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Minipress XL 5mg Tablet

Name: Minipress XL 5mg Tablet
Manufacturer: Pfizer Ltd
MRP: Rs. 416.37
Unit Price: Rs. 13.88
Package Price: Rs. 416.37 (Qty.: 30)
Package Form: strip
Medicine Form: tablet

What is Minipress XL?

Minipress XL is a drug which acts on the blood vessels. It makes blood vessels relax, thus helping in treatment of many vascular disorders. It acts on both, arteries as well as veins.

Composition of Minipress XL:

Each 5 mg tablet of Minipress XL is comprised of 5 mg Prazosin which is the therapeutic component. A neutral inactive base is also present which allows Prazosin to exert its medicinal effect on the blood vessels.

What is Minipress XL Used for?

Minipress XL is known to have satisfactory therapeutic effects in many vascular disorders. Some of the conditions responding well to the medicine are mentioned below:

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Raynaud's disease
  • Prostate gland enlargement
  • Vasoconstriction observed in drug addicts

The drug should be used only when prescribed by a doctor and in the exact dosage as is recommended.

Side Effects of Minipress XL:

The very action of a medicine which makes it therapeutic for one health disorder, makes it a harmful substance for some other disorder. Side effects of Minipress XL are likely to arise if the drug is taken when not indicated or if it is consumed in excessive doses. Some of these undesirable effects are mentioned below:

  • Weakness and dizziness
  • Cold sweating
  • Loss of energy
  • Hypotension
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Increased heart rate
  • Allergic reaction to the drug causing redness and swelling of body parts

Patients should inform their doctor immediately if they observe any undesirable symptoms after consuming Minipress XL.

Precautions for Minipress XL Consumption:

Minipress is a potent vasoconstrictor and hence, should be consumed with great precaution. Careless use of the medicine is not good for health and could lead to complications. A few important things to be remembered by patients who consume Minipress XL regularly are as follows:

  • The medicine should be used only as per physician's instructions. Overuse of the drug could lead to harmful effects on the blood vessels and cause health complications.
  • Women who are breastfeeding should strictly avoid this medicine as the drug is passed to baby through breast milk. This could have adverse effects on the baby’s health.
  • Minipress XL should not be consumed by patients who have had recent surgery for varicose veins, aneurysms or A-V fistulas. Patients with past history or an active liver disorder, should not consume this medicine.
  • If a dose of Minipress XL tablet is missed, the next dose should not be doubled as it can have harmful effects on health.
  • Patients who require to consume this medicine regularly, should avoid donating blood.
  • Alcohol mars the therapeutic effect of Minipress XL and hence, should not be consumed by patients who require to take this medicine.

Following these simple rules will go a long way in enhancing the therapeutic effect of Minipress XL.

Minipress XL Alternatives:

Drugs which similar chemical composition can be used as alternatives to each other, if the physician advises to do so. Some of the drugs with similar therapeutic action as Minipress XL have been mentioned below:

  • Prazolin Tablet
  • Prazopress XL Tablet
  • Resplend Tablet
  • Renopress Tablet

Minipress XL FAQs:

  • Is Minipress XL safe for consumption in children?
    Pediatric patients suffering from hypertension should not be given Minipress XL, unless advised by the pediatrician.

  • How should Minipress XL tablet be consumed?
    Minipress XL tablet should be swallowed whole with water without chewing or crushing the tablet. The medicine should preferably be consumed at the same time daily to keep a stead interval between two consecutive tablets.

  • Can Minipress XL be taken with other drugs?
    Patients who are taking other medicines along with Minipress XL should consult with their physician to fix the dosage of each medicine. This is done to avoid interaction between drugs.