Top 7 Orthopaedic Hospitals in Varanasi

Following are the top 7 orthopaedic hospitals in Varanasi:

Apex Hospital

The foundation of Apex Hospital is based on the very essence of care, life, commitment and compassion for success. It is a leading provider of complete health-care services. The hospital constantly works towards enriching lives, promoting good health and making every moment count. It is the best Orthopaedic treatment center in Varanasi. It has the Largest number of pedicular screws in Varanasi Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery is their specialty and there is a contemporary well equipped department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery with full time consultant surgeons.

Apex Hospital Varanasi

Salient Features

  • Largest Echo friendly Hospital campus in Varanasi
  • Has Managed Largest number of fracture cases in Central India
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Center with world class modality
  • Managed Largest number of trauma patients in Eastern U.P
  • Laminar Air flow in Operation Theatre
  • Use of Advanced technology in Instrumentation
  • Facility of Image Intensifiers
  • Specialized and Trained staff
  • Well equipped ICU for post operative care
  • Use of advanced technologies and best possible facilities to patients in Varanasi.
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. S. K. Singh (Joint Replacement & Spine Surgery)
  • Dr. Swaroop Patel (Arthroscopy & Joint Replacement Surgery)

Apex Hospital
D.L.W. Hydle Road, Varanasi-04

Hospital Information No: 0542-2300823
Hospital Fax No: 0542-2317414
I.C.U. No: 09450960573
Diagnostic No: 0542-2316222
Ambulance No: 09415304105
Blood Bank No: 0542-2316794
Trauma Center No: 0542-2317528

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Gurudev Hospital

Gurudev Hospital is a multi-specialty healthcare center where you will get all types of medical facilities under one roof. It has a best team of doctors with specialization in their respective fields. The modern infrastructure and the state-of-the-art facilities provided to the patients aids in speedy recovery. Orthopaedic department at Gurudev Hospital provides highest standards of orthopaedic care. It is well known for its expertise and resources in handling different types of services for patients in the stream of orthopaedic medicine.

Gurudev Hospital Varanasi

Salient Features

  • Wide range of surgeries available
  • Highly skilled team of Doctors
  • Best panel of specialists who treat various types of ankle and foot disorders
  • Surgical theaters for operating on patients with complications like polio and club foot
  • A very high success rate in performing complex surgeries using advanced techniques
  • Best visiting doctors for providing expert consultations to patients
  • Trauma Surgery for spine, pelvis and shoulder replacement
  • Specialists with great experience to perform wide range of joint repair and replacement services
  • Equipped with best ortho-surgical facility
  • Uses advanced ortho-surgical technology
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. S. K. Yadav (Orthopedic surgeon)
  • Dr. A. K Yadav (Ortho)

Gurudev Hospital
SA 20/168 R-1, Paigamberpur,
Panchkroshi, Sarnath, Varanasi-221007

Orthomax Hospital

Orthomax Hospital provides the best orthopedic treatment in the City of Varanasi. It has advanced and world class orthopedic services in the town. This hospital is fully air conditioned and equipped with all advanced medical equipments. All orthopedic surgeries are performed here.

Orthomax Hospital Varanasi

Salient Features

  • It is the special clinic where all types of arthritis patients are given treatment
  • 30 Bedded
  • A special team of Doctors to perform Rheumatology and Orthopaedic surgery
  • Physiotherapist and Pain consultants available
  • Availability of Spine Clinic– A clinic where patients of cervical spondylosis disability, disc prolapse, back pain, scoliosis and spinal tuberculosis are treated by a special team comprising of Orthopaedic Surgeon, Pain consultant, Neuro surgeon and Physiotherapist
  • Best trauma care & accidental unit
  • Onlyhospital providing Spondylolisthesis correction treatment
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Amit Jaiswal (Specialist in Joint Replacement & Spine Surgery)
  • Dr. Amit Gupta (Specialist in Arthroscopy & Trauma )
  • Dr. Manoj Gupta (Specialist in Ilizarov & Trauma surgery)
  • Dr. Rohit Agarwal (Pain Management Unit)

Orthomax hospital & joint replacement centre
Bhagwan Das nagar colony,
Sigra, Varanasi, U.P.

Ramakrishna Mission Hospital

Ramakrishna Mission hospital is run by Sevashrama as a full-fledged hospital. This hospital is also known as Kaudia hospital. It has facilities of Patients departments and various diagnostic units. The OPD here also offers Homeopathic treatment. It offers services for many range of specialties. It also provides treatment for any orthopedic problems. All the treatments are available at reasonable rates which poor can also afford.

Ramakrishna Mission Hospital Varanasi

Salient Features

  • 230 beds in total
  • 27 Cabins with an extra cot and attached bathroom
  • 195 Beds are in General Ward
  • Treatment for both Allopathy and Homeopathy
  • General Ward Patients are provided with free bed, food, nursing and medical services
  • Full/partial free treatment on request for poor
  • Four Operation Theatres with advanced special equipments
  • All major surgeries including uro, paediatric, neuro, plastic, orthopaedic and laparoscopic surgeries are performed
  • Facilities for IOL and Phaco Eye Surgeries are also present
  • 8 beds with 4 ventilators and 2 Bi-pap
  • 24 hours dedicated team of doctors, paramedics and nurses to take good care of patients.
  • Reasonable charges for the HDU beds
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Gautam Chakraverty M.S (Ortho)
  • Dr. P.D. Mishra M.S (Ortho)
  • Dr. Unmesh Chakraverty M.S., (Ortho), D.N.B.(Ortho), M.Ch.(Ortho)
  • Dr. Amit Jaiswal M.S (Ortho)
  • Dr. Ravi Prakash Sahai M.S (Ortho)

Ramakrishna Mission Home of Service
Luxa, Varanasi
Uttar Pradesh 221010

Meridian Nursing Home & Hospital

Meridian Nursing Home & Hospital Pvt Ltd. was initiated in year 2005. Its only aim is to bring world-class medical care within the reach of general public. It is located on the Holy Buddha Sarnath-Kushinagar-Bodhgaya which is just 2 km away from Sarnath on Varanasi-Ghazipur highway. This is a multispeciality hospital which provides advance level Medical services to the people from eastern region of Uttar Pradesh, part of Chattisgarh and Western Bihar. The orthopedic department of this hospital has treatments available for various orthopedic problems. There is team of doctors who are specialized to perform various orthopedic surgeries.

Meridian Nursing Home & Hospital Varanasi

Salient Features

  • 100 bedded
  • 24*7 fully automated lab
  • 24*7 emergency service available
  • International standard trauma care unit
  • Advanced and state-of-the-art equipment used in emergency department
  • Specialist for spinal surgeries, Total knee replacement, total hip replacement, trauma and deformity surgeries.
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. S.Kumar Singh (Orthopaedic surgeon)
  • Dr. K.P.Jaiswal (Orthopaedic surgeon)

Meridian Nursing Home & Hospital Pvt Ltd
Opposite Power House, Ledupur, Ashapur
Varanasi (UP) Pin: 221007

Alliance Hospital

Located in the heart of the City in Varanasi, Alliance Hospital is an multispecialty clinic where you will get treatment for all diseases under one roof. It provides excellent health facilities at affordable prices. It provides advanced unique services in the field of Laparoscopic surgery & urology. It provides Lithotorfy surgery percutaneous nephro lithroscopy advanced laparoscopy. It has advanced treatments in the orthopedic department. This hospital provides best services at most affordable rates.

Alliance Hospital Varanasi

Salient Features

  • The center is well equipped with advanced machines in operation theatre according to international Parameter
  • Dialysis Unit Available
  • Availability of Lithodurmy Unit
  • ICU
  • NICU
  • C-ARM Machinery available
  • Laparoscopic Units available
  • Full Endoscopy treatment available
  • Provides cash less facility to R.S.B.Y. UNITS
  • In-house 24hr drug store
  • Ambulance Services available 24x7
  • Admission & Endoscopy surgery 24x7
  • Treatments and surgeries for Bone and joint disease
  • Esteemed panel of doctors to perform orthopedic treatments
  • Plaster and operation of all Preccr diagnosis
  • Treatment of arthritis and diseases of the spinal cord
  • C - arm machine facilitates available for complex operation
  • Arthroscopic unit available
  • Facilities for Hip and knee joints and joint replacement surgeries
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Tariq Abdul Haleem (Spine Surgery)
  • Dr. G. B. Kale (Orthopedist)
  • Dr. Sameer Palaskar (Orthopedist)
  • Dr. Swapnil Kini (Orthopedist)

Alliance Hospital
C-20/1-73, Ramakant Nager,
Pichash Mochan, Varanasi

Hari Bandhu Fracture Clinic & Trauma Centre

Hari Bandhu Fracture Clinic is a well known Multi Specialty Hospital. It is known for maintaining its professional standards. It is the leading centre for Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic Research. It has best specialties in the field of Surgeries, Joint Replacement,Trauma Care and Orthopaedics. It also has specially designed centre for Thoracic & Cardio Vascular Care, Nephrology, Neuro Surgery and Neurology, Paediatric Cardio Surgery, Liver Diseases & Gastroenterology and Cancer treatments like Surgical, Medical and Radiation Oncology and many other specialties.

Hari Bandhu Fracture Clinic & Trauma Centre Varanasi

Salient Features

  • Novel medical infrastructure and facilities
  • Total Knee Replacement surgeries available
  • Total Hip Replacement surgeries available
  • Shoulder Replacement surgeries available
  • Treatment for Back pain problem
  • Best expertise in emergency surgery and trauma care
  • 24*7 available Trauma surgeons, emergency medicine physicians and anesthesiologists
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. S. N. Yadav (Orthopedic Surgeon, joint Replacement, Arthroscopy & Spinal Surgeon)
  • Dr Sushil Jaiswal (Spinal Pain Management)

Hari Bandhu Fracture Clinic & Trauma Centre
Paigamberpur, Ashok Vihar Road, Panchkroshi Chauraha,
Varanasi - 201007, U.P, India

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