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Morr F 5% Solution

Name: Morr F 5% Solution
Manufacturer: Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
MRP: Rs. 659.00
Unit Price: Rs. 10.98
Package Price: Rs. 659.00 (Qty.: 1)
Package Form: bottle
Medicine Form: ML of solution

What is Morr F?

Morr F is a steroid reductase inhibitor used for hair related disorders. The medicine is composed of two different ingredients which help in maintaining good health of hair as well as scalp skin.

Composition of Morr F:

The active ingredients of Morr F are as follows:

  • Finasteride
  • Minoxidil

These active ingredients act via the medium of other neutral ingredients of the medicine which do not interfere with the drug action.

What is Morr F Used for?

The therapeutic indications of Morr F are as follows:

  • Hair fall
  • Loss of hair luster
  • Thinness of hair
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Alopecia

Apart from the above mentioned disorders, Morr F could be prescribed for other hair related disorders as well.

Side Effects of Morr F:

Morr F has properties of rejuvenating hair growth and improving hair quality. The same property could be harmful if the medicine is used without any medical indication. Some of these side effects have been mentioned below:

  • Itching of the scalp
  • Dermatitis of the skin over scalp
  • Headache
  • Irritation of scalp
  • Folliculitis

Each of these side effects are not observed in every patient. But it is better to be aware of them in order to be more observant about one's health.

Precautions for Morr F Application:

The following precautions should be followed by patients who are on a course of Morr F:

  • Morr F is meant for external application only and should not be consumed orally.
  • If Morr F comes in contact with the eyes, patients should rinse their eyes with ample quantities of cold water to avoid any harmful effects.
  • Morr F should not be used by young men who are still in their reproductive stage of life. This is because, the medicine has an inhibitory effect on the prostate gland.
  • Boys below 18 years of age are usually not prescribed Morr F.
  • Morr F is not meant of usage in small children.
  • Men suffering from prostate cancer should not use this medicine, without consulting with an andrologist.
  • Hair curling, ironing or any cosmetic hair treatment should be avoided while on a course of Morr F.

Other instructions apart from the ones mentioned above should also be followed by patients. This is important in order to avoid any unfavorable drug reaction.

Morr F Alternatives:

Given below is a list of drugs which resemble Morr F in composition and therapeutic action:

  • Minoxy F Solution
  • Minokem F Solution
  • Tugain Men Solution
  • Minscalp F Solution

However, these medicines should not be used to substitute Morr F unless a dermatologist has advised to do so.

Morr FAQs:

  • Is Morr F safe during pregnancy?
    Morr F should not be used by women during pregnancy unless it has been advised by a dermatologist. It is advisable to consult a gynecologist as well before using the solution.

  • What is the ideal way to use Morr F solution?
    Morr F is meant for use as an external application only. The solution should be massaged thoroughly on the scalp and allowed to remain for around 3-4 hours. Hair curling, ironing or any cosmetic hair treatment should be avoided while on a course of Morr F.