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Sirdalud 2mg Tablet

Name: Sirdalud 2mg Tablet
Manufacturer: Novartis India Ltd
MRP: Rs. 112.00
Unit Price: Rs. 18.67
Package Price: Rs. 112.00 (Qty.: 6)
Package Form: strip
Medicine Form: tablet

What is Sirdalud?

Sirdalud is an oral tablet having muscle relaxant properties. The tablet acts on the nerves that control muscle contraction and helps muscles to relax.

Composition of Sirdalud:

The active component of Sirdalud is Tizanidine which acts via the medium of other neutral components of the drug. These neutral components do not interfere with the therapeutic action of Sirdalud.

What is Sirdalud Used for?

Therapeutic indications of Sirdalud are as follows:

  • Spinal cord inflammation
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cerebral dysfunction
  • Head injury

Other neurological or brain disorders associated with muscular stiffness and pain may also respond well to Sirdalud. The medicine should be taken only under the guidance of a neurologist.

Side Effects of Sirdalud:

Some side effects tend to develop if Sirdalud is used in excess or without any medical indication. Some of these side effects are mentioned below:

  • Tired feeling
  • Sensation of loss of muscle tone
  • Hyperacidty
  • Altered digestion

Patients who are allergic to Sirdalud may develop rash, itching and redness of skin. Other symptoms of discomfort may be experienced by patients who are on a course of Sirdalud. It is important to stop the medicine as soon as any side effects develop and seek treatment immediately.

Precautions for Sirdalud Consumption:

Patients who are on a course of Sirdalud should follow certain precautions in order to avoid side effects of the drug. Some of these effects are mentioned below:

  • Sirdalud is meant for oral consumption only and should not be administered into the body through any other route.
  • Patients should take Sirdalud only according to the prescribed dose. Overdose may cause serious health complications.
  • Patients with history of myasthenia gravis or lack of muscle tone, should not use this medicine unless a neurologist has prescribed it.
  • Sirdalud is not meant for usage in small children as it could lead to neuro-muscular mal-development.
  • Pregnant women are prohibited from consuming Sirdalud tablet without consulting with a gynecologist and a neurologist.

Other instructions if provided, should also be followed till the course of Sirdalud is completed.

Sirdalud Alternatives:

Medicines with similar chemical composition and therapeutic effects may be used as substitutes for each other. Some drugs which are suitable alternatives for Sirdalud have been mentioned below:

  • Tizpa Tablet
  • Tizan Tablet

Either of these tablets may be used in place of Sirdalud but only if a neurologist has prescribed it.

Sirdalud FAQs:

  • Which health conditions are a contraindication for using Sirdalud?
    Patients with currently active or past history of kidney and liver disorders, should not use Sirdalud without consulting with a neurologist and a physician.

  • Are there any dietary restrictions associated with consumption of Sirdalud?
    Patients who are on a course of Sirdalud should avoid a meal laden with unhealthy calories immediately before taking the medicine. Alcohol is strictly prohibited during the course of Sirdalud.