgeon
  • Dr. Debanshu Bhaduri- Onco surgeon
  • Dr. Nagesh Sirsath- Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Harish Motwani- Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Gautam Sharan- Radiation Oncologist
  • Dr. Vaishali Shinde- Radiation Oncologist

1st lane, 7 – 9,
Koregaon Park,
Pune – 411 001.

Poona Hospital & Research Center

Established jointly by the Gujarati and Rajasthani Charitable Foundation in 1985, Poona Hospital & Research Center has been a go-to hospital for multiple generations of Puneites. It houses world-class treatment facilities for diverse medical disciplines. The hospital has a dedicated oncology wing for treating people suffering from different types of cancers. The state-of-the-art facilities enable cancer experts to provide cancer patients with a new lease of life.

Poona Hospital and Research Center, Pune

Salient Features

  • An ISO-9001:2008 accredited hospital
  • ISO-15189:2012 accreditation from National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL)
  • Qualified oncosurgeons, consultants and oncologists for treating cancers in patients
  • 24*7 blood bank facility
  • Mammography and other superior imaging facility available for quick detection of breast and reproductive system cancers in women
  • A suite of Medical Intensive Care Unit, Acute Care Unit for handling patient emergencies
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Amit Bhat- Consultant (Medical Oncology)
  • Dr. S.M. Karnadikar- Consultant (Oncology)
  • Dr. Anant Bhushan Ranade- Consultant (Oncology)
  • Dr. Padmaj Kulkarni- Medical Oncologist
  • Dr. Chetan Deshmukh- Oncologist
  • Dr. Nitin S Bhave- Consultant (Oncology)
  • Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar- Oncosurgeon
  • Dr. Shona Milon Nag- Consultant (Oncology)
  • Dr. Anuradha Sowani -Consultant (Oncology)
  • Dr. Minish Jain- Consultant (Oncology)
  • Dr. Saurabh Mohite- Consultant (Onco surgery)
  • Dr. Sumit Shah- Consultant (Onco surgery)
  • Dr. Kamlesh Bokil- Consultant (Onco surgery)
  • Dr. Sujai Hegde- Consultant (Onco surgery)
  • Dr. Bhagyashree Khaladkar- Consultant (Onco surgery)
  • Dr. Pooja Padmanabhan- Consultant (Onco surgery)

27, Sadashiv Peth,
Near Alka Talkies,
Pune 411030, Maharashtra.

Ranka Hospital

It is a multi-specialty hospital based in the elite locality of Mukund Nagar. Established in the year 2000, it is a reputed medical facility known for its impressive infrastructure and well-trained doctors. The cancer care department is manned by qualified oncologists and cancer specialists. Superlative diagnostic and treatment facilities help the cancer specialists at this hospital to provide proper line of surgical and medicative care.

Ranka Multi-specialty Hospital Pune

Salient Features

  • CT-scans, imaging tests, blood tests, tumor markers, ultrasound techniques, available for diagnosing different cancers
  • Endoscopic methods for detecting cancers of gastrointestinal tract are also utilized
  • Emergency Unit available 24*7 to attend to emergencies
  • Daily OPD and medical facilities for treatment of urological cancers, prostatic enlargement, urinary tract stones etc.
  • 24*7 chemist store for patient needs
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Sujai Hegde- Consultant (Onco surgery)
  • Dr. Bhagyashree Khaladkar- Consultant (Onco surgery)
  • Dr. Minish Jain- Oncologist

Ranka Hospital,
157 / 5, Mukund Nagar,
Pune – 411037.