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Best Urology Hospitals in Pune

Following are the top Urology hospitals in Pune:

Pristyn Care Pristyn Care

This clinic is one of the highly equipped health care providers that follow all the safety measures and world-class health care guidelines to treat diseases like Piles, Hemorrhoids, Mulvyadh, Fistulas, Hernias, Anal Fissure, Gallstones, Pilonidal Sinus, Bleeding Disorders, Ruptured Hymen, Female Urinary Tract Problems, and Vaginal Discharge with a Foul Smell.
We follow strict safety measures like thermal screening of the patients and regular sanitization of hospital equipment. Visit Pristyn Care to undergo the best and safest surgical procedures like Hymenoplasty, Laser Piles Treatment, Pregnancy Care, Pelvic Pain Management, Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Surgery, Laser Fistula Surgery, Circumcision, and Laser Vaginal Tightening.

Pristyn Care

Timings: Monday-Saturday (10:00 AM-8:00 PM)

Speciality: General Surgeon

Office No 102, Girme Heights, C Wing, Salunke Vihar Road, Wanowrie, Pune, Maharashtra 411040

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Sahyadri Hospital, Hadapsar

The urology facility at Sahyadri Hospital serves world class medical aid ranging from clinical genito-urinary care to surgical and rehabilitation care. Located in the Hadapsar area of Pune city, this hospital is known to cater high quality healthcare facilities to its patients. It also consists of advanced surgical and minimal access approaches for treating urological cancer cases.

Sahyadri Hospital, Hadapsar

Salient Features

  • 150 bedded medical facility
  • 5 technologically developed surgical rooms
  • 46 beds dedicated for ICU
  • Equipped with updated machines for screening and imaging purposes
  • Diagnostic and pathological urology labs backed with systems providing accuracy
  • Hospital is known to house one of the well equipped labs in Pune
  • Ultra-tech endoscopic suite providing many interventional and surgical services for urology
  • Virtual tour options available on the hospital website for international patients
  • Low radiation machines available for imaging urological organs before and/or during operations
  • Separate wards for female urology, andrology, urologic oncology and pediatric urology areas
  • Special equipment utilized in urethroplasty for managing issues related to stricture urethra
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Irfan Shaikh - Consultant Urologist
  • Dr. Sachin Bhujbal - Urosurgeon
  • Dr. Shrikant Mhaskar - Consultant Urologist
  • Dr. Ketan Pai - Consultant Urologist
  • Dr. Shams Iqbal - Consultant Urologist
  • Dr. Yogesh Kaje - Urosurgeon

Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital,
S. No. 163, Bhosale Nagar, Hadapsar,
Pune, Maharashtra - 411028

Columbia Asia Hospital, Kharadi

Columbia Asia Hospital serves protocol based healthcare assistances for a wide range of urological ailments. Located in Pune, the medical center is most recognized to provide advanced urinary care services to its valuable beneficiaries. The center provides full time medical aid for urological trauma cases, emergency cases, obstructive urology, urinary infections and other intensive urological cases.

Columbia Asia Hospital

Salient Features

  • Backed with 100 hospital beds
  • Achieved accreditation by NABH quality community
  • Exclusive provisions like teleradiology and travel medicine support available
  • Daycare surgery centers for urology with advanced systems
  • Specialized facilities to treat issues affecting sexual health in male and female due to urological anomalies
  • Provision for reconstructive urological operations using LASER technologies
  • Different wards for conducting major and minor surgical processes with centralized sterile systems
  • Laser lithotripsy procedures for painless treatment from kidney stones
  • Flexible ureterorenoscopy processes for removal of stones formed in your urinary organs
  • Neuro-urology approaches for urodynamic evaluations and study
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Arun Wesley David - Urology and Kidney Transplant Surgeon
  • Dr. Dhananjay Sathe - Urosurgeon and Andrologist
  • Dr. Sachin Bhujbal - Urosurgeon
  • Dr. Bhoopat Bhati - Urology and Kidney Transplant Surgeon
  • Dr. Hrishikesh Deshmukh - Urosurgeon

Columbia Asia Hospital,
22/2A, Mundhwa Road,
Near Nyati Empire, Santipur,
Thite Nagar, Kharadi,
Pune, Maharashtra - 411014

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Ruby Hall Clinic, Sassoon Road

Ruby Hall Clinic has the reputation of being one of the oldest hospitals around in Pune which started out as a modest 2 bedded nursing home in 1959. Today, it is a multi-specialty, housing treatments for all sorts of ailments known to mankind. It has varied medical branches and highly qualified specialists to treat patients. The urology unit of this medical facility has grown to accommodate diverse range of treatments belonging to the neurosurgical discipline of medical sciences.

Ruby Hall Hospital Pune

Salient Features

  • The hospital has the credit of being Pune's very first nationally accredited medical facility
  • TThe laboratory has been granted accreditation by NABL
  • TThe laboratory of the hospital is the only one in the entire city to be granted recognition by Zonal Transplant Co-ordination Center (ZTCC), Pune
  • TEvery bed has centrally attached suction, haemodialysis and oxygen system
  • TThe urology unit has advanced equipment like Dornier compact Alpha Lithotripter for treatment of kidney stones
  • TThe advanced treatment machinery has helped the unit to set benchmarks in treatment and diagnosis of kidney stones
  • TElectro-magnetic shock wave emitting technology available for lithotripsy
  • TTechnology like X-ray image intensifier allows better treatment of kidney and ureteric stones
  • TThe urology unit collaborates with many other departments to provide an effective line of treatment to patients
  • TPediatric urology, kidney transplants, treatments for urological cancers, erectile dysfunction are different treatments available here
  • TThe medical facility has a 24*7 available laboratory
  • TTie-ups with international insurance companies for ease of payment for patients from abroad
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Himesh Gandhi - Consultant Urologist
  • Dr. Shirish Yande - Consultant Urologist
  • Dr. Rajendra Shimpi - Urosurgeon
  • Dr. Bhoopat Bhati - Urosurgeon
  • Dr. Ibrahim Kothawala - Urosurgeon
  • Dr. Rajeev Chaudhari - Urosurgeon

Ruby Hall Clinic, 40,
Sassoon Road,
Pune, Maharashtra 411001

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Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Nagar Road

Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Nagar Road is well known for its two main divisions - Andrology and Urology that offer state of art services for managing urological conditions in men, women and pediatrics. The department for andrology caters full range of medical care to improve urinary health in men. The center includes speciality clinics to carry out preventive and treatment measures to manage urinary infections and ailments.

Sahyadri Hospital, Nagar Road

Salient Features

  • Capacity of 130 hospital beds
  • All kinds of lab facilities accredited under NABL standards
  • Diagnostic centers backed with Colour Doppler to learn about neuro-urology issues
  • Endourology procedures conducted for efficient outcomes and quick healing
  • Infection control protocols utilized for handling urological infections cases
  • Minimal access approaches used for pediatric urogenital problems
  • Cystoscopy provision to study about the affected lining of the urethra
  • Nephrectomy and renal transplant surgery procedures for kidney cancer patients in their advanced stages
  • Reconstructive surgical methods for urethra for patients suffering from vesicourethral reflux
  • Radiology wards operational for 24 hours backed with unmatched doctors and staff
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Ashish Bhave - Urosurgeon
  • Dr. Shrikant Mhaskar - Consultant Urologist
  • Dr. Abhirudra Mulay - Urosurgeon
  • Dr. Shashikant Bhanage - Urosurgeon

Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital,
Near Hermes Heritage, Shastri Nagar,
Nagar Road, Yerawada,
Pune, Maharashtra 411006

Noble Hospital, Hadapsar

Since its inception, Noble hospital is recognized as a healthcare center for catering world class urological services across Pune. The hospital has achieved many accreditations and awards for facilitating highest quality medical care to all its beneficiaries. The center for urology at this institution renders all types of clinical, surgical and therapeutic measures to prevent and cure urinary tract disorders.

Noble Hospital

Salient Features

  • Recognized NABH center
  • 50 beds dedicated for oncology center that also caters uro-oncology procedures
  • Houses Burn ICU (First Burn ICU in the city) provisions with 10 bedded facility under the same roof
  • 10 bedded Intensive Care wards with Laminar flow systems and HEPA filters
  • 4 ultra-modern surgical wards
  • C-arm facilities with image reflectors for instant learning of ailments through high quality visuals
  • Lithotripsy (ESWL) procedures conducted for managing cases of larger and complex kidney stones using shock waves
  • Diagnostic and radiology tests available for detecting urinary tract cancers
  • High quality of medicines for clinically treating urinary infections and acute ailments of the urinary tract
  • Minimally invasive surgical methodologies performed using endocameras for better results
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Shashikant Bhange - Consultant Urologist
  • Dr. Abhirudra Mulay - Urosurgeon
  • Dr. Milind Bapat - Urosurgeon
  • Dr. Irfan Shaikh - Urosurgeon
  • Dr. Vikram Satav - Urosurgeon

Noble Hospital, 153,
Magarpatta City Road,
Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra - 411013

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Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Deccan Gymkhana

Sahyari Super Speciality Hospital is a one stop solution for all types of genito-urinary problems faced by men and women in Pune. The hospital advances in clinical, medical and surgical areas of urology to offer a complete spectrum of treatment for urinary tract disorders. Aiming towards quality, the hospital is backed with latest and updated systems to solve chronic and complex cases of urology in pediatrics and adults.

Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Deccan Gymkhana

Salient Features

  • 202 bedded healthcare unit
  • 16 full scaled beds designed for neuroscience department, also catering neuro-urology processes
  • Fourth hospital in India to have achieved AAHRPP accreditation
  • Technological systems utilized with latest generation models in the diagnostic, clinical and surgical wards of urology
  • Equipped with dual source CT scan machines for efficient monitoring of various urinary tract infections and diseases
  • 3 Tesla MRI for high quality imaging for diagnosis and surgeries of genito-urinary ailments
  • All sub-division infrastructured with digitized systems for easy accessibility
  • All types of endoscopic methods available for treating kidney stones, gallbladder stones, UTIs, etc.
  • Specialized andrology services for men dealing with sexual issues caused due to urinary disorders
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Ketan Pai - Urosurgeon
  • Dr. Amol Talulikar - Urosurgeon
  • Dr. Shirish Yande - Urosurgeon

Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital,
Plot No. 30 - C, Erandwane, Deccan Gymkhana,
Pune, Maharashtra - 411004

AiMS Hospital, Aundh

With patients first approach, AiMS Hospital aims to delivery comprehensive and quality urology services for pediatrics and adults. The hospital is named among one of the top urology centers of Pune city. This tertiary care institution gives easy access to medical and diagnostic facilities followed under International standards.

AIMS Hospital, Aundh

Salient Features

  • 101 bedded healthcare institution
  • 5 surgical rooms equipped with technological setups
  • Inpatient and outpatient urological facilities available
  • Laparoscopic assistance provided to monitor and treat an array of urinary tract disorders
  • Corrective procedures for stress incontinence and its symptoms
  • Renders full scaled surgical and therapeutic management of genito-urinary cancers
  • Inter-department tie ups providing related clinical and surgical assistance for those in need
  • Laser adept machines and systems for surgical removal of kidney stones, gallbladder stones and tumors
  • Separate well maintained and children friendly urology rooms for pediatrics
  • 24 hours of emergency and urology trauma care services provided
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Hiralal Chaudhari - Consultant Urologist
  • Dr. Mhaske Sunil Madhaorao - Urosurgeon
  • Dr. Amol Talaulikar - Urosurgeon
  • Dr. Devendu Shah - Genito-urinary Surgeon

Aundh Institute of Medical Sciences,
Survey No. 154, AIMS, Road, Near AIMS Square,
Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra - 411007

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Surya Sahyadri Hospital, Kasba Peth

Established in the year 1984, Surya Hospital is listed as one of the topnotch medical care unit for treating all types of problems related to urinary tract. The pathology and radiology laboratories of this hospital provides full time accessibility to its valuable patients. It is backed with highly trained urologists, andrologist, urosurgeons and organ transplant surgeons and other medical staff aiming towards offering full range of urology care.

Surya Sahyadri Hospital, Kasba Peth

Salient Features

  • Exclusive clinical and therapeutic urology facilities available
  • Specialized programmes for follow up checkups, physiotherapy and dietary counseling for patients in their post-surgery phase
  • Painless procedures for treating problems like piles, kidney stones, etc.
  • Video endoscopy utilized for complex surgical intervention of urinary tract ailments
  • Lithotripsy options using shock waves techniques for breaking larger kidney stones
  • Pharmacy units operational for 24 hours backed with quality medicines and medical equipment
  • Uro-surgery rooms engineered with updated medical apparatus and tools
  • Specialized medical and therapeutic assistance for removal of tumors in urology cancer patients
  • Preventive programmes for children to teach them about urinary tract hygiene
  • Full time diagnostic services available for examination, screening and imaging purposes
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Ketan Vartak - Urosurgeon
  • Dr. Yogesh Kaje - Consultant Urologist
  • Dr. Satish Tembe - Urosurgeon
  • Dr. Hrishikesh Deshmukh - Consultant Urologist

Surya Sahyadri Hospital,
1317, Kasba Peth, Agarwal Road,
Near Shaniwar Wada,
Pune, Maharashtra - 411011

Sahyadri Hospital, Kothrud

Sahyadri Hospital is a reputed healthcare utility center that delivers all types of primary and secondary urology care services and facilities. With integrated systems, the hospital provides diagnostic, surgical and clinical aid to manage a wide spectrum of urinary disorders. The hospital provides full time trauma and emergency care for those who require immediate medical help.

Sahyadri Hospital

Salient Features

  • Equipped with strength of 31 hospital beds
  • Imaging and monitoring centers well maintained with hi-tech systems
  • Advanced surgical options for complex cases of urinary tract disorders
  • Special therapy sessions conducted after surgery to help patients recover well
  • Minimal access method for removal of tumor in bladder & kidney cancer patients
  • Different approaches for renal transplant available
  • Bloodless treatment alternatives for treating urinary tract infections in men and women
  • Diagnostic rooms customized with video recording facilities
  • Pharmacy well equipped with highest quality drugs for 24 hours
  • Intensive care team works 24/7 to render comprehensive care for critically sick patients
Esteemed Panel of Doctors
  • Dr. Ketan Pai - Urosurgeon

Sahyadri Hospital,
Plot No. 9-B, S. No. 148 A/B,
Opposite Vanaz Factory,
Neena Society, Lokmanya Colony,
Paud Road, Kothrud,
Pune, Maharashtra - 411038

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